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Wrong, Maxwell's vision was not Satoshi's vision. It is not even close, they are diametrically opposed. One is authoritarian and the other libertarian. I wanted Bitcoin as a means to destroy the state, and that vision was corrupted into something to amplify its power.
Not OK.

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Longest valid chain. Even coretards make this distinction, but they make the mistake of assuming a chain with a block size over 1mb is not valid despite that having been the plan all along, rather than a chain that is not even the same product it originally was is valid.
BTC isn't peer to peer electronic cash so it's not a valid chain. It's just an ICO for the lignin network heavily backed by the status quo central banking kikes and why do you suppose they're backing it? Hint; it's nothing to do with them getting on board with the original Bitcoin vision.

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In all honesty though, no matter any single individual's perspective about what actually happened during that tumultuous time, I think there's just one thing everyone who was genuinely awake at the time as to what was actually going on can agree on.
It was an absolute fucking shitshow.
A cabal of the largest economic actors in the space openly participated in a transparent bait and switch to force miners into activating contentious changes they clearly viewed as negative, all the while a parallel propaganda campaign to encourage that bait and switch as well as technically ignorant campaign to encourage forking off into a chain that would have barely five percent of the hash power at the time without a modification to difficulty adjustment that would have effectively made such a move outright suicide from a chain death perspective, and while the miners agreed with the compromise position in principle they clearly saw the bait and switch coming so prepped a poison pill to the entire debacle in an earlier hard fork that would not be afflicted by their compromise in the event that the obvious bait and switch was in fact a bait and switch.
Nobody I've ever explained the situation to that didn't understand exactly how proof of work blockchains work from a deep technical perspective has ever had the slightest idea what was actually going on. It's absurd to even suggest this process was some kind of effective and useful governance resolution event, and all people who hold out hope for the future of pow blockchains based around the paradigm of economic incentives coalescing around a single optimal path forward should consider it an extreme example of just how utterly fucked things can get in that paradigm.
It looks like only now are people finally starting to escape the gravitational pull of the blockstream astroturfing campaigns, and tons of people are still obviously and earnestly genuinely confused about what the fuck is going on.

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If lightning doesn't get traction, core is dead, so anything you say about core is also a statement about lightning, given that it's been forced into the architecture of the entire system.
That said, lightning is a hub and spoke routed network, which is massively centralising all on its own and creates high pressure to have the vast majority of participants interacting only through these central hubs, but as if that wasn't enough, because channels must be funded, well funded hubs are even greater points of centralisation.
The banks will run the well funded hubs.
The same banks that dutifully cuck for the state and trip over themselves to proactively obey every last little edge regulation possible when it comes to fucking the vast majority of their customers, particularly the imposition of amlkyc.
Bank doesn't want you paying someone? Then you probably don't get to pay them, period.
Ergo, sometimes. Depends on if the banks and states let you, basically. Just like the present system.
This is not an accident and anyone suggesting otherwise is either an idiot or in on the scam.
You didn't really think they'd just give up without a fight did you? That is what all this core nonsense is really about.

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You shouldn't, and trustlessness gives you that ability. This cannot be overstated as enough of a benefit for misanthropic high IQ high functioning autists that just want the rest of the world to fuck off and make sense. It will now be *forced* to buy the globally distributed decentralised trustless market, and no political whining or squirming or childish tantrums and demands will make the slightest fucking difference whatsoever.

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Look at this motherfucker larp like he knows anything about data structures with blockstream's dick firmly wedged in his ass.

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Excellent argument with well supported citations and reasoning. Definitely a step up from the usual bcashbcashbcash stuff. Congrats on this, seriously.

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All paid shills and idiots.

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More bullshit, what actually happened is the miners agreed to implement segwit pursuant to segwit2x via NYA, and nobody gave a nano fuck about uasf except whoever got paid to make the fucking hats, and then core fan a FUD propaganda campaign to get segwit2x shutdown, and despite 95 percent plus consensus signalling for it on the chain actually managed to get the NYA signatories to forever surrender their credibility and back down allowing blockstream to implement their toll booth based business plan with no opposition from most of the economic majority.
And then everyone who wasn't bought and paid for and still had credibility left said "fuck that shit. Hard forking, core are toxic poisonous treasonous fucks that deserve to be destroyed and we are going to do it".
And now it's happening, and all you can do is quiver in a corner throwing out the same old tired fucking lies about the past, because you're too stupid to know better, or too slimy to admit the truth.
I don't particularly care which of those it is. Either way you'll get what's coming to you.
Prepare to be fucked, son.

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Because he and the bloc he represents utterly shit on this plan and those who are behind it and suckered by their bullshit are spitting blood trying to do everything they can for damage control.
They're failing.

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It's good for this. Fuck the international central banks and their blockstream dogs.

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A poor attempt at reimplementing Bretton Woods with crypto instead of gold, now that the various bankers of the world finally understand this whole infinite printing thing is unsustainable.

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Right, how dare they.

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