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>Working wallet
>DApp marketplace being released on December 20th
>Ran by PhD Libertarians from the West and East with an emphasis for China
>Chinese website launched earlier this week
>150k reward for DApp developers, announced yesterday

Notice that there are no threads on this yet? That is called an accumulation period.

If you don't pick up this no-brainer, well...nothing personal kid

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Oh and almost forgot.

The market cap is lower than Ethereum, 500$+ value is possible in Q4 2018 (only 50 cents now)

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Also interested in Sia and POWR, but both have mooned already. On top of that, iExec can do everything they can do any more

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Holding 4k, hopefully the price will hit 200 usd

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you dont need to shill this, the smart money is already on board.

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Not shilling, just trying to give back to the community

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I'm buttblasted this is not a top 50 coin.
The market does not give a flying fuck about fundamentals, they are the only ones with a product and its marketcap is fucking 7 TIMES lower than Golem who has jackshit.

It's 100% the fault of their marketing team, I guarantee it.

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isn't golem partnering with Nvidia?

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Haha no, they are partnered with their own lack of skill right now.

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i need to read up more on this
their token is RLC right?

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Yeah, what a dumb fucking name when you are called "iExec" btw.

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Already in since 9k sats... JUST

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Yeah I've been justed on this too. Although the dollar value hasn't dropped that, just the btc crazy bull run. I'm holding though, you'll get your investment back with interest sooner or later.

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