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tfw you realize the way to get rich is to find out small undervalued projects with great team and working product, buy into it and just close your eyes for 2 months until it goes at least 5x and then rise and repeat

anyone else came to same conclusion, after stressing for a couple of months trading everyday and losing nerves over FUD?

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Like link and sia? Lol

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do it

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high risk high reward

or just buy some already proven coins like btc, eth, ltc, xmr etc. HODL for a few years and enjoy your gains.

Can't bring myself to invest in new coins anymore after all the ICO disasters that happened this summer.

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i thought zrx, omg and cvc would go up at some point

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Talking about good companies below 5m$-20m$ market cap, that check all the boxes of good product, partnerships, team and positive community about long term.

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