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I need something that moons this week, preferably on Binance. Suggestions?

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Where were you before Siacoin decided to moon?

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What is your trading strategy and how successful has it been for you?

I invest in 5 good coins. Everyday, I sell the one coin that has made the biggest 24 hr gain and use that money to buy a new good coin. If none of them have made gains, I do nothing.

So far this strategy has increased my initial investment by around 30%. Been doing it for a couple months.

Let's hear your strategies...

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>"But Anon why are you selling your LTC XMR BTC and ETH to buy Shift and Sia at a time like this when they're taking about them daily on the TV news and are wildly successful?"

These normies probably don't even buy dips.

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do you still think about me, anon?

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Also general blockfolio thread

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If you arbitraged ltc by buying cheap off of bittrex/binance and then selling to gdax, you judt fucked yourself.

Gdax sends info to the irs.

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>cashing out to buy your GF furniture.

He probably will pay full price without negotiating too because he's to beta.

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worth an investment or not?

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>"But Anon why are you selling your LTC XMR BTC and ETH to buy Shift and Sia at a time like this when they're taking about them daily on the TV news and are wildly successful?"

These normies probably don't even buy dips.

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Wanna go back year back and buy bitcoin... Here is your change now.

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Where my ark bros at?

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Listen here you weak handed keks

This is for everyone:
>pink wojacs
>just'd anons
>link faggots
>dgb marines

The state of crypto is easy to predict however just one just'd sets you back and you have to either hodl like a cuck (providing its a shit coin) or take the loss

Now hindsight is notorious in crypto.

I for one would be 500 millionaire if i followed my own damn advice.

>Last spring I was the one who said the ascending triangle on Sia will explode 15-30 sats starting range and up

One anon said he would gibs me some of that when he started to cash out, wonder where he is

>last year i said buy ripple when it was just a babby, that spring it made many rich, meanwhile i got just'd by Poloniex and their god damn "ddos" costing me which would now be worth about 100k USD

>last year i said BUY DGB it will hit one cent and more YOU ALL laughed (lets not speak of the eternal slide into death)

>Last year I said Buy lisk, monero, ltc, fuck it everything that was worth it oh and i said buy NEM at 50 sats


I didn't follow my own advice, I made money and moved to other markets. Made a lot, lost a lot, made even more lost even more.

Cashed out, etc etc I make a living but if only i just held my

10 million sia, 5 million dgb, 200k ripple, 50 ltc, 10k lisk, 100 monero, 100 eth, 10 btc, and so on I would have made more just doing ... nothing

This is where the fucking future comes in.

>Artificial Intelligence

Peculium is the only ICO i would ever recommend buying, for one reason.

> A.I.

AIEVE, is the AML AI that in alpha0.1 version makes predictions with less than a 5% error margin.

AIEVE knew all about ETHER and knows it all

Anons if you just consider this advanced financial savings you can make it, we will all make it.

The crypto market is still young

Last year it was only 20billion total
now its nearly 500 billion

Next year it will likely be in the trillions and trillions

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Does anybody run STORJ? Not buy, I mean run the program. How much do you make per TB? Or is it also based on bandwidth?

I can do 4TB with an 100/10 connection. What would I make per month?

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share with people you care about

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Amazon will likely adopt IOTA in 2018
>anon how does it feel to know that you can literally buy your retirement right now for 3-4$ and instead you continue believing FUD ?

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Guys serious situation, I accidentally bought 400k sia at 100 Sats, I just noticed it now... is this the bottom? Will it ever go to 100 Sats? I don’t want to be a sia marine I’ve set a sell order at 100 Sats but I’m not sure if it will ever hit.

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Guys check this out.

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Hey /biz/ bros, Ive been investing in and hodling a little bit of Bitcoin and Ether (and a tiny bit of litecoin) for a while now and im looking to put some fiat into some more altcoins as i feel theres a better chance of quick mooning with these and basically i want a lambo.

So what are your top 3 Altcoin suggestions that you think are going to/are on the verge of seriously mooning or very undervalued?

Im quiet knew to these altcoins but I like the look of (i no particular order);

i) Cardano: strong dev team, its algorithms and processes have been peer reviewed, building upon that ether base- so i think theres a decent chance of strong gains but im a noob to all of this

ii) Request Network:
+really like the project; i can see a lot of applications for the use of the blockchain in this way if its done properly
-REQ seems to be hyped really hard which makes me suspicious, also reqcoiners get really touchy when you criticise it

iii) Stellar:
+again, really like the business concept behind this
-but im still trying to understand the role of 'anchors' specifically how are they going to get trustworthy anchors in this model?

Honourable mentions imo:
>Power Ledger
>Vergecoin - seems like a cheaper pajeet version of Monero?

This is all coming from somebody with no altcoins (besides ether) so what do you guys think? Any suggestions? Have i missed some good altcoins? Am i horribly wrong?

I just want to stop being a poor wagecuck and get to lamboland with my /biz/bros

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Guys what is this going around? I’m FOMOing hard.


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Take a look tell me what you think.
made 1400 from 100
pulled out about 550
lost about 100 in fees
What should i do next?

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>mfw when there is an obvious 10x coin and /biz/ doesn't know

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We all want to get there show us the way anon

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