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I hope you guys understand and I hope you’ll accept my apology. They were babyscams and I only made like $50,000 off of you guys in the last month. That’s a forgivable amount, right? I mean, there are millions on here. I just want to announce my resignation and that I won’t be making any more shitty scam sites anymore. It all started with tony dumper and satoshibox and I jumped for joy at my first $100 made from scamming. I sang to myself when I made my first $10,000 with bitflur..and Magnalis made me a lot. I put zero effort into prodeum though and that’s where I know to stop. I only made $3k on prodeum and I consider that a failure. Plus I shit the bed with the scam team too early.

Remember that all ICOs are scams.

Thanks again guys.

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I want to fuck niggerlicious

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thanks anon! I never invested in any of your shitty scams, though I kind of considered Magnalis. Glad you got rich. I'm not a scammer, but I'm kind of the opinion that if someone's dumb enough to fall for a scam they kind of deserve it. Not totally, but eh congrats OP

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You’re forgiven, baby.

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>I only made like $50,000
No you didn't
You probably made 50k with the tonydumper scam alone
If you got normies to write prodeum on their bodies you probably mad waaay more than hat
2-3M$ or even more

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Spend $100 on fiverr and you can get the same thing done

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And what about the trading bot, pictures of girl all those scams you pulled using Satoshi box?
Just refund everyone instead of apologizing you fucking nigger
I can't believe how all these scams are allowed yet posting a referral s not

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It's okay anon now you know to avoid throwing money at every ICO that come by

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I didn't fall for any of these scams

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>it's ok to let niggers scam anons, we shouldn't call anyone out
Fucking kys the whole point of this board is to help each other, go be a pajeet nigger somewhere else

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facts go die scamfag

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I thought it was to get money without doing any work.

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You're the problem, unironically kill yourself

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Karma gna be goooooood