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>Shitcats went from .01 ETH today to .05 ETH


Post cats


How to breed cats

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post "Black people are nice and kind", IDs with NGR will get 0.01 eth. just sold a few REQ for this shit

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How is ready for the third x15 sia pump ?

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>bought the dips and didn't panic sell last week

who /disciplined/ here?

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200 sats coming up guys.

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itt post you're strategy and you're net returns to date

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>Complete shitcoins like SIA, DGB and IOTA mooning.

Not a bubble, not a bubble, not a bubble, not a bubble.

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feels weird saying it, but SC is back and is about to test it's USD all time high in the next few days.

coming out a several month long bullish falling wedge and now imploding upwards.

This could very easily hit 250 sats in the next few days. Volume is absurdly high; already in the top 3 on Bittrex today.

This has been a pattern with tons of coins recently where they would pump, and then pump one to two more times shortly after. SC is no different

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Not seen any talk about this.
Got in before it rose, good time to get out?

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Seriously, you FOMO'd and bought at the high again, right?
It took me a long time to figure it out as well, and I held bags, but getting out was the best thing I ever did, aside from selling SIA as it kept doing this.
Just wait for news and buy in...don't risk your money on a guy who can't be bothered to give a single update.
The news will be underwhelming. There's no new exchange. If we're lucky, they'll finally put out the roadmap they should've had from day 1.

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Missed out on sia yesterday?
This will have you fomo by the end of today.




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a-am I going to m-make it, senpai?

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Why is this shitcoin mooning? Hello? Why did no one shill this?

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This shit is about to skyrocket. Buy now or miss your flight to lamboland.

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What coin should I transfer all of my money into so that it won't be affected when bitcoin plummets?

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Who here getting JUST'D by these stupid cats?

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Top 5 coins for 2018 thread

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I told you many times a few weeks ago at $110. I told you again at $140. Then $170. Do you get it yet?

Buy THE KING and ride it out as we go to $300 then to $400.

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/biz/, I need to 2x in one week. What do you think should I go all in into? A clarification as to why it will moon is appreciated as well.
Thanks in advance.

Additionally, post your BTC address as well (if you wish, of course). If I choose your coin and end up getting 3x or more in the next week, I will give whoever suggested it first 0.2 BTC in return.

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We are in the beginning of a bull run, jump on marines.

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Chase a dump, never chase a pump

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Is it worth to hold this thro the fork?
What will i get if i do so?
And will the price drop hard after the fork?

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