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>he doesn't have at least 50k of the future ETH, EOS and ADA killer
It's like you don't want to make money, anon.

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give us some more info and maybe I'll buy. I do keep hearing about it.

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dyor faggot

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Planning on buying a few K after I dump my PRL bags this afternoon.

When can I start mining this bitch

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This is a wanchain killer too. Once sharding is perfected theyre moving on to interoperability and privacy. This is going to be a top 5 coin easy. So many Dapps will move on to Zil it's gonna be crazy.

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nothing will beat ETH you fucking cunts

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>It's June
>Casper and Plasma are live
>Tomo and Loom, NAS are operational
>Ultimately scalability, sharding and speed with complimentary projects

What the fuck is the point of ZIL?

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Yeah, brainlet. something that gets clogged from 1000 people simply playing crypto kitties is an unbeatable behemoth. Now Imagine it scaling thousands upon thousands of dapps at once. Ethereum is very from real world adoption. Far from solving their scaling issues. Zilliqa saw this problem before Eth truly took off three years ago and have been working on it since. Ethereum is gonna be Yahoo status soon.

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you dumb bitch.

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Vitalik visited the Zilliqa office once. Probably trying to get pointers cause even he knows Casper and Plasma won't solve anything.

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A+ response! Super clever! Would read again!

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Great point
The biggest dev team in crypto, suprassing BTC, with a fucking TON of cash, massive first mover advantage and adoption.

Wonder if ZIL will beat it.



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> EOS and ADA killer
how do you kill that which is already dead?

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It's super easy to do a ton of fast transactions, some guy got a modified, centralized ETH to 1.5m tx/s in a day. The hard part is doing it in a decentralized way, which no one else has done to my knowledge.


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don't feel like doing my own research
Takes too long, too many coins to research
Shill me in 2 or 3 solid lines
And i'll whale buy a bunch

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I'm sorry, DOA

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That's what Zil has been working on for 3 years. Decentralized sharding. First movers in that regard.

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good coin but not the best time to buy, i'll wait for .04 and below again, until then i'm accumulating tomo which is completely under the radar.

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Yes senpai
>better option
>complements ETH
>atomic feeless instant atmoic swaps
>same founder as NEM
>partnerships coming out the ass
>only on IDEX
>40m MCap

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what partnerships

>> No.8891907

Tomo is awesome yes, but it ain't moving anytime soon.

>> No.8891936

Zil will be fucking amazing this year.
Dark horse

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The only fast and (expected to be) secure smartcontract platform on the market.
There are weirdos not understanding that decentralisation is a meme while the goal is security. Ironically they build centralised stuff. Zilliqa are not like them.

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lol, when was this shill from?

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