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Which site has the best escorts? I'll be going to a work function soon, and I want a top-tier escort to take with me and for her to pretend to be my gf for the event. I hear some young models escort for example. Im very wealthy and dont care about the price, anyone have any suggestions on which site to look at?

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if you hover your thumb over her head, she has a 13 year old's body.
if you hover your thumb over her body, she has a jew-wife head

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fuck off larping faggot. if you were really rich you wouldn't be asking 4chan this like a loser.

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Keira Knightley is obejectively female perfection
Am I supposed to walk up to my colleagues and tell them "hey even though Im rich i cant talk to women and i need a fake gf for an event, y'all know any good sites to find someone to pretend to be my gf"?

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Check out seekingarrangement maybe.

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.1 btc and ill give you everything i know

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Eros guide, google it. Even has porstars/models.

Sup poor fags

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>6 year old boy's body
>female perfection

i thought michael jackson was dead.

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PS a special membership exists, all escorts are verified. But they ask the "user" alot of info for verification purposes.

Feelsbadman.jpg when poor fags have no idea where, rich fags get escorts.

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no, you would just google it, retard

feels bad man when you need to hire escorts because you're a faggot and can't meet women for real like I can

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I just buy a ticket to Philippines or Vietnam. Nothing better than freshly picked girls that actually have some feeling for you vs a transaction based bitch.

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>feels bad when you realize that escorts are cheaper than dating

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Just like with all the women, it depends on the man's preferences. I like Latinas and Asian girls very much. I had the chance to travel to Spain so I couldn't miss the chance to get out with a local escort. Yes, while you're there you might try to get with a girl that you meet on the street but you won't get very much from it if you're there for a short period of time. With an escort, you can get immediately into a conversation and have a good time. If you'll visit Barcelona, don't miss the chance to check out https://www.casual-escorts.com/barcelona/escorts/, it is a premium escorts site that I used. No matter where you'll go, search for premium sites, there are the best girls.

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I recommend all men at least once in your life use russian escorts, russian escort agency https://www.divaescort.com/girls/russian-escorts and you'll get the ocean of pleasure and sexual pleasure. I am single and prefer to be single, but I love beautiful women. I like that you can just order a beautiful girl and satisfy my sexual fantasies.

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