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For those of you not familiar, aminorex is one of the more highly respected posters over on bitcointalk.org. He is and has been extremely bullish on Monero since before the latest price explosion as he believes a new wave of DNMs will catapult Monero into the heavens:

"Those comments are predicated on the notion that all crypto are created equal endowed by their creator with certain natural rights which are common to all but this is not true. In fact all crypto are created very unequal, some endowed with marvelous potential which has yet to be realized, others with Ponzi fatal flaws, many of which have already fallen by the wayside. Monero will not fall by the wayside, because of the capabilities of its community of developers and supporters. Even when a serious flaw in Monero has appeared in the past it is always been dealt with in a disciplined and orderly manner, allowing Monero to overcome hazards which would have rapidly strangled any lesser coin in its crib.

Today 40 XMR make 1 BTC, but when the economic potential of Monero is fully realized 40 BTC may make 1 XMR. "People" may not care about privacy, although they are fools if so, but they do care about fungibility, whether they know it or not. They also care about extortion, taxation, theft, embezzlement, and kidnapping. Monero protects you against these things while Bitcoin does not.

If I were to produce a physical Bitcoin today the obverse would bear a vivid image of Cazes hanging by his neck in a Bangkok jail cell. So, yes, I am expecting 200 to 300 this year simply on the basis of speculation discounting future fundamentals, and 1000 sometime next year on the basis of the emergence of a new functioning darknet economy, and furthermore expect fomo to rapidly push that up to 2500 before that bubble pops."

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=753252.msg21348513#msg21348513

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DNM = dark net market

Yeah, I agree. Monero has a solid 8/10 team, 8/10 tech, and is still the leading privacy coin.

$1000 always sounds like a huge increase until it really happens.

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Nice, just bought 40

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Hard to know whether to start buying in or wait for more dip

I like dip

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I like monero but what turns me off is theres no hard cap on the coin, no?
If there was a hard cap Id make this my main bitch, no that (((bitcoin))) got jewed by the banks.

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Words of Wisdom
Buy now or cry later

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we need an anime mascot

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Too bad it's been proven that privacy is broken in Monero

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Coins will be added more and more slowly.
Also, this way there's no massive milestone with huge unknown implications on the horizon.

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after 18MM coins are mined, coins mined will approach 0% per year mined, but never reach 0%, this totales is less than 1000 coins per year after 2022 or smt. Anyway the amount mined is neglectable

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I've got 12.7 ETH waiting to be released because the ACH is retarded.

I'll be buying more XMR once it does.

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>They also care about extortion, taxation, theft, embezzlement, and kidnapping. Monero protects you against these things while Bitcoin does not.
I'm 12 but what the fuck? Anonymous transactions makes stealing, kidnapping and killing child's play.
The Feds will never let you not pay taxes either.

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Monero has a tail emission that kicks in with <1% yearly inflation to incentivize the miners forever and is needed for the dynamic blocksize to work properly.

More info here: http://monero.stackexchange.com/questions/9/how-many-monero-will-be-mined-in-total?rq=1

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After 10 years Monero's inflation will be 0.52% per year.
Over 100 years Monero's inflation will be 0.052% per year.
So yea even after 100 years Monero's supply still will not have doubled. It will take around 200 years. By which you will be long dead.
To put it all a bit in perspective:
For fiat the inflation remains @ 2% every year.
After 10 years you have 20% more fiat (only 5% more Monero)
After 100 years you have 624% more fiat (only 50% more Monero)
And after 200 years you have 5100% more fiat (only 100% more Monero)
The amount of total wealth for fiat will go 50x in 200 years, but only 2x for Monero.

The rate of inflation is essentially negligible.

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also when you add in burned coins monero will certainly be deflationary in the long term

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Bought XMR when it was 48 and Still holding waiting for Lamborghini land

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why u pretend people live over 100 :S

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We already have one.

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>Not planning generational wealth.

You aren't going to make it.

If you want to get big money rich, you need to start acting like it.

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>fiat inflation remains @ 2% every year.
>trusting government (((statistics))))

good goy

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How else are you planning for generational wealth besides working and crypto, if I may ask?

