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Get in now and get rich or be a pump and dump sucker getting dumped on! In the end only real utility is going to win in this market! United Nations uses LTO, who the hell does your stupid pump and dump have using it???

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Can elon just fkn say LTO, the god damn wigger

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i have 50k leasing to biz node. is this enough to make it

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If he had sense that’s exactly what he’d do.

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shitcoin thats been dropping in sat value for 10 days

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That’s 100% a make it stack!! Enjoy your future millions king!

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Your mom is a shitcoin. Oh no wait everyone does use her.

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Got my bag but it keeps getting bigger bc of staking. Help, someone stop me from.getting richer!

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It’s been following BTC you newb. Don’t cry when we pump all over your pump and dump bags.

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It takes a lot less to pump LTO than to pump btc.
The money will flow into alts eventually.

LTO safest bet
>Lots of adoption and use-cases in enterprise
>Partnered with IBM, United Nations, AIRBUS, Dutch and Euro gov bodies. Already paying and using the service.
>Q3 Oracle collab with stinky linkies for digital ids (kyc for businesses when doing defi)
>Top 10 in transactions, revenue generated and best price per sale (p/s) ratio at a low mcap 60mil. https://coinstats.network
>50% of circulating supply staked, rewards come from client companies using the service (transaction fees)
>Deflationary supply. 0.1 LTO burn each transaction.

Q4 2020 report:
- Corona Safety Indicator sensors use case with IBM
- Files Authentication Manager use case for European Municipality
- Land registry use case with United Nations
- Verification of face masks use case with NEN
- LTO & VIDT merge
- Technical Litepaper about DID & SSI
- LTO mainnet growth
- New partnerships

"We're working to become market leader when it comes to on-chain identities.
We see that there is a gap that we can fill."
>KYC for business and individuals when doing defi.
Next step for crypto, enterprise defi.

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LTO low budget shill campaign is funny to watch.
This absolute shit coin is for Afgan warlords Opium projects at best.

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COMFY! I also feel good knowing this hasn't been a target for pump N dump groups and will sustain nicely when it hits next ath

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Comfy as a blanket!!!

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And what pajeet scam coin do you think is better huh? RBC lmaooooo?

Let me guess you bought a stupid meme coin just because Musk tweeted about it? See you at $20 per LTO.

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Haven't been this comfy in years

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In it for the long run.

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>drops in sat value
>'following BTC'
Alright i'm out retards, fucking cringe

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Can’t wait for you to keep this same energy when we’re at $20 per LTO. You can shine my shoes while you’re at it.

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Follow the chart you absolute monkey brained cuck!! The movement is following BTC.

You were never in, you were always out. Stop pretending like you held LTO when you’re an RBC deepthroater.

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Almost any other coin shilled in the board is better than LTO. pic related to LTO.

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LTO CHADS are going to make it

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LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain focused on business. It’s the backend platform for any system or application to integrate with. The unique architecture makes it GDPR compliant and extremely scalable.

Usecases vary from:
- Anchoring existing systems for data integrity
- exchanging data on processes that run between organizations in an efficient and secure way
- and soon digital identification of individuals and your companies when doing business online.(defi for business)

With a focus on partners that build domain specific applications, like in education, healthcare, and the government. Those partners sell their applications to B2C, B2B, but also Government2Citizen.

>50% circ. supply staked. Staking rewards paid by clients.
>Deflationary supply. 0.1 LTO burn each transaction.
>Big partners include IBM, UN, AIRBUS, Dutch & Euro gov bodies

>Q4 2020 report

LTO recently just released the technical roadmap with a lot of exciting things such as:
* More details around LTO Network 3.0
* DID (Decentralized Identity) solution for businesses (business passports)
* A lot of Major partnerships with both crypto projects as well as traditional corporates and companies
* Even more use cases going live in 2021

>Use cases:
>Staking and leasing:
https://twitter.com/Theltonetwork (new one)
>2021 digital identities


Pathetic how we have to spoonfeed you faggots.

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poo nigger id just leave the thread.

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So you think random noname coins are better than a top 10 crypto in blockchain transaction volume? You see how stupid you sound?

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What are you talking about,
LTO price change this year is 0.004594 ,which would be a joke if it was not so tragic and its trading volume of 7MM is less than the caliber of the bullet you need to kill yourself with.

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Niggers tongue my anus and I'm ALL IN with LTO

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These curry threads reek of desperation

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You fags bought at the top. LTO went from $0.02 to ATH of $0.27 before BTC crashed hard and brought whole market down. Now we’re at $0.21 holding strong. We got in early and holding comfy while you’re chasing pump and dumps lmaooooo.

