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all in SOXL

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Honestly, I can't for the day where Bill kills all the masses.

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Imagine being Bill Gates right now.
You spend 30 years of your life and $50 billion of your own dollars supporting humanitarian causes. You directly save hundreds of thousands of lives in South East Asia by providing anti malaria netting to half of a continent, you drop infant mortality rates throughout the entire developing world by funding vaccine programs including vaccinating 40,000,000 children for polio, and, amongst a plethora of philanthropic endeavors, you fund free educational platforms like Khan Academy so people can have free access to high quality education.
Then after donating half of your wealth to charity and pledging 90% of the remainder to charity in your will..
Arguably doing more to better life on earth for humanity than any other human being to ever live.
You then hop on the internet only to find a million scientifically illiterate fucking imbeciles that are using the very computers you pretty much invented in the first place to call you a child murdering arch villian antichrist because they watched a YouTube video made by some other yokel with the comprehension of a fucking potato.

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I’m back, fellow investors
Hope you’ve enjoyed the /biz forum today

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Bill Gates here
Buy RUBIC to join the NWO elites

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I would short bitcoin if there was a way...

I would short bitcoin if there was a way...

I would short bitcoin if there was a way...

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Is he actually a good guy that gives most of his wealth to charity or is it just a PR stunt and he makes billions out of it?

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How much BTC is he holding?

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Go on anon we have 'them' in the USA as well. They are rooted here.

Honestly though Bolosonaro seems way more black pilled then Trump. What is the Brazilian take on NWO bullshit?

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IBM Eugenics fund left to Bill Gates

Its basically the figure head of globalism

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Ok That ones fake

But ya buy eth if you wanna make it. Obvious reasons

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I want to go back to wage waging. Pls hurry up.

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In 2 years from now we'll all be here laughing at how scared we were and how the whole outbreak was just a controlled demolition of the economy so Mr Gates the savior could step in and enslave us in a world of mining Captchas for his AI research and development

That is, if we get any breaks from work.

Modern slavery is here and you know it. It scares you, and you try to deny it but you know it.

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This motherfucker will run for US presidency next time as a demtard
He is literally preparing the ground with all the philanthropy bullshits in international organizations
Prepare to be bombed by the media with some stupid propaganda in few years...

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Take the fucking vaccine and tattoo

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Lol I called this yesterday. With the death of link the only other low market cap coin to pump is UBT

UBT should be easier to pump because it's an actual project with an actual product and progresses.

Microsoft and ID2020 teams with unibright welcome to the rabbit hole 4chan

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Moderna vaccine being cure for COV-19 dropping this fall with Ethereum 0 scaling fix

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No idea

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holy shit get the fck in here haha (it's happening!! XDD) so basically just wrapped up my 4th bill Gates ted talk yesterday and i am literally feeling like a metaphysical practicality. bear with me for a sec i know it sounds like im smoking jenkem: so basically (quick rundown (XDD!!)) ahaha basically i came home from my wageslave job (omggg work is so shiiit every1 is a normie there!! XDDDDDD can't pay rent!) and had an epiphany: I thought to myself,

"anon, you need to be reasonable with yourself, practical. you need to do something purely to your benefit, y'know, like some gay ass Wesleyan type shit lmaoo"(fucking lmaoo)
basically jammed a coffee enema up my ass and tuned the music in the room to 432hz to truely invoke the energy of source (god).
the most el basado y redpilled moment was when the enema was complete and i achieved full cosmic practical alignment. shit was SO reasonable
anon why coffee?
coffee detoxifies the calcification in ur pineal gland retard stfu

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Good lord, there's not a single good thread here tonight.

Who are some of /biz/'s idols?

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Why hasn't he had a sex scandal yet?

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Bill Gates

>His father was a prominent lawyer, and his mother served on the board of directors for First Interstate BancSystem and the United Way. Gates' maternal grandfather was J.W. Maxwell, a national bank president
>Million dollar trust fund
>At 13, he enrolled in the Lakeside School, a private preparatory school
>Her (Gates mother) tenure on the national board's executive committee is believed to have helped Microsoft, based in Seattle, at a crucial time. In 1980, she discussed her son's company with John Opel, a fellow committee member and the chairman of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Opel, by some accounts, mentioned Mrs. Gates to other IBM executives. A few weeks later, IBM took a chance by hiring Microsoft, then a small software firm, to develop an operating system for its first personal computer.

His mother sat in on board meetings with IBM which is what gave Gates the idea of an OS

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Bitcoin is going to zero.

Forget about crypto. You missed out. 2015 or earlier was the time to make money. You missed the boat and now you're just watching all the rich people sailing away, and secretly getting all excited thinking another boat is coming. Well, there will be, but this one will be a rubber dinghy and you'll set sail in it sometime next year and it'll just end up turning around half way and bringing you right back to where you came from, and then sinking entirely.

Once people figure out that they're not gonna be 10x-ing their wealth due to the limits of the self-induced pyramid scheme, every other investment out there will look superior. But that's the game. It was one big old game of pass the parcel, and you've held onto it, unwrapped it and realised that you've won a big old box of dog shit.

Get back to work and stop fantasising about other people's crypto successes thinking you're going to be next. You don't deserve to get rich for doing nothing, which is exactly why you won't be.

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