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Greeting from Portugal.

Do you guys think that playing poker in Portugal (where you can only play against portuguese players) is a viable money making option?

I'm a college student that is looking for a some ways to make a few bucks a day, I would be amazed if I could earn 10€/day, and I heard that playing poker can be very profitable.

The thing is that there aren't a lot of online tournaments in Portugal but from what I can tell, portuguese players aren't that good and an alright player could really do well against them.
What do you think?

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go for it man, what could go wrong

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You could make some money from that,
But if you're shooting for 10€ per day and you're willing to go somewhere physically to get it, wouldn't an alrightly-paying job give you more for like two hours of work

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lol does the location really matter? sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Expect to lose a lot of first

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Nothing really, I could lose a little cash but nothing major.
That is definitely a option to consider.
I think in this case it does, because if I were to play, let's say, in the Netherlands, I would be playing against players from all around the world, and possibly against really good average people or even pro's. But since I'm playing against portuguese people, it could be an easier market to enter because I'll only play against other portuguese people and the average portuguese poker player might not be as good as the average poker player.

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you planning to play live or online?
anyway it doesn't look like you know how to play

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I plan to play online.
I surely don't know how to play it, I just finished reading "Harrington on Hold ’em' " 's first volume and I am still learning how to grasp everything. I know that I still have a lot to go, a lot to learn and study.
With 25 cents, I went up to 10€ playing just a few tournaments, but I lost it all because I tilted and I didn't manage the bankroll correctly.
The thing is portuguese players aren't that good aswell, so I could take advantage of that fact.

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I play very regularly and have been to the WSOP a few times. I'd suggest doing a lot of studying. There's so much more than looking down at 2 cards and hoping the deck hits you over the head..

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Get on Two+Two, read all "best of 2+2" threads. If you are playing online and trying to only make 10$ you will probably be playing stakes that have -EV rake.

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Can't you just bot online poker? If it's Limit Hold'em I can imagine there'd be a bot out there that can play it perfectly, No Limits would be significantly harder though

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Definitely, reading Harrington's volume I helped me a lot, by teaching me how to avaluate every situation pre-flop without even considering my hand.

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Thank you for the recommendation. In a few hours I'm going to print out Harrington's volume II, do you recommend me reading first "Two+Two"?

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Don't know how popular limit hold'em is in Portugal but I'll definitely look into it. But I assume that the bot would be expensive, right?

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>I would be amazed if I could earn 10€/day

Kek go play 2NL zoom,

Poker is dead tho

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>Poker is dead tho
Heard that a few times, how come?
Portuguese Pokerstars, as of right now, 19k players online at 2:45pm on a thurday.

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I heard of this site, might be interesting but I would probably get destroyed right? Might as well play against people that don't know to play poker than play against this site's players

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you can get a good bot for $250 online

the bot doesnt do anything special aside from never making mistakes

its good 1v1 because the human gets tired but there arent a lot of 1v1 to scam

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Less than 10% of players break even or come out in front.
If you want to play poker, Start with MyZynga poker on android, its soft, good to learn..
Play at least 100k - 200k hands with this.
Get "poker Hands trainer" and "Poker odds trainer" app off google play store, practice your pre-flop until you get it 100% down and score 300 - 500. Practice your pre-flop cards on my zynga, keep it tight and you win nearly half the time.
Then..... once you have played 100k myZynga hands, Get PokerStars android app... this is the next step up from myZynga.. Spend a couple a month or 2 playing Sit&go's and Spin&Go;s... Then you are ready to move up to the PC....
Now you need to get Poker Stat Tracker software. THIS IS A MUST. it will cost you $100 or so.
Without it, you are a sitting duck with every bet / raise.
Depending on how your skill have progressed over the months of practice,
You can either play America's Cardroom (soft) or Pokerstars, which is pretty much pro level depending on the table, and why you need tracker software.. so you can tell who bets and why.
If you just think you can go play poker without spending at least 6 months training, You will lose over time. Learn the theorys taught about pot odds in the hand trainer app also.. or you might find yourself losing over time, even if you think you are winning.

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after a while it can be easier to play pokerstars because you can tell what cards they have in their hand by how they bet. much easier than americas cardroom, but they will bluff better, raise better, and generally have better cards.

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LOL bots.. i smash bots.

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Bots are a dangerous game. I was a heads up NLHE player online for a year and the most money I ever made in a sitting was me taking over 1500 big blinds from a bot I figured out in heads up. Most bots are less exploitable because they are designed to just balance their ranges optimally and assume most humans can't statistically keep up, but this one had a few quirks in its programming related to bet sizing and was very exploitable.

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Gambling is a great career path. Play some roulette and blackjack too, you can add them your resume

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Don't you think your overestimating portuguese players?

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I know what you mean, but surely in the long run, the better player makes more than the worse player, right?

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It's just like ranked vidya, figure out how much you're comfortablr losing in a row/day and stop

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It's definitely possible to make money from poker. A lot more than $10 a day too.

