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LTO Network is a hybrid decentralized ledger for securing, verifying, and exchanging critical enterprise & government information.
LTO's architecture separates private data sharing between existing systems from public network consensus which serves as a universal ledger.
This hybrid approach makes LTO Network GDPR compliant so that business and government (esp. in the EU) can legally use it.

Meta Use Case:
>scaleable inter-agency data sharing consortiums

>partners include IBM, UN, AIRBUS, Dutch & Euro gov bodies, Chainlink
>already one of the leading cryptos for Tx/day (~100k)
>99.9% of Tx's are generated by paying clients
>100% of staking payouts derived from network fees (APY ~7%)
>clients have to purchase tokens from the market to pay for their transactions -- no OTC
>50% circ. supply already staked
>as clients start their own nodes, they will stake LTO themselves
>those staked tokens = non-circulating supply
>deflationary supply: 0.1 LTO burn every transaction; ~10k LTO burned daily
>~80M LTO held in treasury M&A fund
>M&A fund will not be touched until LTO price is much higher (maximize leverage of reserves)

>LTO in 1.5min:
>LTO in 3 min:
>in 30min /w /ourguy/ Rick (CEO):

>white paper
>/biz/ pastebin:
>general profile:
>tokenomics faq:
>big brain deep dive:
>/biz/ LTO Node

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>wake up
>Binance wallet dips below 50mil
>only 909 make it stacks left
>/biz/ node surpasses Binance wallet in staked LTO

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Sitting comfy at 175k. Unlike coins built on hype, LTOs value is derived from the fact that the network's success flows into my pockets.

No other coin is anywhere near 7% staking yield, from tx fees alone, while also being deflationary.

Easiest hold right now

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And it's all going into longer term stakes, taking off more liquid LTO.
Powder keg

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175k stack is beyond comfy, that's a tycoon oligarch stack.

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One day they'll say we were just lucky. But we weren't. We just did the math.

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Man someone REALLY wants to push the price back down badly. There literally is no other reason for someone who bought hundreds of thousands LTO to dump them as they more than likely did the math.

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>The euphoria around Chainlink is due, in large part, to this summer’s fevered activity surrounding decentralized finance, or so-called DeFi applications, the most popular of which let users lend or borrow cryptocurrencies and to speculate via a technique called yield harvesting that often promises short-term returns of more than 100 per cent. Chainlink claims its technology -- which essentially delivers price feeds to DeFi apps -- helps power 95 per cent of all public blockchain derivatives.

So LTO will similarly provide data for defi, in the form of verifiable credentials and decentralized IDs.
Except it's more for enterprises and their kyc services instead of retail, which means potentially more money coming in

>unironically the next chainlink
I get why that one anon was parroting that now

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Best case scenario is a crypto wide crash that drags LTO down with it...if that happens I'm going to scramble to find fiat to pump into LTO.

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Waht the fuck is happening brehs

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2,5k stacklet here, doing my part

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Not only that but it similary has been developing 3 years in a bear market,
The realization move is going to be tremendous

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We generatin blocks for the network
Imagine a governments anchored land registry going through our node
And who knows what else in the future

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Thats a confirmed make it stack

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bros i got 50k stack but idk how to lease my LTO
im really new to this help can i get rekt by doing this or is it relaly just free dosh

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weekly payouts bruh. I lease myself and got some free monies.

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Everything is bleeding

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Please...please, El Tio, allow me this one opportunity to buy LTO below 20 cents...

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get rekt in which regard?

your tokens don't leave your wallet, if that's your concern.

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Is staking worth the miners fee right now? Gonna cost me $35 and burn tokens to stake...

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The entire economic incentive system is calibrated toward Joint Business Partners buying up enough LTO and staking it so as to generate enough rewards to pay for their usage of the network (this is "Net Zero"). The implications of this when you do that math are quite startling...there's massive economic incentive for enterprises to swoop in and buy up as much of the available supply as early as possible.

