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Take a look at Andre Cronje's twitter over the past few days. His/yearn's latest project is multichain.xyz, and he's been posting about it a lot.

but what is multichain.xyz and how does it work? the details are scarce, however, there is a security audit on multichain.xyz

click on that and you get re-directed to https://github.com/anyswap/Anyswap-Audit/blob/master/SlowMist/AnySwap%20CrossChain-Bridge%20Security%20Audit%20Report.pdf

ok, so multichain.xyz is basically anyswap.

So what is anyswap?

It is basically fusion's native cross chain DEX, powered by fusion's unique DCRM technology, which is also LINK-pilled.

So basically, Andre Cronje has spent the last week shilling fusion protocol, and nobody noticed because he doesn't specifically mention fusion by name. imagine what will happen when he does. $45m market cap, mostly locked up in staking. IYKYK.

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interesting. How do I buy

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its not an erc so you have to buy on exchange. huobi is the best, mxc also has it.

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yeah just looking through this it checks out. Andre basically is just all in developing on fusion right now but because he hasn’t named it yet apes aren’t in yet lol.

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So this is what all of Andres cryptic posts have been about....

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is this bullish for fantom

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yes, but I think the andre connection is already price in to a degree for fantom, whereas it seems to have been overlooked for fusion.

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