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So I've been looking a reasonable bit into L1s and L2s lately, and they've all been mooning. Essentially you're looking for EVM compatible (very important) chains that can either act as an L2 on top of ethereum, or a L1. EVM is vital because if you can't easily port to this blockchain nobody will use it.

So most are familiar with most of these chains. On the L1 side you've got

Avalanche (super decentralized, fast, strong team, new consensus mechanism)
Fantom (fast, andre is building on it, SBF and blocktower are involved as of recently, however it's somewhat centralized)
Binance Smart Chain (fast, binance backing, but its very centralized)

On the L2 side you've got lots of stuff such as Matic/Polygon, xDai, and soon Arbitrum and Optimism.

I feel like one that has been overlooked is Fusion. See pic related. It's one of the EVM chains that Andre Cronje is building on.

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Looking further into it, it seems like Fusion's decentralized cross chain capabilities are one of the things enabling Andre's cross chain work. And it's based and LINK pilled


>Fusion tackles this issue of cross-chain asset exchange from the very bottom data layer in the blockchain protocol, the layer where transactions are signed using cryptographic keys. It is because there is less variety on this layer, given around 80% tokens utilize ECDSA private key encryption algorithm on the data layer, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The abstraction across multiple layers can also provide a seamless cross-chain integration on the application layer, where most cross-chain communication is abstracted away from the user interface.

>On the other hand, DCRM technology combines existing cryptographic technologies with zero-knowledge proof, sharding, and homomorphic encryption. It enables seamless and decentralized executions of cross-chain smart contracts without any governance or intermediaries. Key sharding and distributed ECDSA-compatible encryption algorithm facilitates nodes in the Fusion network to generate multi-asset wallets in a way that no single node or individual can access the private keys that control the assets. Key shards are generated by multiple nodes independently, and each shard represents a fragment of the key. The whole private key is never reconstructed at any stage from key generation to signing transactions and asset storage.

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Based and Link-Pilled:

>To truly realize the potential of multi-trigger and interoperable smart contracts discussed in Fusion’s white paper, it is essential to link the physical and digital world such that digital smart contracts react to real-world events. Chainlink is a market-leading decentralized oracle network that incentivizes oracles to attest to events in the physical world. By integrating Chainlink’s decentralized oracles with Fusion’s DCRM interoperability network, Fusion’s vision of data-driven smart contracts interfaced with the real world is one step closer to realization.

>The Chainlink integration with Fusion went live on March 31st in the upgrade of Fusion Mainnet 3.6, which enables smart contract support for time-value market and assets, as well as the successful implementation of cross-chain transactions from the decentralized custodian pilot built by the DCRM Alliance. Pairing Chainlink’s decentralized oracles with Fusion’s recent protocol developments increases the toolset available to developers substantially to build next-generation Dapps and digital finance solutions on Fusion.

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Finally let's talk price.

Let's look at the other L1s Andre is building on:

Avalanche: $2.1b market cap
Fantom: $1.3b market cap
Binance Smart Chain: $36b market cap

Fusion: $45m market cap

This looks like a major undervaluation to me. Could easily see a re-pricing here of 10-20x.

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actually good find OP. Gonna secure a bag. Where can I buy this

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It's a little trickier for westerners to buy it - possibly one reason for it being so underpriced.

Not an ERC so not on uniswap.

You can buy it on huobi or mxc.

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Hot damn free money

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why has this not moved for over 2 years

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It hasn't had a reason to. Cross chain interoperability and EVM compatible L1s weren't really that important until recently. With Eth overloaded, and lots of different chains popping up, interoperability is suddenly very important and Fusion could benefit from that.

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go u
check out also anyswap, it's the major uniswap fork supporting fusion right now, more than couple of pairs there
op, i am with you strong, check out
and then brother discover also realio

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I bought the ICO for this and got burned big time.

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will there be liquidity mining on anyswap?

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just checked it, and apparently yes, with a bunch of other chains

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this is more to the specific fusion topic

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looks good

hopefully some borrowing/lending protocols and the like pop up.

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>any swap, fusions uniswap equivalent, has a higher market cap than fusion itself

kek, fusion is so undervalued

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do we have a eth fusion bridge?

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It’s chart makes me nervous. Looks like a rug pull.

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Look up fusion , chainge app and anyswap . You're welcome

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yep, looks like it exists

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serious tech

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So Andre Cronje is constantly posting about yearn's latest project, multichain.xyz


Take a look at "Security audit" link


Anyswap is fusion's native cross chain dex

Andre is basically spending the last few weeks shilling fusion, and people don't even realise it because he doesn't mention it by name. top kek.

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Do you know why large institutions bought BTC? So they could control it at the direction of the Treasury.

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Holy shit. Nice find OP. Just picked up a fat bag.

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