Don't underestimate it though. Playing poker takes skill, and playing it seriously takes serious skill.

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>Don't underestimate it though .Playing poker takes skill, and playing it seriously takes serious skill.
You're absolutely correct, I still have a long way to go if I want to do this well. A lot to learn and study.
I still make silly, idiotic mistakes that I have to improve on.
But I like the game as well, I like the rationality of all of it, so I have motivation to improve.

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Poker is Poker bro. Do you want to play socially or professionally?
I will put money on it theres some sharks out there with years of experience and you will still get beaten a lot after 6 months of solid playing.
for long term success you need to focus on learning to master pot odds and implied odds..
once you do this you will be able to play with the best of them. Do not attempt to grind all day sessions without learning to master odds.
Trust me bro, i'm not overestimating. feel free to spend $20 just to see how you go.. just be prepared to walk away and spend a lot of time practicing before putting any real money down.

and i was not even joking about playing 100,000 hands before you play for real money.
You want to learn, get the feel for how your cards play out. Variance will catch you out as well after you think you learned it all.
I've come up against just about every combination i could think of.. When you play day long grind sessions, Full house vs Full house become a regular occurrence.
i have seen AA vs AA more times than i can remember.. i've had more straight flushes than i could count also.. Only ever had one royal flush though.
i've gone all in with 7 2 unsuited and won against a pair of aces many many times (i wouldn't recommend.. i just do it because 7 2 is the worst possible hand you can have.
so everytime, i play those cards.. no one expects it.. pulled a full house the other day, guy with AA kept rasing... clearly he could see there was 2 2's there... and then an ace comes out... perfect trap.. i don't bet, again he raises..
you have to be able to adapt to your opponents betting style sometimes... this might mean being more aggressive, or more passive depending on your hand. learn who you can bluff and make them pay.. learn how to Bluff a bluff (make them think you are overbetting because its a bluff).. its tricky when you are on the other end, and you cant tell.

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Before doing anything else, read a probability textbook.

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no probability.. just learn your outs (cards left to make your hand) and when the odds are in your favor to call / raise according to your pot odds/implied odds..

Now it can get even trickier.. your outs / pot odds change greatly depending how many players are at your game. You need to learn this as well. i am a 6 max player... i can play 9 but i don't seem to hit my draws as often. i just have too much exp playing 6 max and not 9.

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I agree with you that I have to be realistic, if I ever come against a player that has years of experience, I'm in great disadvantage.
I really have to learn what I should and should not do.
I'm not naive to the point that I will master the game in just a couple of months, poker is very complex and people are even more complex.
Until I have a grasp of how people play with certain hands might take a long ass time to understand them.
Everyone knows that one can always lose, at any time with any hand.
I just want to make some steady money so that I can pay my tuition and maybe afford a few things.
That is one of the fields I must study as I am not familiarized with it.

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If you're better than they are that's all that matters. You don't need to be the best just better than most.

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yes it is but you should play spin n gos on pokerstars players are terrible and you can make a shitton on 50s

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Thank you for the advice.
Exactly, I might be underestimating portuguese players but I don't even have to be a good player to win, I just have to be the better player on the table, the one who makes less mistakes.
But of course, I can't content myself by just being the better player, I have to aim higher and become a good player.

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You think so? Only played a few Spin n go's, it seems so much different than any other game mode.

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I knew a couple guys that played poker "for a living". Both had rich parents and were trust fundies. I don't think they were making anything, but it didn't matter they really didn't need to work anyways. I had friends that were not rich attempt poker for a living. They quickly went broke

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Well, I'm not trying to become rich, just trying to make a few bucks everyday.
Hopefully, if this doesn't work out, I'll not be naive enough to go broke before I understand that I'm just not good enough.

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Dude..... Lesson 1 starts Today.
Go to TWITCH.com and click poker.
Watch any of the top guys or girls play.
i suggest watching K-mart, Lex veldhuis,
innerpsycho is a cash table pro, bparispoker,
there is a lot of people who talk through what they are doing.
I've played for years, and i played full time for 6 months this year (was down about $500) and i am a very good player. but great players, have that little bit extra discipline and will not see the hand out unless they know they'll win more than half the time.
A really good player might win 52% of the time. a great player around 55% - 56%.
not a huge difference, but when you play for an hour with the same people it can drain your stack

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You should check out poker streamers. I have never played poker a single time in my life and I'm extremely confidant I'd wash a good 90% of this board in texas hold em.

I learned so much watching a poker streamer just because he was very entertaining and it reminded me of day trading.

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Already do that, daily. I really like watching Lex, Jaime Staples and sometimes I'll watch bparis. They've been playing for years and I have definitely learned a few things from them, and I can learn from their mistakes as well.

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then you are well on your way to becoming a skilled player.
if you want to spend money, there is computer software that teaches you strategies. its supposed to be helpful, but i have never used it, i've only used my android apps more of a refresher when i hadn't played for months

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I love how people come to /biz/ ''business & finance'' for gambling advice

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My favorite was Jcarv but he stopped for some reason. He also often have other high tier poker players on.

