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I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Sergey at a bar and he forgot something in his car and I went to get it for him. That’s all I remember. What could this mean?

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You don't want to start trying to pull your funds when you start hearing about others doing it.
Nexo is insolvent. If you have LINK in there, withdraw it immediately or you will not get anything.
You're about to get gox'd.

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smash or pass?

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The last thing I remember is buying 30k link back in 2017 at $0.23. I can't believe we're over 7 fucking dollars!!!! All of you cry baby pussies are over here complaining that we're having a little dip, but holy shit the last thing I remember was chainlink being #124 on coin market cap and fucking spongebob and sibos fud. You faggots haven't changed one bit. If any of you are out there that bought in '17, i missed you guys.

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1) they used swift and other logos on their marketing misleading people to buy the token.
2) The team dumps 1million link on heads a month just like Ripple
3) The only usage is when the chainlink team makes a price feed contract and shoves it down a defi projects throat. Everyone that thinks chainlink has customers. Lets see how many customers stick around when they have to start charging.
4) you said what went wrong...what went wrong is you are still holding after it went from 30mil to 1.5 billion. The money has been made on link. There are better projects with a hell of a lot more upside.
Do you want me to continue?
5) Chainlink claims to be decentralized yet team holds more than half the supply
6) Chainlink claims to be decentralized but runs every single chainlink oracle contract (what happens if chainlink forgets to fill up eth or link?)
7) Chainlink is all big on "oh were blockchain agnostic" meanwhile there is no other blockchains getting 1/10 the traction as Ethereum. Blockchain agnosticism is a meme.
8) The link token was supposed to be needed due to erc677 transfer and call. Not one customer is using transfer and calls as they are only pulling prices from reference contracts ran by centralized chainlink team.
9). It's been over a year since main net. The biggest customer is some dopey defi platforms. Yet sergey will use swift and facebook libra on slides.
Shall I continue?
10.). Type in $link on twitter, you won't find a more cringe community. I keep seeing "we're so early" from soccer moms from Chattanooga. Meanwhile most OG link holders have moved on.
11.). If Chainlink is doing so well, ask any of the customers for the info on what they are paying to use chainlink. You will never get an answer because they are using for free. They have to pay by advertising they use and pay for chainlink.

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How long ago did biz find out this guy is Satoshi?

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Sergey betrayed us, we were all supposed to he in this together

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Why yes I remember reading that in the bitcoin white paper, when I wrote it!

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*tears down your dimensional barrier*
do you really think hiding away in an alternate dimension would save you?
*eats big mac*
Link moons in all worlds.
Link is indomitable.
Link is inevitable.
*dumps 700k*
It's time to moon.

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Do you feel it? Theres going to be a good pump soon. Similar to that pump that got us to 14k

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I want to be tipped with chainlink. I will be a whore for big mac sergay and suck his cock. Chainlink is the future of money.

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Are we going for new ATH

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Listen here milady, you'll find horrible people lurking here, hateful racist people. Link is just a cheaply made ERC-20 token they use to scam what they call "normies" out of their money. They feel left out of society and want to take revenge causing harm to normal people. Leave this place and never come back, forget about this so called "LINK"

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I've been swingtrading my linkies and I bought what I thought was the dip at $4. Should I sell?

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Remember me?

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Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl. mfw thinking of you hurting

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How come there is never any rebuttal from when you bring up the fact that Sergey minted 650 mil coins for himself and only 350 mil in circulation for sale? Does owning link mean you have to ignore this and pretend it is ok? Is it possible to have a decentralized oracle with this contradictory distribution? Some very interesting food for thought! I just hope everyone is happy with their investments.

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How does this man do it? How does he put up such a perfect facade? How does this man, responsible for the fourth industrial revolution, with ties to the biggest kikes of kikes, keep everything on the down low? This is no ordinary man. He is the chosen one.

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Leaving this here for newfags
>it gets truer with time

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I’m pretty good at reading body language and let me tell you, Sergey doesn’t have any hope for the project. If he doesn’t have faith, why should I?

Does this look like a confident man to you?

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