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BSV fags are absolutely assblasted that institutions (their last hope) don't need their vaporware chain despite all their pandering, and they can only seethe like >>16667318

Avaloq partnership, amirite?

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>Now you're projecting.
The ultimate sign to show someone is butthurt

>Never said that I hate my own people, can't blame them, it's in their nature to be a stupid because the jesuits wants them to be that way.
Then kill the cuckolic priests who teach the people to be like this, go forth and multiply, contraceptives are abortaficient and so on.
Kill them, anon, KILL THEM ALL

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I am here as a representative of gamers

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>never had a gf
>never will

Come at me pussy slaves

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H O N K !

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They don't deserve to make it

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Reporting in

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Geneltman, I have done it. I have discovered a new unsaturated porn category. Anyone here in the porn biz who could profit on it?

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What exactly makes the price go down? It seems like everyone has already bought into btc but it doesn't seem to matter

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It seems that you were just a bit late
*honks sadly*

However, I took excellent notes and should be able to give you the gist of what was said.
I have an announcement everybody!!!! *HONK* Everybody, I have an announcement!!!!! *HONK* *HONK*

*blows up balloon and makes a balloon dog* This announcement is gonna be monumental!!!!!! *sprays water from fake flower* The biggest *slaps you with rubber chicken* most amazing announcement *pulls string and bowtie spins like a fan* you'll ever hear in your life!!!!!!!!!

Get ready, for *takes off size 30 shoe, inflating a giant balloon hammer, then whacks you with it* the announcement *starts pulling line of multi-colored cloth from throat* to end all announcements!!!!!!!!

And that announcement *gets in tiny car, drives around and then gets back out* is gonna be coming to you *pulls out gun* NOW!!!! *"Bang!" flag pops out upon firing*

Here, just lean your head in closer to this sack of announcements and you'll hear it!!!!!!!



*presses a coconut pie into your face*

And there it is!

Those are all of the notes that I had

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k, lol. Good luck

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So yeah, I bought some alt pullbacks.. Was that a vad idea

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How did you get transcripts of davos forum

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You are literally faggot and figuratively talking cunt

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fine work

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