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Checked and kekd

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Nice marketing, now list Robinhood's marketing sheet before the Gamestop fiasco.

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I have a very important announcement to make.
This coin is NOT for the pajeets pump and dumping, niggers, kikes, trannies. Okay now we can resume discussion.

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This probably sounded better in your head, huh

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>1 post by this ID

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LTO partners with DREP to enable DEFi ecosystems between EU and Asia through decentralized identities.

Ooh damn. LTO entering DeFi as well. I thought it couldn't get any better...

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Who cares, any coin shilled here made an easy X4 on average the current year, except LTO.

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Next you're going to suggest rubic as the better pick.
No one but rubic shills are this persistant in fudding.
Pnd shill

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dogecoin gonna pump any minute now nigger don't miss out

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I shill no coin
especially dogshit coin

I just wat to uncovered the obviously paid shills in this thread.

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no paid shills here you'll maybe see 1-2 LTO threads a day. Are you a newfag? Have you not seen what obvious paid shilling looks like? who has a screenshot of the board the day Rubic started pumping for this idiot to see what paid shilling looks like.

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Fucking kek rubic fags

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Yea 10 threads at a time out of no where.
That guy must be new or either a lying rubic shill himself.
They tend to fud everything else

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>not on coinbase
>not on kucoin
How do I even buy this if I don't want to download an app like uniswap

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Nigger you dont download uniswap. You use uniswap on a desktop. Also try binance if ur non american>>26986814

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Coinbase listing soon

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LTO bros, what's the suicide stack?

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10k seems to be the general consensus for a suicide stack
100k to really make it
Anything inbetween means you're allowed on the party yacht in 2 years

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Actually very likely considering they've been working on Rosetta API (Which is owned by coinbase)

It's even on the github

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LTO is about to pump, ez stuff boyos

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WTF !?

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>green ids


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Our volume is back
Lets fucking goooooo


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nice, put some DOGE profit into LTO.

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Ok I’m very tempted to sell a bit of link (which is very painful, but I’m a poor gag and only have all in link gains) but I have a few issues that I need to resolve first. whose to say business partnerships actually drive up the value and price. Link has that embedded in its white paper, because the more real world money is dependent on it the more each coin is worth as collateral or insurance or whatever. I remember being a retard and falling for omg, mainly because everyone was touting all the “real world partnerships and uses” it had. Another question is what makes LTO unique, not just some middle wear that any decentralized information exchange blockchain run platform can accomplish? What essential service does it provide that other coins can’t, and being “focused” on businesses doesn’t count as an answer. I’ve found that in the crypto space, price is driven by the critical idea behind them and less so their application.

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2021 is a great year for adoption. LTO has existing contracts and more in the pipeline. They have also recently acquired V-ID which will no doubt include their clients. The thing is, LTO is being used right now. More transactions than TRON, BSV, EOS ect. It is rated #9 in the most used blockchains, all while having 60mMC. Combine this with a slightly deflationary supply. It's a recipe for success that I'm willing to go all in on.

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Anon I'm not the person to be answering these questions seeing how there's previously been anons on this board that know an awful lot about LTOs use cases and distinctiveness but I'll answer what I can.

> whose to say business partnerships actually drive up the value and price

Stakers generate dividends based on real business transactions. Currently thats already 6%, if transactions increase, your ROI and/or price of LTO will increase. A part of the dutch government is already using it and real transactions have been rising every month. Lto Network has partnerships with mostly dutch companies so far, hopefully they can make a name international.

They are also introducing some form of deflation at the end of the month, which should give the token more value in the long run.
> what makes LTO unique


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That makes me wonder why the market cap hasn’t adjusted to match coins with similar levels of use. Maybe the use cases aren’t “cool” sounding enough? The prospect of it eventually reaching those coins market cap is obviously what makes it such a tempting buy, but it’s important to know if the difference doesn’t have a systemic reason behind it first.

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> They are also introducing some form of deflation at the end of the month, which should give the token more value in the long run.


my apologies they introduced it already in june

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Ok knowing that dividends part helps a lot. I’ll read more on where that dividend money actually comes from (I assume it’s just transaction fees)

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Lack of awareness. Look how useful chainlink was from the start. It takes time for awareness to spread. I hate to sound like a paki but we actually are really early. Believe in the tech and real world uses.