Cant wait to get mogged by giga corps
My make it amount , peanuts for them
Luckily it trickles down through staking rewards but also them buying up the LTO

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What's the size of your stack? It might be worth sitting on it until fees go down until you move onto the mainnet.

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I’m only drinking Heineken in support of my lto.

I gained 5 lbs and felt like shit when I owned Wendy’s stock for 2 weeks, made like $600 though. I suggest all my lto friends give up water and drink Heineken from here on out.

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3.2k I think I’ll wait cause I’m gonna drop another $1000 if it dips below $.20

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Did you buy from Binance by any chance?

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Nah I had to uniswap them, I hope Ethereum fixes these fees soon or I’m afraid ada will actually not be a shitcoin

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Kek thats like that billionaire eating ice cream because he was vested in the company.
Saw it posted on biz

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I'll be going for Hertog Jan or Jupiler, I'd advise every dutch person to this haha

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biz node going to surpass it for sure

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did you use the erc 20 to mainnet bridge or did you send the metamask tokens to top left address?

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Wonder how this will play out and the decentralized IDs

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Why is this an important question?

T. Cryptolet still trying to learn and thinking about creating a binance account

Also, what would be a minimum amount to start staking if I bought there?

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I think some exchanges carry the token in the main net blockchain format, so you can stake with less gas.

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With Binance you can withdraw directly to the LTO mainnet without getting Vitalik gassed.

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checked and fuck vitalik

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I get it, so I get less/no gas fees if I bought LTO there and wanted to stake it right? Thanks

Would staking 1k LTO be worth? Or should one accumulate more before doing so?

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If it’s in main net there is no disadvantage to staking besides the burn

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gracias el tio

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>Would staking 1k LTO be worth?
Yes. You should lease that 1k then lease as you DCA without cancelling the initial one so you don't waste the fee.

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Just waiting patiently for some announcements from the team
Also interested in what that salty fudder will come up with next

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I will suck a dick for 1k LTO let me hear ur offers

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If it stays low or goes lower, I'll just buy more lmao. Got money coming this tuesday.

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how big are your tits

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Submit your offerings

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A bit smaller than Terry Crews'

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Just leased 100k+ to /biz node. What day is payout?

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Getting more LTO under 20c would be awesome.

>> No.28015644

every weekend I think

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Thanks, any idea how many LTO im likely to get off a 100k lease per week?

>> No.28016703

take into account that a lease takes 16 hours to activate, so first week returns are less

>> No.28016892

Cheers. Ill do the math.

>> No.28017410

You'll be getting roughly 125 weekly.

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Where and how would one lease? Earlier in this thread I read there was a /biz/ node, but again, I'm not too familiar with any of this, would there be any security issues using that one? Where would I be able to read more on this?
Sorry for asking so many questions but this is the first thread where people actually answer questions instead of just posting pepes and wojaks

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Ya the 1 LTO fee for staking 1000 would amount to a 10 basis point fee, which isn't a big deal compared to the 7% APY. For me, every 400 LTO that I accumulate I'm going to stake (25 basis point fee)

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Lol we've had plenty of comfy threads. On staking/leasing: https://blog.ltonetwork.com/staking-and-leasing-lto-network-node-guide/

There's no security issues beyond your own setup. The tokens don't leave your wallet, you can cancel the lease any time. We use the biz node because it gives the highest reward return at 99%. All others are 98% or below. There is a 1LTO token fee to start the lease so don't re-lease your rewards until they accumulate a bit to offset that.

>> No.28018543

There is no risk because the LTO remains in your wallet and you have the seed that was generated locally. You can withdraw anytime with no consequences.

>> No.28018651

Yeah looks about right so thats about $30 a week at current prices, not bad.

>> No.28019482

love u guys. wagmi

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Let's say I buy around 60k LTO. Anyone know approximately what price it would need to be for me to be making 1k in fiat a month, just from staking?

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Any value investors in here?

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Looks like approximately $3.33, assuming 6% APY.

