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I have 10k to drop into one coin. Shill me the best

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If you're a normie, buy BTC

If you are too cool to be a normie, buy ETH

If you're chinese, buy Neo

If you're a hipster but POE

If you're nerdy and don't have too many friends, buy ARK

If you're retarded but USDT

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IOTA. What if you could have Bitcoin without Bitcoin's problems? I'm not gonna shill further, DYOR

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25% BTC
25% ETH
50% XMR

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Buy lux, it has better tech than vertcoin which is currently sitting at 355 million market capital. Lux is only at 1.5 million market cap. Both coins are asic resistance. But lux goes beyond that, it is a privacy coin with faster transaction speeds than litecoin, vertcoin, ripple and dash. It also has masternode implementation to secure the network and stealth addresses. If lux surpasses vertcoin vertcoins market cap your 10k investment will more than 200x to be worth 2 million

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I was holding iota from .40 and went all in at 1.20 feels good

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Why you still haven't bought IOTA yet faggot.

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What? It is already over 1.60.

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Get ecc. Shit's about to blow up.

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But what other stable store of value is there besides USDT?

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wrong, it's still under $5

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Xrp, it'll never move

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-decentralized internet
-cube sats

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LINK duh

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WTC read the white paper, not a shitcoin.

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40% btc
40% xmr
20% eth
This way you don't have to worry about anything, just hold.
Patrician choice of cryptos anyway.

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Get in on Sia. Huge room to move and just shot up 50%


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Coins are so 2017. 2018 will be the year of the cryptokitties. Start breeding or get left behind.

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Iota. It's mooning.
>No fees
>No miners
need i say more?

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>holds bcore
enjoy your bags

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Go all in STRATIS

Masternodes and Tumblebit on 11th December

Sidechain Update and ICO platform in mid december

18th december Full node release

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DYOR, jagoff.

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nuff said

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Substratum product release january 2018. Bittrex listing and burn 60-100 m coin burn incoming

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Look into LUX. No better value for a privacy coin. The market cap is only ~2million. And upside is an easy 10x.

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ARK the only coi n that is heavely undervalued ATM

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>If you're chinese, buy Neo

tfw NEO volume is by far higher on exchanges primarily used by westerners

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ark fuck boy... learn how to stake it for passive income and you can fucking 25x it while it moons to 100 .... source am god

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spread it across 4. make sure you got a decent trading platform.

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IOTA for an easy 2x by EOY

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OMG, guaranteed 100k by the end of 2018.

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PIRL - first master node built on ETH

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10x? Gvt 25 million mc accumulating for 2 days now on binance

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Another solid one is bnb
My advise is dont get caught up in catching a train that has already left.
You want to find coins that will outpace the price of btc.

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PFR -> easy 10x flip

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