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Tell me about your worst investments /biz/

I'll start:
>bought Monaco when it was at nearly $40

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>first day in crypto
>June 3rd
>been waiting all month to get verfified
>dreampt abiut buying DGB and bitbean
>was so excited

>immediately go all in DGB 2500
>lose everything

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Bought some antshares. Sold some antshares.

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>OMG at $13
>LINK at $0.27
>POWR at 8000 sats

Fuck my life

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>not selling [email protected]
>10X gains in 1 day

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>OMG at $13
Wait it out. Q1 2018 will be HUGE!

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>Link at 0.47

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>cvc at 13000

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fucks these coins
I lost 80% of my btc

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BnB was my first coin. Bought at 2.50. JUST.

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Bought ripple at 11000 sats which at the time was like 50 cents. Then I sold it at 5000 sats because I couldn’t take the bleeding.

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7 bitcoins for a laptop keyboard in 2011
i got 14 from an anon on /g/ for free

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Im all in in XRB raiblocks, i mean free instant transactions on a network that scales that unlike IOTA works today, it's like you people dont even like money, you disgust me

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Monaco would be a good buy now though, only 6 bucks and they're about to start shipping out the cards

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I shit i thought you meant best investment

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Just buy UQC before the pump and you're fine.

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You reckon? I might make money back yet anon

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I bought DNT near it's all time high.

God damn I'm retarded.

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>ltc and xrp

you will die poor my friend

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Fell for the FOMO with XRP, when a guy posted about a partnertship with a bank or something, I bought high, but then immediately realized my mistake and sold, I think I lost like 200 usd, so it wasn't a big mistake. Not that bad because I actually learned about controlling my emotions in the market, and now I've only make good choices.

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Both of those coins are going to play a big role in Altcoin season 2.0 in 2018. LTC will be the coin normalfags buy because its on normiebase and normalfags will see that a full coin is a lot cheaper than some fraction of a bitcoin. I've got 20% of my portfolio in LTC waiting for the moon.

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XVG at 110
POWR at 9k
DNT at 600
MCO at 95k
i am not a smart girl (male)

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sold 350 ETH at $10
I cri evrytiem

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Participating in the Airtoken ICO.

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I did the shitty opposite with all these, bought them all really low then sold when they went lower before they pumped

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Thank you Anon. I just got a very good laugh out of that. Also thanks for playing a part in my 0.5btc win on dgb.

It's a stock. My worst investment was probably putting money into stocks full stop actually. I'm probably down like 10% while in crypto I'm up over 100x. I could have put like five times more money into Monero if I never fell for the stocks meme.

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i unironically hate you

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no sorry i didnt read your entire post
i dont dislike you

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Like Q3 and Q4 2017 was supposed to be

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Blockcat ath

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I bought CVC at 17k

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Did the same. Lost 3000$

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>Investing father's money for him
>Invest in a Canadian gold mining corp before they start mining at $20
>Price increases to $30
>Want to sell it for a cool 50% gain
>"No son, we should hold it"
>Gov't starts blocking them
>Price drops to $16

I couldn't do anything about it and it wan't even my money but it still feels like a loss.

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All in DGB at @500 satoshi
I recovered my losses but I am in a 10% USD profit after a year of trading

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Bought mco when it was 20 10 8 and 6. Hodl

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1000 fuel for 899

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fuck, are you me.

June 3rd. Started my crypto adventure after monitoring dgb growth for a few weeks after floating in from pol. Had to wait for a webcam so I could verify on coinbase etc. Finally got it sorted that saturday.

Bought DGB, Rdd and XVG all at ATH. At midnight precisely DGB tanked. Held like a fool because HODL meme even after the citi announcement. Finally sell when it goes to about 300 sats. Unload my sia coin and other trash too.

Ive only made profit the last month because bitcoin went from £1900 and Eth from £175 to £400.

Im only up £300 and thats just because bitcoin went retarded. Took 6 fucking months to regain the losses.

A week earlier and Id have made 2-3 times on a few of those coins. bleah

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"OKCASH 3 years birthday announcement"

buy at 5800 thinking I'll make a quick 10%..

still holding

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I started off with $150 playing a Roulette Wheel. After 4 hours I had $ 6,000.00. I blew it all because of my pure, selfish greed. Fucking asshole that i am.

There was another run on crude oil as the price was going down. I lost a couple of hundred bux on it. The money wasn't the issue here, I just thought I was a smart arse. It's price went way lower than what my spread bet could handle. I didn't know what the hell I was doing back then.

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>bought Monaco when it was at nearly $40

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I'll repost this here because I'm pissed and I hate it.

Put in 600€ in September, was about 600€ in profit.

Put in 3.5k€ more day before yesterday because FOMO and greed, flash crash, panic sell (not at the very bottom at least, I waited for it to stabilize), lost profits and 500€ besides.

Literally lost >1000€ within like 6h. If I'd held another day I would have at least broken even.

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Also I wanna buy back in but I'm fucking scared of doing that now, I'd have to rebuy at near ATH for most things and that just doesn't seem like a good idea but FOMO is fucking strong. I'm waiting for the crash but if everyone is waiting to buy the dip then the dip won't get very deep to begin with.

At least I moved my money back to my bank account so going back in is enough effort to stop me losing more.

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lmao I 3xd on NULS. Thanks for the money come again.

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Are you literally me? Went all in on dgb above 2k sat on June 3rd with like 2btc :,)

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No, THIS is literally my. I bough sis at like 200+ sat, got like 20k of them, thought I was hot shit with my bag full of dog poop

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it won't keep falling, right?

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Pikced my sia up at 540. Should have sold when it hit 800. Luckily I only had 1000.

I did but Ark at like 0.46p and Lisk at <£2 so I made profit back on those. But It took months to undo the DGB losses.

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> now I've only make good choices.

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