Is 3ish dollars a safe value for it hold long term?

>> No.28020129

...my mission is to save as many poorfags and wagies as possible. There's more room on this arc, but time is of essence here to accumulate a meaningful stack before its too late.

>> No.28020370

Yeah I would say so

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compared to other blockchains with similiar tx numbers, it should really be 3 dollars right now. but yea, if they keep onboarding new clients and txs keep rising, 3 bucks will just be the start

>> No.28020523

how do I find the biznode and stake in it?

>> No.28020546

Sweet. I'm trying to temper my expectations. I think with the current market cap it has to move upwards. Maybe 10x minimum. I'll be very happy with just a bit of passive income from this.

>> No.28020729

Xeno on the leasing list.

>> No.28020849

join its tele if you questions

>> No.28020937

Would you mind explaining what this means anon, I'm little confused. I'd much appreciate it, thanks in advance

t. newfag

>> No.28021098

delete this faggot we're still accumulating

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The price-to-sales (P/S) ratio is a valuation ratio that compares a company's stock price to its revenues.

Its saying the value of LTO is severely undervalued (compared to other cryptos) by how much revenue it generates.

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feel free to join us daily and have any and all questions answered. scientific notation IQs in here. not me, but in here

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Essentially all those cryptos in the red are the prices that they are based on speculation that IN THE FUTURE they will be worth those valuations based on real world utility. Its speculation (which is fine). Its like Tesla's valuation right now is entirely a function of speculation that IN THE FUTURE it will generate enough profit to actually be worth that stock price.

But LTO is so cheap right now that it actually is a "profitable" enterprise RIGHT NOW. There is no speculation: it is literally generating real dividends derived from real network usage and yet is price so low that the "P-S" ratio is off the charts compared to every other platform. LTO is like finding a micro-cap stock with 100x growth potential THAT IS ALREADY PAYING A 7% DIVIDEND. This is literally unheard of in the traditional stock market. It is what value investors dream of stumbling upon but in their entire lives may never actually find.

>> No.28021524

LTO bros, i trust you not to pajeet me so please be honest. Is this a good entry or should I wait? Im buying regardless, just want to know when

>> No.28021634

Why would you buy this if everyone IN THESE THREADS is telling you even $.50 is a conservative estimate EOY. Buy a shitcoin instead that can 10x easily in a couple of weeks.

>> No.28021675

Anything under 25c is very cheap. It's not going to go under 20c again unless BTC shits itself.

>> No.28021734

Its pretty much at the price i bought at.

>> No.28021756

Don't wait, establish a core position immediately and then DCA gradually from there. If you don't establish that core position first and you get greedy waiting for the dip this thing will probably take off on you and you'll never see these entry points again. LTO is undervalued and the market won't let that remain the case for much longer.

>> No.28021770

You don't understand LTO if you think we're buying it for token valuation alone. Get out of here retard.

>> No.28021814

Because we did the math. Do the math and you will see why we bought.

>> No.28021887

we're in it for the long run and with that strategy in mind early adoption arguably makes more sense. sure, you could try to maximise short term gains with a shitcoin and then transfer into LTO, but that's a more risky endeavour. i'm just doing things comfy

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this is the type of people we have in LTO. quality that i have never seen before in a token on biz

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Assuming it moons, is passive income still possible? or would the value of the large position be the main thing left?

>> No.28022074

How did they get real value? I don't fully understand sorry.

I'm not comfortable with risking bagholding shitcoins I don't trust in. Sure, I could gamble and increase my stack but I'd rather not get priced out.

>> No.28022124

because thats gambling anon. im done with it. comfy holds from here on out

>> No.28022175

all the instructions are here

make sure to lease to the /biz/ node

>> No.28022218

>Assuming it moons, is passive income still possible?
That's the whole point of getting a nice stack. Actual companies and organizations putting money in your pocket for staking.

>> No.28022284

Wouldn't the returns drop once that is the case? I'm a noob so I may just be missing a lot of info here.

