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Please tell me I'm not the only one enjoying this Sia coin bull run.
I can't be the only one who held valiantly through that massive crash.

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What's there to enjoy ffs? I bought this at 700 sat in june and held like a retard.
This might break even for me in a year...

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You could be breaking even much sooner friend, its already rank 38 on coinmarketcap. Or you could decide to take a loss now, at least the hit won't be as hard.
I've been in the green on this coin even through the crash (but I was at 10x in june). Just was waiting for it to bump up again so I could sell it.

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this is what i keep comparing link to...nobody here gets it. at least the sia devs mentioned they didn't care about the price...sergey doesn't even bother to speak. people are going to get rekt.
sia is a great idea but i'm not convinced it will ever be more economical than amazon.

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you bagheld a coin that lost 95%+ of its value?

and you're enjoying it now?

this is worse than /biz/ retarded

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wow at least Im not a sia holder

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I'm retarded for not selling at 10x but I'm still at a 200% profit overall, so I'm not more retarded than /biz/

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you are not the only one boy
this litter fucker will be the next EMC2

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Im happy more because i'm mining this on my single GTX750TI and managed to stack over 500

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I have over 20k sia at my poloniex account but I cant get in there due to not remembering my old gmail password and cant get it to log in. Fuaaark

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I bought at 180 thinking that was the low. If you account for Bitcoin's price since then it's still profit, but it doesn't feel good either way.

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I enjoyed that story

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Me to, now I just have to figure a way to crack my gmail password

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I'll sen 50$ worth of btc if someone is willing to help me, I have literally tried everything tha comes in mind when trying to normally get in gmail when forget password

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I like the idea behind the coin, just worry about the consumers willingness to adopt such a radical change in data storage. I feel the consumer won't be educated and confident in such a system for many many years. Huge potential but will people adopt it Sia in time before it has failed or been replaced?

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Thinking about choosing this coin for my long-ball. Any other coins doing similar projects?
What are the coins actually used for?
It is either SIA, POWR, or iEx.ec

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Sia, Storj, and Maidsafe are the three crypto storage coins. I recommend researching all three before placing your bet.

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I will right now. Have you looked into POWR and iExec? If so, what didn't you like?

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I bought a bunch of Sia at 40 sats and my portfolio is going fucking apeshit insane right now.

Never thought that this would happen to me..

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I doubled what I had at sia low, made a decent enough profit in dollars back but I'm still in the negative for btc. I'll patiently wait longer for this to reach at least 2c.

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i had a boat load, and sold it all when it was like 54 sats. feel pretty bummed about it, but congrats to you for holding

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Not yet
I like your portfolio setup. I'm working on a portfolio program for windows and I'm going to try and have graphs in it like those that automatically generate.

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Hey man, is there anyway I could have access to a file like this ? you're great at Google Spreadsheet. Would appreciate a copy for my own portfolio.

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Thanks dude :)

Sure man, I post it here occassionally but it gets buried by other stuff quickly. Here's the guide spreadsheet I made to help people implement this themselves (guide in spreadsheet):https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NKJTm6YVTk_IkNNHosrPqQPfKdfBDjMcMskPpIlPdFs/edit?usp=sharing

Here's my own spreadsheet that loads all the data and lags a lot:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wOsBd4gxVbTJo5IqKMlTZnxxd525dxOzpgbpVBQ7Weo/edit?usp=sharing

Here's the crypto quick look that automatically retrieves images and profit for quick loading, so I can open it on phone. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UUPs8GX8ppcjXFWtzU5YhOoyV-O9Muc6DgkOFDI5kVM/edit?usp=sharing

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Thanks a lot homie. Appreciate it.

Good karma.

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I bought this shitcoin back in July back when it was @675SAT, then the fucking thing crashed down to 250, then I sold. It went back up to around 675SAT then I bought back......now the fucking price of the coin is down to 61SAT.

I still have this coin in my portofolio just sitting there wasting away.

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I have returned to my wealth.

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