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This portfolio is the ideal long term hold portfolio.

Prove me wrong

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You're missing something

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have you considered getting half NEO half GAS?

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uh oh

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No WTC.... you're fucked.

Half kidding.

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not bad but I can't understand why anyone with even moderate crypto knowledge would hold LTC

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Pretty good, just move the ARK and OMG funds into LINK and that portfolio will set you for life.

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You aren't holding any logistics/shipping/RFID coins. Big mistake - this will be huge in 2018, as its a highly practical blockchain solution that the real world needs. I'm not saying which one you should get - WTC, VEN, MOD, whichever - but your portfolio is missing it.

I'd put some in IOTA just in case. People here shit on it but it's totally possible they'll deliver and it'll skyrocket. Don't put a ton in it necessarily, but it might be a good calculated risk - their partnerships are too promising to ignore.

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This portfolio is literally the "train already left the fucking station" portfolio. Let me explain something simple in finance for you, the more expensive a stock the more risky the buy is. Just because these have proven markets doesn't make them likely to increase in value long term, as the market changes constantly. The best long term hold are emerging markets with huge growth potential they are increasing daily. REQ, LINK, XLM, ICON, WAN. Literally the ideal long term portfolio. Maybe QASH, but I haven't researched enough yet. maybe BCH if you realize futures markets are coming to that too.

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I legit thought this was my portfolio

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pump and dump

I have a good amount

Never considered buying GAS but would like to learn how to stake NEO for free GAS, but I am too dumb to learn so I just keep it on Bittrex.

Pump and dump, now inversely correlated to BTC. If BTC moons it will fail

I can only have an account on Bittrex because of where I live, so no WTC. Too dumb to learn how to use proxy and learn a new exchange.

I believe that someday, BTC will be like your savings account and LTC will be like your debit/checking. It's much faster than BTC, i just did an LTC transfer from gdax to bittrex and it took 6 minutes. BTC wouldve taken 12 hours.

current flavor of the month/pump and dump

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fucking nucoiners

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you must have doge coin for good luck, always carry around doge coin

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>had 12000 WTC bought at $0.50
>sold at $2
>check the price today

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I've been here since start of the year and he's right. All those coins in this guys portfolio WERE the nucoins back then. Everyone thought shit like Library, SIA, STEEM were gonna be the big players in a few months. These coins have cycles, sia, lbry, steem they had their moments. NEO, OMG etc had their moments. Now you have to go onto the NEXT big couple of coins.

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No XLM fucking scrub lord

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not ideal but very solid for long term

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Lemmie break this chinese fortune cookie and it will give me a doge.

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current pump and dumb. I swing traded it on the way up

I somewhat agree with you, which is why I chose ARK and POWR that I feel are still young enough. With time, each and every one of these coins could go 100x still because of their tech, so Im not too worried if Ive missed just the first of 20 moons

I feel it's a very conservative porfolio. Also I dont have access to certain exchanges so I cant purchase popular coins even if I wanted.

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that's a solid portfolio, probably one of the best iv seen on /biz/

why its not ideal? well im neo and ark are kind of suspect, both huge projects but the product is not well understood by people that aren't programmers
litecoin is good, don't listen to people that say it isn't. at some point there will be a flippening like what happened with bcash

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That looks a lot like mine OP. Except I got rid of SegwitTabsCoin for Bitcoin Cash. Also got some IOTA and EOS in there

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You don't need a VPN for binance... I kinda like it.

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Replace ltc with grs and you're set

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I honestly can't tell if you BCH people are retards who got sucked in by the propaganda, or just shills

Why would you buy this stupid fucking shitcoin? I sold it right when I got mine and I'm glad I did

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>the ideal long term hold portfolio is a bunch of warcraft gold that goes up and down 50% in a week and you can't even cash out
wew the banners were right, this place is for fucking retards

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>Warcraft gold
>Can't cash out

How can you not cash out? You can easily sell any of these on Bittrex in a matter of minutes, withdraw the BTC, then sell the BTC on any exchange that has a BTC/USD pair

This meme that you "can't cash out" is retarded, of course you fucking can or the price would never go down

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just download neon wallet, transfer your neo, and then it just gives you the gas ,easy as that

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