>> No.28022295

I think this was why riddler did what he did, he said he plays fair after all. He knew whoever put the effort in and did the math would figure out its a coin you never sell. He wanted informed investors to get in and hold/lease no matter what happens to the market as a whole as its all about the transactions and APY. Narratives change, TXs fly he said. Narrative has changed from blah blah what price will it hit, when can i cash out to LTO is the coin you never sell.

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File: 2.40 MB, 3000x3000, 1612552352903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Read this thread, a few anons went into a deep discussion on this topic

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If you get in early and wait long enough you may very well unironically never have to sell.

>> No.28022488

>Read this thread, a few anons went into a deep discussion on this topic
Based, so I don't have to go over the same stuff again lmao. I'm one of the math anons.

>> No.28022709

Im sure the riddler has a good idea what price point LTO is going to hit in the future as he must do to tell us that the make it stack is 55k LTO. Its obvious already hes not larping to pump and dump LTO because the math checks out plus he could have told us we needed a 75k stack or 100k stack or whatever but he didnt.
I think we still have some math to do. Can any math anons figure out a likely future price point and APY from the 55k figure? The APY on a 55k make it stack must cover a decent standard of living so we need to figure out what that number is for Europe maybe or US?

>> No.28022734

Just bought a stack, thanks very much bros

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1 pacca cigs
2 vodka shots
For 0.30 within next 3 days
Good chance it won't ever happen again
Same here brother, happy to be comfy together
Bless the riddler, I got quite annoyed at
>Do the math
But if that's what it took for us to realize the beauty of what we're holding then fuck it

Very comfy LTOtist here, feelsgoodman

>> No.28022967

remember dyor

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Trips with riddler post
Kek wills it

>> No.28023169

Imagine if riddler had just told us to buy LTO and never sell it because its a brilliant investment, he would have likely been ignored.
Tell me and i forget, teach me and i may remember, involve me and i learn Benjamin Franklin.
Riddler knew what he was doing. Thanks riddler!

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>> No.28023341

For 55k at $80 you get 4.4M. At current (6%) APY you'd get 264k yearly. For LTO to be $80 its mcap would have to be $21b at current supply but without counting token burn. ADA's mcap is $19b right now, for comparison.

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File: 217 KB, 621x412, 1612616432023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck this shit. Come on anons. I can't afford anymore. Just going to buy 15k more.
I have to filter these threads, so I dont convert all my cryptos into LTO.

>> No.28023473

can anyone really see this going to top 5? or are we assuming crypto as a whole is rallying?

>> No.28023556

If the price reaches that, I don't think APY would remain at 6% right?

>> No.28023578

Top 10 for sure but crypto market as a whole will increase. It's top10 transactions as it is.

>> No.28023590

21b is not top 5 anymore eoy

>> No.28023594

Keep in mind that the APY WILL NOT be 6% if the market cap is $20 bil. The fees are going to gradually trend downwards as the price of the token rises.

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File: 75 KB, 1029x819, Screenshot_20210207-210713_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that's a wrap lads. This is what I have with 30k$ USD initial investment. Perhaps I could have timed it better but I'm not really good at that so I just bought because I believe that it's still really undervalued regardless. Hopefully this turns into a very nice money few years down the lane as I invested 75% of my savings into it.

>> No.28023653

No but I used that as a guide, if it's 3% then it's half which means 132k a year.

>> No.28023680

Just remember than combined crypto marketcap was 500b 2017 and now 2021 it's 1300b

>> No.28023786

I know nothing about ROSE but LTO is going to make you comfy for sure.
I know I just used it as a guideline.

>> No.28023815

I will never forget schizo riddler, will probably make a big gold plate reading: "The math." when I'm gonna make it

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I think you migth be the riddler

>> No.28023915

If the price increase by 1000%, would we expect a similar reduction in the APY. Maybe linearly? Is there someone who has already done the math on the expected APY in that case. I would think it's possible for it to be less than 1 percent, don't actually know how to do the math on that.

