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Buy the dip lads :)

I don't have much BTC :(
But at 70 Satoshi, you can't go wrong!
This baby hit the floor, there's only one way: UP

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typical /biz/ ... -.-

shilling shitcoins, and keeping quiet when some good coin hits the floor, ready for pickup -.-
you are disgusting fascists here!!

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wtf? ????
tell me ONE reason not to buy this coin!!!

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Every dead coin jumps up and down sometimes, but sia burned many people pretty badly and the project looks dead as fuck for months, so unless there are some real news I don't think many would jump on this

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well, the community seems taking off :/

I don't know, didn't jump into sia back then... well, let's see what happens

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It's mooning pretty hard ATM, break even?

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Ok this looks nice desu, I rode the last pump from 53sats to 70 or something like that, considered hopping back in but missed it.
It sounded like an interesting project but with cloud storage getting cheaper and cheaper, and those low use rates I don't see how siacoin could be valued much more than it is now, but godspeed if you're in it and best of luck.

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Also, "project looks dead" is just not true.
They communicate properly, and in the last blog they promised an even larger step forward in decemer:

... "Much of this work is in service of the 1.3.1 update, with a new release candidate version—1.3.1RC2—expected in December." ...

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I remember when this was 600 sat kek

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I bought at 600 sats

Finally in the green again

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i came in here to say that holy lmao, that shit was from a different era.

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are you fucking retarded?

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Ah, SIA, my first introduction to the "massive and sudden losses" part of crypto.

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