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Mom is kicking me out of the house She wants 500$ a month in rent and I have 10,000 LINK and negative 220$ in my checking account. I showed the dumb bitch where Link's price is right now and she knew where it was before. She's at her wits end with me and I told her to just give it 3 more months, but she isnt having it. She took away my XBOX too and I'm in South Dakota where there is nothing else to do but play Halo 3. Shes telling me to go work in an oil field but I dont want to be killed when we are so close to the singularity. Any South Dakota LinkMarines I can stay with for the summer? I'll give you 50 link a month. Or should I just hit the fat bitch over the head with a frying pan?

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get a job and give her money for rent. If you dont even have a good time together you should just move out and look for a nice place where no one bothers you :)

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Hire a security guy and get a panic room
make it not so easy

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Ahahaha I missed this thread. It's nice to see how much the numbers have come down

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