>> No.28023934

i'm with you there brother, the riddler did the math before the collective IQ of /biz/ LTO even considered it

>> No.28024036

Who's the Riddler person you guys speak of? Sounds interesting

>> No.28024071
File: 33 KB, 544x472, IMG_20210204_140531_908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unironically the next link
LTO highest IQs currently on biz

>> No.28024095

Rick said hes aiming for top 20 MC and current 20th spot is Monero with $2.64B MC. Divide that MC by LTO supply gives $6.53 LTO. 55K LTO at $6.53 is $359.150, at 6% APY is $21.549 profit per year which is not enough to be considered as making it so once more clients are onboard LTO would have to be higher than $6.53.
I still think riddler is hinting at a $100 minimum price with the ben franklin quote he posted as above it he posted 5$, i dont think that dollar sign in the wrong place was a mistake. I think he was trying to draw our attention to the $100 figure.

>> No.28024178
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You're the riddler arent you
Admit it

>> No.28024180

Sadly i missed LINK.

>> No.28024199

he's some schizo who was making some very odd predictions in cryptic language, turns out he was right...

>> No.28024287

Hes the one who told us to do the math.

>> No.28024300


>> No.28024339

Thing is this is more complex than that because APY is based on BOTH transaction price and transaction amounts. So it's hard to make a prediction on APY since even if the fees lower to keep tx cost at $1, if there are more txs it will keep the APY high regardless.

>> No.28024366

This shit doesn't move? When the fuck does it start moving, holy fuck.

>> No.28024411

Fuck off I still gotta accumulate.

>> No.28024433
File: 1.97 MB, 1468x1760, 1611957717221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well his prediction is that in a few months we would see some big change and price action.
Currently we've just understood what LTO is really about, it wasnt too deep research,
But it took a while to understand how clients and integrators will be buying up the LTO next

Honestly the decentralized ids could be pretty huge

>> No.28024451

Wait for my fiat to clear man...

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File: 88 KB, 250x250, ACCOOOOOMULATING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28024573
File: 71 KB, 354x521, IMG_20210205_222242_556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

El tio... are you present

>> No.28024600

Remember too that when market cap is high enough they can get projects on board that require higher security and they'll also open up the M&A fund so it'll speed things up even more.

The function is exponential.

>> No.28024759

So would you say the $100 price is possibly realistic?

>> No.28024871

This is not one day pump and dump coin.
If you want to gamble with shitcoins this is very wrong asset.

>> No.28024942

in maaany years with wide adoption, anything possible

>> No.28025010

Yes. They planned for a very high token price and it's their goal.

>> No.28025021

This might clarify your question a bit.

>> No.28025083

In the meantime higher txs and higher token price will also mean higher APY, don't forget.

>> No.28025286

My conservative price projection is $25, or around $10 bil market cap. I think that is entirely reasonable and not at all too optimistic. Dodecoin is almost $10 bil market cap right now, for example...is LTO capable of more than that? Yes, probably. But I prefer to base my economic calculations on conservative estimates.

>> No.28025351

dis nigga gets it.
thats why people saying that 7% is not sustainable haven't done the math. You can have cheap txn costs and a fuck ton of txns to make up the 7%. Everyone wins.

>> No.28025418

APY will be trending downward inversely to network growth. But the ROI on the staking dividends will be rising exponentially relative to the price paid for the token for those who got in early.

>> No.28025702

>APY will be trending downward inversely to network growth
Only up to $1 fee. Until then it will grow. Transaction costs (in LTO) will be lowered to keep the price down, but the team said clients are willing to pay $1 per tx no problem. Right now one transaction costs 7c.

>> No.28025791

>Only after* $1 fee
Fug, getting sleepy.

>> No.28025860

Oh there's tonnes of room for growth, absolutely. I agree. But LTO will not be paying out 7% APY if the token price is double or triple digits. We need to be realistic here.