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thx lads for the quality intel

>The amount of total wealth for fiat will go 50x in 200 years, but only 2x for Monero.

that still means it would lose half its value in my lifetime
I guess it doesnt really matter if we go to the moon
but still...
a hard coin cap and this coin would be perfect
ill throw a couple of grand in I guess but not sure if I wanna make this one of my main holds

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>it would lose half its value in my lifetime

i certainly doubt it

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For those of you not familiar, the average IQ on bitcointalk is 80.
"One of the most respected posters" of the lot might be roughly at reddit levels of intellect. If you need moonkids to sing their song, just head over to r/ethtrader instead.

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Monero is rising motherfukers buy buy buy

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Well, the average IQ of biz is probably around 80 as well.

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retardtalk really

this is the same forum that considered mircea popescu and unreliable source of information not because of anything considered, but because they simply did not *like* the things he would often say on subjects completely unrelated to bitcoin.

and again and again after calling him a crazy idiot, he would turn out to be right, every time. Which is probably not unrelated to why he's a millionaire and the average bitcoin forum personality lives with his mom

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It's beautiful!!

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What do you guys use to buy monero

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coinbase > bittrex > monero > monero gui/cli/mymonero


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And then send the coins to myself one more time so they are lost in cyberspace.

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This is the dip anon

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I'm in. Choo choo

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if there ever was a crypto that'll make me a millionaire, it's monero.

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You're going to need to back that up, Mr Bond.

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No worries, whatever he's talking about will be fixed with Kovri.

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Allmost a 2000XMR @ 136 usd buy on bitfinex

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Uh no...

-- "continuously increasing by 157788 XMR each year [this number takes leap years into account], or 0.3 XMR/min = 0.6 XMR/2min, forever."

It will still take longer then 100 years to double the supply though so it's not that bad.

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With an absurd demand also and coins being lost I do not see this inflation going anywhere.

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It will take: 120 years before the supply doubles. But this would imply no coins have ever been lost which seems doubtful to me.

The transaction fees will also stay relatively cheap because of the continued Miners rewards. It's pretty nice.

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Please go fuck off with "8/10" team.

We will not forget what poneyfucker did.

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That's why you're sure your privacy is protected

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it was a good lesson.

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What happened?

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where to buy XMR?

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The Monero Enterprise Alliance was announced.

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He said "I have a huge announcement" like 2 days before a conference, only to show a video that was making fun of ETH, ICOs, and (((investors))). The price tanked but recovered 2 days later. Assblasted redditors that didnt sell the news accused him of shorting before his announcement.

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My sides.

He fucking cucked everybody.

Stool a good joke.

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That is neato.

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kinda sounds like this is ourguy

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I like cryptos but what turns me off is theres no hard cap on the number of coins that can be created, no?
If there was a hard cap Id make this my main bitch, now that (((USD))) got jewed by the Fed.

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Making babies might be one.

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Planning on it.

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He's talking about the lack of privacy in bitcoin wallets. If someone knows your bitcoin address, they know exactly how much you have in that address which sets you up as a TARGET of those crimes.
So if you ever give someone a bitcoin address to send funds to, that person can easily find out exactly how much you have in that address.

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>$1000 always sounds like a huge increase until it really happens.
$1000 only seems like a lot in today's market

as crypto grows, XMR will pass $1000 many times over

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Would be just do decimals for lower quantities or would we provide different categories?

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IIRC they fixed that with ringCT

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>The Feds will never let you not pay taxes either.
> never let you
> never let
> let


Why is it derps imagine that the "feds" are an omnipotent and omniscient force? You're not actually that stupid, this is something you've been conditioned to believe as true without any examination.

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>mfw i bought the dip

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In the 70's and 80's inflation was bad. These days inflation is actually good. See how much US$ has been created and is still the strongest currency out there. Trade the opposite. buy coins with billions in supply. Welcome to a fucked up world we live in.

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leaving this here

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Saw XMR dip this summer and descended like a vulture

We... are the MoneroMarines

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