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Underpromise overdeliver. Completely opposite from most crypto projects.

Crypto runs on hype, but now the coin speaks for itself. Once the newbies check out https://coinstats.network it will explode

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With each transaction 0.1 LTO gets burned and 0.25 goes to the nodes. So the supply is deflationary, not like other coins that have 1000 gazillion coins reserved to dump on your ass. You as a holder can lease to a node and recieve rewards (currently 7% APY, but this can change up and down depending on use and amount of staking). New clients of LTO buy from the open market.

Also LTO doesn't promise to become the next ETH, gold standard or a worldwide revolution. It offers boring optimalisation solutions for businesses and governments in a plug and play manner.

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These anons get

>> No.26993046


Yeah the boringness and lack of hype is what I figured. Being on biz long enough I feel like I can very intuitively and quickly tell between a random pump shilled pump coin (like rubic, haven’t even bothered clicking on those threads) and legit stuff. The vibes definitely check out here. Only downside is large crypto style returns are probably gonna be a long wait

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For me what makes LTO unique is their revenue and tokenomics model.
The same token those clients use,
You can just hold and stake and get fat.
Only downside I can think of is that it depends on companies success to onboard clirebts.
It's been doing great so far

Top 10 in transactions,
revenue generated and,
best price per sale (p/s) ratio
>at a low mcap 60mil.
just hit 100k tx 3 days in a row.

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This project should be one of the best bets for the long-term (if you're looking for relatively low market cap projects). I just stake it all, continue to DCA and will see in the future if it pays off.

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To onboard clients*
Yea, with 50% circ. Supply staked and leased, we're all in it for the long term gains

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True. Just take a look at the chainlink chart. Minor pumps and crabbing until insane lift off. LTO will probably be more of a slow burner like that

>> No.26994105

Went on that site, only other outlier I saw there was a coin called Fusion, only a few ranks below in terms of transaction frequency but with a market cap of only 9mil, which is interesting

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Seems.. Okay. The chart doesnt look to healthy though look how many bagholders there is. So many must be desperate to sell. Chart looks like any other 2017/2018 shitcoin

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Maybe their transactions don't imply the same as LTO's.
The transaction fee means LTO is bringing in a lot of revenue from those.

>> No.26995016

fucking africans-americans

>> No.26995095

If LTO pumps alongside BTC why not just buy BTC?

>> No.26995250

Why buy anything? Alts aren't pegged to BTC, it's just if btc pumps people get scared of losing sats so they panic sell. Good alts eventually out perform btc

>> No.26995451

yes plz buy btc. let me scoop up those LTOs for you mmmmm

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They have terrible tokenomics. There fee is only 0.0002 FSN, and the staking return comes from a pre-mined pool.
So theel circulating supply is inflationarily

On LTO, you are LITERALLY getting paid by the clients just to stake. A bit of every single transaction fee goes into your pocket.

And the fucking UN is LITERALLY shilling LTO to state governments right now. Transactions will CONTINUE to climb as more and more clients start up.

Pic related.

It's a no brainer

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Get out of memecoin,s get on these stocks and when you get back the memecoins will be cheap as shit.

>> No.26997669

can't gamble away the 100k stack im sitting on. sorry boisssss

>> No.26997722

11k reporting in, how much more should I stack?

>> No.26997888

50k and youll be set

>> No.26997949

And meme coins are not gambling?

>> No.26998090

not lto :)

>> No.26998135

>boomer stocks
You do realise that money is going to start flowing into decentralised applications after the whole GME thing.. Right anon?

>> No.26998422

It will go back into stocks that's what WSBs do all day.

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LTO is as legit as it is comfy

>> No.26998647

People are realising that the 0.01% own the stocks and can shut them down when it isn't going their way. 100000% bullish for crypto. Combine that with Elon tweeting #bitcoin causing a 15% pump ON BITCOIN. The normies are coming.

>> No.26998792

Never heard of this trash

>> No.26998955

Of course you havent brown POO pajeet ID. NGMI

>> No.26999135

stay poor then. what do we care lmao

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Been accumulating this since 0.1 and will continue to do so up to 0.5

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holy fuck the curry smell in this thread

>> No.27000225

Most holders seem to be Dutch lmao. Cope more

>> No.27000497

he's in every thread. comfy knowing there's an autist out there dedicating he's entire existence fudding lto for a better entry

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Itll never work, hes been priced out long ago

>> No.27001597

Stinks of weed and cheese in here

>> No.27002723

Love me some Gouda, very high in vitamin K2.

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