>> No.28025923

Yeah that's the reason to get a stack as cheap as possible, to get the high rewards until APY goes down, then to live off passive income from a HUGE stack with low APY.

>> No.28025926

Haha I remember you ROSE anon. You're above the make it stack so enjoy those gains

>> No.28026135

Ya here is how I like to describe it: imagine a blue chip stock valued at $100/share that pays 1% dividend. That's $1 a year. Not great, right? But now imagine you were able to buy those shares when they were $1.00, and you FOMO'd in and bought a "make it" stack...well, you have so many shares that that 1% dividend funds your entire lifestyle. That's the future of LTO: very low APY but very high price, so for those who accumulated in the beginning, the nominal value of their staking dividends are literally enough to live off of. That's the end game for LTO: the APY will continue to fall relative to the market cap, but for those who bought before the 100x, they own so much that the "mere" 1% dividend literally finances your entire lifestyle. This is why the uber rich don't sell stocks, they live off the dividend.

>> No.28026140

So 55k stack must be considered a huge stack if riddler is correct.

>> No.28026247

what would a 10k stack be

>> No.28026404
File: 22 KB, 240x211, IMG_20210124_124943_745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>everyone wins
LTO really is a beauty huh?

>> No.28026416

10k-15k is a suistack

>> No.28026436

Suicide stack

>> No.28026886

55k stack now PLUS say 10% APY is why this will be make it stack, if APY stays at an average 10% for the next 3 years it'd become a 73k stack.

>> No.28027212

Ah so the riddler may mean by the time the high price point is reached our make it stacks will have grown from leasing and be big enough to live off APY.

>> No.28027354

Thanks lad, hope we all make it.

I think he more went with the logic that circulating supply is 272,957,965 LTO.
272,957,965 / 55000 = top 5000 wallet mathematically secured.

>> No.28027397

Alright, I bought make it stack of 55k bros. Quick question though, the LTO lease node spread sheet says "Please consider leasing to a node with a stake of less then 5,000,000 LTO to promote decentralization." What does this mean bros? Is it bad that our node is growing?

>> No.28027568
File: 1.46 MB, 1077x806, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 4.09.56 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok I made some memes in honor of big dick rick, I literally only know how to use powerpoint but hey I think they turned out alright

>> No.28027646
File: 1.91 MB, 1219x805, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 4.10.09 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28027705

not your concern honestly. its the other nodes fault for being greedy, they should up their payout to 99% like /ournode/. a second biz node wouldn't be a bad idea though

>> No.28027744

Other nodes should also use 99% reward and stop being greedy if they cared about centralization.

>> No.28027826
File: 1020 KB, 526x805, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 4.10.22 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28027830

it's true that decentralization is better for security reasons, but this is only happening because other nodes take 5% of the profits rather than biz node which takes just 1% for transaction and server fees
based /biz/ and the based kiwi will make sure all the other nodejews increase returns to their leasers

>> No.28028150

Is a private node possibility? On the other hand best that it wasn't...

>> No.28028224

Ya that's how I think he calculated the make it stack, the math works perfectly.

>> No.28028462

If you have 100k or over and are tech savvy its recommended that you make your own node

>> No.28028493

what's a good broker for someone without a phone

>> No.28028508

yes you can make your own node. not recommended for stacks less than 100k

>> No.28028539

Keep up the good work anon

>> No.28028684
File: 86 KB, 1168x463, IMG_20210207_231137_966_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is biz, sleeping on LTO
Why would they buy early..

>> No.28028767

LTO will skyrocket without notice once exchange supply runs out.

>> No.28028804

I was thinking about biz private node (similar to Ark or Lisk) otherwise it fills too quickly with non-bizinessmen... But maybe it's not smart, not sure

>> No.28028966
File: 60 KB, 1280x791, IMG_20210207_172235_767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10 mil in 1.5-2 months

>> No.28029052
File: 67 KB, 1280x595, IMG_20210119_004124_240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also buy the dip
>tg scam impersonators havin a giggle

>> No.28029255

But for real kek, I can't believe that there are people who are unironically selling this at loss. Absurd, simply absurd when this is as safe of a gamble as it gets.

