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Sell your Bch

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>There still aren't any brazillionaires that just programmed TA in a bot and got 20 000% ROI every year.

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lol it's going up..

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OP what site is that?

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also you should be analyzing btc-bch

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Remember guys, sell LOW and buy HIGH.

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/biz/ always loses money

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Hi retard. TA bots exist and are being used everyday on every exchange because they work. If they didn't work, they wouldn't be used..

You can't be a trillionare using it because once you use a bot to exchange huge sums of money, you start affecting the volume and you mess up the prices with your own trades.

If you play with a bot, you can only trade <1 bitcoin with it.

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looks like a buy to me

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>Use TA to trade 1BTC on 100 different shitcoins
>Cash out excess into main wallet

If TA worked you could easily become a bajillionaire.

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Tired of explaining. Bch is a strong buy, Ver will pump, the only question is when. His pump will be huge.

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5 minute timeframe...

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He already pumped. Its 1551 and now SELL!!!

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What website/software is that?

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over the last week or two bch has been pumped up to 1700 and then goes back down to 1300-1250 range.. time and time again.

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Umm pump target is set at 2k in Korea as per rumours - yellow man

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Does this mean BCH can finally get a hair cut?
My sia coin is doing wonderfully, up 20% last hour should i trade that for long term BCH from the next drop?

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it'll never reach that high.. bagholders will start droppin at 1800 and all of this don't mean squat if btc goes up so much that the parity remains 0.13-0.14

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You underestimate Ver and his friends.

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Should've sold a week ago when it was >0.2...

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