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Is this a bigger meme coin than LINK? LINK at least pumped to x5 and is now at a stable x2 since ico

Will REQ ever be able to reach the ICO level?

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Just wait for Colosses. Then we'll see the steady increase

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"My coin hasn't mooned in 4 days meme coin shit life over scam confido joosted"

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im out the moment it gets some boost.

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>Is this a bigger meme coin than LINK?
No, people actually bought LINK.

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there are people who paid 6x ICO price

I paid the owner of ether delta for tips so I could snipe those buy orders the moment trading went live

but the fucking pre-sale 20% discount whales had a trading bot that cleared the order book in less than a second

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I love trading this shitcoin

sold at 900 sats twice

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What exactly are you talking about? 4 days? This shitcoin is nearly 2months old.

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how do people not understand the difference between currencies and tokens yet? currencies move up and down on speculation, tokens move up and down based on news/events. REQ and LINK are long-term projects and will only go up if/when there is an event (partnerships, product releases, adoption, etc)

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2018 will be the year of utility tokens.
I don't know about Link but I have high hope for REQ.

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It's a comfy hold desu. Nothing but upwards potential mid to long term.

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This. I personally find it so comfy to buy in to these projects after they find their floor and just wait it out, knowing there's nowhere to go but up and not having to worry about a flash crash, because we're already at the bottom.

I don't even check Blockfolio, it doesn't matter. I'll start to get curious when I see headlines on YC during my morning reads. I trade like a tortoise and it's /comfy/ af.

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if you check the orderbooks its always litteraly some pajeet selling 5k reqs in panick.

You can raise the price with 100 sats if you buy 200k req.

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that's what I thought about Sia, but apparently negative sats are gonna become a thing

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