>> No.28029259

If there's no coins left to buy on the market how will the prices go up, where do they buy from to drive it up?

T. Brainlet

>> No.28029421

Seize the means of making it

It's basically a short squeeze. Supply and demand become radically disproportionate. You want to buy? We determine the price.

>> No.28029706

How did I not know about this gem.. sounds too good to be true

If what u say is 50% true I’m all in.. will start research today

>> No.28030074

Who will even know it exists if it's off the trading sites? If it's all holed up in people's wallets how would the binance etc buy back to refill their bag?

>> No.28030386

welcome fren. you will be a true believer soon enough

theres always gonna be a few people selling. everyone has their own price target

>> No.28030419

Fuck, all this talk of making it stacks and I'm a maxed out neet at 38k stack, gonna kys myself

>> No.28030496


>> No.28030559

38k is pretty good I'm at 12k, my goal is 20k while it's below 25c. Then I'll DCA throughout the year until 50c.

>> No.28030750

Unironically motivating me to get our of my slump and get a good job after lockdown just so I can buy lto. If the math is right and all this happens it seems 55k stack is what's needed for a good quality of life stake. Only issue is the sooner I buy, and the cheaper, the higher the APY return to build my stack higher.

Might sell my other bags to shore up 2kusd

>> No.28030783

uniroincally considering going all in on LTO this year with around $25k. how retarded would this be?

>> No.28030941

Imo if I had that kinda scratch, and didn't need it, I'd do the same. At current prices that'll get you a 100k bag which is way beyond make it street. The sooner you buy the better too, the APY is higher on staked coins the lower the price so your bag will grow even further

>> No.28030981

In 2017. I was gambling between going all in on 5000 AMB or 7000 LINK. I chose AMB.

Even though it's extremely tempting, I would avoid putting all eggs in one basket with that amount of money. Diversify in at least one more coin IMO just in case. Around $14k should be enough to get you make it stack at these prices. Your call ultimately though.

>> No.28030996

I'm only holding this and AVAX, and I'm not selling AVAX.
The best decision of your life.

>> No.28031168

how did our lives lead up to this
feels comfy yet scary

>> No.28031300

Binance wallet just went down below 50m. About 900 "make it" wallets left on Binance.

>> No.28031411

That's what iv done. Either gonna make it or I half my net worth and nothing really changes and I wageslave for another 50 years anyway

>> No.28031412

Well, boomers had the housing market speculation and low inflation to make it. We get this chance, but we have to be smart and we have to be bold.

>> No.28031709

There will always be sellers...it will simply be a matter of at what price are they going to be willing to sell. Everyone has their price.

>> No.28031831

This is good advice. I am FOMOing into LTO but I'm still holding some other major positions. My favourite is HBAR. Was in at 3 cents and I'm holding for 5-10 years no matter what.

>> No.28032990

HBAR is a good choice, there are so many good projects with future and also so many retards chasing PnDs.

>> No.28033631

Can someone tell me how 55k is a make it stack if when the price goes up the APY goes down?

Say at 100$ price point and an APY of 1% will only get you 55k a year in passives, not enough to quit working.

Also pls explain if I'm missing more revenue from somewhere else cuz I'm tard

>> No.28034400

Shit 55k a year passive would absolutely be enough for me

>> No.28034776
File: 7 KB, 251x201, 1572457282913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the APY reduction is proportionate to the txn volume. as the txn amount increase, the APY decreases. think of it like this: you receive 10% of 1 transaction or 1% of 10 transactions. obviously not that simple but that's the idea

>> No.28034991

inversely proportionate, roughly

>> No.28035027

APY is a function of tx number and token value. Even if token value increases a lot, and the fee decreases to balance the price for clients, the increase in number of txs will still push APY up, so it's a matter of how many clients are onboard and how many txs they make.

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