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you made a lot of money today fren?

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all i have as well
you and me are in this together

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no, serious answer

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for those of us who quite literally view them as nothing other than assets that fluctuate in value which is which?

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you should wear plain suits anon

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i'm pretty excited to get incorporated and have a fancy business name wear suits and talk on the phone and stuff

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hello, fren? i'm just trying to look out for you here

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>dreamed of being mauled by big cats again
what's the financial meaning of this?

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Hello newfriend. I will "ELY5" as they say. You are in charge of a new country, Frendustan. You notice that the locals barter milk for eggs and goats for brick and bread for a day's labor. Since this process is inefficient, you decide to give them a middle step that everyone will accept as a "stand-in" for their milk or eggs or bricks. That way the bricklayers don't have to procure goats before getting bricks. At first you try gold, but you find that gold is very scarce (and expensive), so instead you decide you'll just give everyone a piece of paper with a picture of Apu on them instead. You tell them that if you have these Apus, you can pay the government with them instead of giving the government your goats, milk, bricks, etc. Everyone likes the idea. So you give them Apus and they give you back Apus.

The goatherds take Apus and can buy bags of cowshit with them. And you can use your Apus to buy stuff your government needs, like swords and thrones. Then you get the brilliant idea that you can get those swords and thrones essentially for free by printing up more Apus. But as you do, you notice that every day the blacksmiths are asking for more and more of those Apus for the same amount of swords, and you find out that the milkmaid is asking for more and more Apus to buy her milk. What used to take only 1 Apu to buy now takes 100. That's because 1 Apu is only worth the total economic activity of the people using Apus divided by the total number of Apus in circulation. As you increase the supply of Apus, the value of a single Apu drops. Additionally, no other country wants to give loans to Frendustan because they know that the value of an Apu will be worth much less when the time to repay the loan arrives.

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Time in the market > timing the market
Just sit back and relax and itll all work out in the end brother

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>tfw Bitcoin maximalist

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how can i change time frames on trading view for free or is there another site that you recommend that does this? thanks frens

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I unironically help startups get off the ground for a living and this thread is very funny. I love you frens.

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If you want my actual recommendations I wouldn't recommend crypto right now at all. I'm only on /biz/ to have fun, I sold all my crypto last December full disclosure. I wouldn't even recommend shorting it, it's simply too stressful to invest in an asset that trades 24/7. Even wallstreet bankers go home to their families on the weekend. If you asked me for my recommendations it would be for books and movies about business. Here are some:


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Copy pasted a previous reply:

There's no one right answer. My rule of thumb is:

20% Boring af stuff (bonds)
20% Physical stuff (art, real estate, collectibles, magic cards if you want who cares)
20% Safe bets (blue chip stocks)
20% Rising stars (Amazon)
20% Retarded but amusing crapshoots (Chainlink is worth it just for the memes, Spotify IPO, Invest in a friend's startup)

Stay the fuck away from IPOs and ICOs unless you put them in your retarded 20%

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just add some stop buy orders above big resistances and you should feel comfy

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If I will the lottery, I'll be pumping my linkies for you fien

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Why is everyone so nice there?

Seriously, even up in the northeast here where everyone is naturally rude and uppity as fuck - CFA always comes through with that southern hospitality. Is it mandatory/really emphasized as part of the training?

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Just saw a frog on my front porch
I think LINK is gonna moon lads

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and my imaginary kitty

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It's been a long 7 months. Almost a complete waste of time, energy, and money. My pet is the only thing that makes me smile anymore. Who else got pet frens?

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i remember you, fren

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I hate Reluctant Kneepad girl
Astro is so stupid he is easy to ignore

Who is the most liked anon though? I'd go with oatmeal bro. I really hope he doesn't starve and he is the sole reason I want chainlink to succeed.

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