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I am still too green, more times than I want to admit, I have no clue what to do and what not to do.
Still have a long way to go.
I thank everyone for their recommendation.

I wanted advice on if Poker can be a viable way of making money but it kinda turned into this. Appreciate it though.

I like him as well, he's actually playing poker on the 17th for a charity stream on twitch, with the like of Lex and a few streamers.

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Can't wait to see him run it up again. His streams kept me going as I learned to day trade and was hemorrhaging money.

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I'm looking foward for it too.

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Doesnt matter if its trading or crypto or whatever else. You need to get the traits a winner has to make a living of this. Learn to win, then choose your market. ProTip: Model Trump

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Absolutely, learn how the succesful do it and replicate. It's simple but difficult.

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Watch poker on tv, you can learn a lot. Poker is tough to make it, or be 'pro,' but the few that do can make it big.

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TV poker can be misleading, it might lead you to believe that poker is just a bluffing game or just crazy plays. It's much more complex than that.
Make it big is too difficult, I can't possibly think of that option as of right now.

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pro online poker player here. You could definitely train yourself up to be making >10€/day, but in this day and age the question is why would you? To become profitable you'd likely need to put in 100+ hours of intense study and even then, you'd likely only be making 1€/hr. To get to a point where you are making a decent hourly playing you'd likely need 500+hrs of studying and playing combined. This amount of focus and time spent on almost anything else would be more profitable.

If you are deadset on doing it, I can give you real advice. Most advice posted in this thread so far has been pretty shitty. let me know

2016 graph posted

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Any gains you make from poker will be lost to commissions. The only way to make good money playing poker is to set up your own games with through your own social circles, if you don't mind making some dough from your friends & neighbors.

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Very impressive, congrats.
I think I'm going to pursue it, I like the game.
But aren't you overestimating portuguese players? 100+ hours of study to make 1€/hour against them?
>your friends & neighbors
Lol fuck them, I would take their money easily.
What do you mean by commissions?

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10bb not bad what was your maingame?

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Rake is huge at microstakes. Do you know the rakecaps for the .pt sites? I'm not familiar with them, but it could be possible that its a total raketrap and thus unbeatable longterm. Is rakeback available? Rakeback has been significantly cut on most international sites, but again, I don't know the .pt poker market well.

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I play 200nl-1k mostly, with a few shots here and there when games run. I play on ez american networks

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Portuguese players are surely absolutely dog shit at the game. You're blessed to have access to those games, but you'll still have to study for hundreds of hours.
Applications of No Limit Holdem is a book I can recommend.

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>Most advice posted in this thread so far has been pretty shitty. let me know

How good was my advice of watching JCarve?

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No... Poker is too risky. As a matter of fact, card games in general have the worst odds in a casino. A better option would be for you to learn how to play slot machines effectively. There are some really good payouts when you enter slot tournaments too. Now slot playing does take a lot of practice, but in the long run you are almost guaranteed to earn at least a 6 figure income from year to year.

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Its decent for passive learning and a starting point. Its just going to take a lot more than that to be able to win given the current state of the games.

>> No.4396962

I know you are trolling, but with casino promotions and picking the right machines its possible to make six figures beating slots. You have to be able to math out the value of certain promotions versus how much you are losing on the slots. More often than not you are going to have to be playing for fairly high stakes (prob $50-100 a pull) to be able to profit in this way though. It seems incredibly tedious and boring.

I don't do this myself, I know of a 2-3 people who do this for a living

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> definitely a option to consider.

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I don't think I could play at the big tables of spin and go at all but I think I might do well in tournaments and playing at the small tables.

I also have never played poker a single time but I watched and learned a lot watching JCarve explain his hands and betting sizes and stuff like that.

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>pot odds/implied odds

ffs, I'm speechless.

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Ahahah, you caught me.

That's what I'm thinking, I won't make bank out of them but I think I can some good cash.

Seriously? That's a thing?

What's up?

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To my mind it's better to play with real people in online casino and create your own strategy. For example, I've tried a lot of casinos, but everywhere I met the same people with their simple strategies. That's why I started playing here https://www.bettjack.com, because there people play with great experience and they might teach you something useful. Personally, I play there for 2 years and my casino skills increased a lot...

>> No.4397160,2 [INTERNAL] 

Gambling can really become a source of some extra income. For me gclub มือถือ works great. You can check it out here - https://betgclub.com/gclub-mobile/ . And even though I mostly play just for fun, I usually manage to get some money out of it.

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Hey! I think you should pass on a bigger table. There are a lot of online casinos from which you can choose. On a little table you wont make big money and you won't get a lot of experience when you play with the small fishes so go with the sharks. I believe that you will take a better lesson from the sharks and you will grow faster. So when you will be ready to man up find me and my shark friends on https://freespinsnodeposit.bet

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