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Golem is such a disappointment
Seemed so promising in May

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Now thats a shit coin! In the same class as Ripple and Bat.

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GNT is dog shit.

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I love Golem and hate Nvidia, what do I do?

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Soon you idiots will learn, good projects take time, the adhd projects are the shit coins

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Rent your unused CPU/GPU cycles and get paid in cryptocurrency
And get JUSTĀ“d by paying your "unused" electricity bill

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Golem is utter dog shit. It's just utter fucking crap.

It could partner with amazon and it would still die.

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make money

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I am sorry for your bags anon. This shit is Sia & ANT tier

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they should call it goylem

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The best projects are the ones that only lose value. What's another good project?

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Fake news. Kill the op

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only green ID's will make it

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Do you not remember the stream that ran on their chain? All there was was stuttering

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Holding Golem is like loosing money. Almost every single currency has even a slight uptrend in the last 6 months. This crap has on 0.2 USD for ever

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You do know it's at 32c now?

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that was legit one of the funniest threads ive ever witnessed on biz

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Youtube is on the golem chain?

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Good projects don't go six months behind on their roadmap.

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