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Is the CIA and other intelligence agencies propping up Tether?

>The story you’re about to hear concerns the third-largest crypto-currency on the planet, which you’ve probably never heard of. It is a story of how a former Disney child-actor — a Jeffrey Epstein associate who was embroiled in an under-age sex scandal — bizarrely emerged as one of the world’s strangest crypto-currency moguls. It is the story that raises serious questions as to whether an entire cryptocurrency is a scam — effectively a private money-printer. And to top it all off, there is reason to believe that if this cryptocurrency is the scam that it appears to be, it will nonetheless be allowed to continue because of this particular cryptocurrency’s usefulness to intelligence agencies in funneling money to foreign rebel groups and jihadis with plausible deniability.


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>So, we have world’s third largest crypto currency, a stablecoin that has never been audited, founded by a washed up former child actor involved in a sex scandal with underaged minors that quietly dissipated without charges, who has prospered in crypto despite zero technical background, and who maintained a hard-to-explain connection to Jeffrey Epstein. But hey, Pierce says he hasn’t actually been involved with Tether since 2015. And maybe Pierce was just the “celebrity” face of the venture, and the other leaders have more legitimate background.

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>The close relationship between FTX and Tether naturally leads us to wonder what, if any, relationship Sam Bankman-Fried maintained with the questionable cast of non-public facing characters allegedly running Tether. Was Sam Bankman-Fried’s relationship with Tether partially to reputationally whitewash Tether before the money reached critical elements of the Democrat machine?

>And given all of this, should we expect Tether to go the way of its smaller cousin FTX?

>Two powerful forces may in fact spare Tether FTX’s fate.

>The first, on the public side, may be the sheer intensity with which people choose to not even think about it. There is a lot of youthful energy and idealism behind crypto, in addition to many people’s fortunes, and the thought that something as big and fundamental to the crypto ecosystem as Tether could be a complete scam might very well be a difficult pill for many to swallow. Indeed, many in the crypto-sphere have embraced cryptocurrencies as a technological alternative to corrupt centralized governments.

>This brings us counter-intuitively to the second factor that may be propping up Tether: the sheer magnitude of the government’s corruption itself, and the government’s reliance on Tether as a convenient vehicle for that corruption.

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