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Until the price of this shit tier coin goes back to where it belongs, this is a NO GO COIN.

There will be no MOONS to be had with this shit shekl I guarantee it.

Lot of FOMO around the lead developer turned out to be FALSE, and the realistic execution of the project in the fashion in which it has been promoted here is all PAJEET FUCKERY.

Dev is a Drupal/PHP programmer:


Don't believe?
registered to one [email protected]

OH looky here:

Registrant Name: Zoltan Szabo
Registrant Organization: WEB PROGRAMMERS TEAM, LLC

I have it under good authority that this shit shekl was overbought and pumped by a turkish mafia pump group anyway, so the literal house of cards was about to fall any moment just due to that alone.

When after this next update there is NO REAL PROGRESS for months to years on this project, you will thank me for having the opportunity to walk away from it with 1000% profit to dump into the next MOON launch happening today.

You new NEETs will also thank me becuase the Node owners wont be able to sell your their heavy node bag which you would likely get stuck with until at least a decent whitepaper and fully functional testnet showcasing this 'amazing new tech' that the drupal developer created come out.

You are the only ones who know at this time, as I am giving my fellow NEETs the edge to walk away clean before every major crypto outlet, retweeter, redditor, and bittalker learns the REAL TRUTH behind this overpriced investment.

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The devs would have to buy and hold whats left of the 650m coins to sustain at this level.


And when the real hammer comes down YOU WILL FUCKING CRY LIKE A LITTLE BITCH.

Especially you CCREV

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Sorry should clarify, the DEVS and the SLACK SHILLS that appear within minutes of ANY of my posts to ensure that YOU INNOCENT NEETs get caught holding the bag, and not their JEW FUCKFACES like they deserve.

100 Shekels or less for this shit tier pajeet coin.


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You know what, Dutchcuck - you have a good point. But your relentless spamming of these threads is helping the coin and not hurting it IMO.

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Sure thing bagholding cuck!

you were warned.

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Like I said, you have a good point. We understand that the developer's linkedin is pretty whack. But this is clearly all you do. Every time someone sees the word "XBY" its fucking free advertising dumbass.

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its nots just for us young padawan.

There are others 'listening to sentiment.'


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okay okay okay, who pays you to do these posts? i mean, all you've ever done on /biz/ is shit on this coin, 24/7. why are you doing this? i dont see you profiting of this unless you're either getting paid for these stupid threads or you want to buy cheap coins

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you're literally creating one thread after another, with the same stuff in it. why dont you post this on a regular forum board if you want people to see it? or are you banned everywhere?

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I already profited. Unfortunately, I will be paying back a couple of friends I pointed to the project who lost a little bit on this dip.

Just fucking pisses me of the more I think about it. Hell I wish I'd get paid to do this.

But honestly, its the right thing to do - how many fucking noobs were going to pour 5-10k into this only to be stuck in a project that MAY or MAY NOT deliver in 2-5 years?

It wouldn't go up forever, trust me - everyone could already see it was oversold due to pump groups, so it was coming down for a massive correction already.

Then these noobs who bought in thinking it would DGN or XVG OR BITB moon would come to fine out that, NO, actually no one thinks they can deliver since in 3 months all they will put out will be a pared down version of completely untested block chain.

The NEETs here dont deserve that, they Deserve MOON gains, and by taking thier profit and running they can get it.

Meanwhile, these Pajeet scammers can fuck off. They got their money back from the scam that was pulled on them, why are they trying to pull the wool over other NEETs eyes?

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It's not a stupid thread.

I didn't invest into it due to a lack of a whitepaper and the vagueness of it all. But out of curiosity, why do this? What caused you to be like this?

I mean thanks, but why?

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look at ids, you're quoting the wrong one

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i dont believe you, you have something to gain out of making these threads, otherwise you wouldn't be here 24/7, pretending to be making 'deals' with some representative of the coin and stalling to photoshop some slack convo

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being a decent human being is too rare on 4chan for me to believe this

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I learned the hard way many times over the years, but with fucking WAY smaller mcaps and losses.

These newfags all think tey will be millionares tomorrow - and this shit tier scam shekel was a prime pump.

I mean, cmon its SO FUCKING OBVIOUS.

Those that got statics bought in at somewhere between 10 and 150 sats. they have made ASTRONOMICAL GAINS.

And the developer is just so happen to be coding a way for them to realize those gains without causing a dump in the market, so that they can all go and take their pajeet pump profits and become billionaires in this bull run.

meanwhile the newfags who come in will be fucked for life some of them, worse yet some will literally kill themselves.

Fuck that. I want a clean conscience.
If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...its a fucking duck.

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plus, I gave them a chance to come clean.

They berated me...for wanting TRUTH.

I watched as they turned out ANYONE asking legit concerns about code and progress....and decided it just wasn't for me anymore.

Once I had stepped away, and realized some gains, which got me thinking to go elsewhere, it was pretty easy to decipher their little scheme.

I did have a little to much fun with it at one point - but can you blame me? This has been great for me....and I was bit drunk, painted myself into a corner and that was the best I could come up with.

Its not too far off from the truth though.

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Dude what you are saying makes you sound like the scammer. "Because I care about the community" is the most cliche thing a fudder says.

We all know its because of a personal vendetta. It has to be.

Because someone who didnt have a personal vendetta might make 1 thread, but eventually if people cant see its a scam nothing you say is going to change their stance. All you have to do is go into the Slack and yell "Scam!" and you'll get shouted down and booted.

So if people cant see its a scam they deserve to lose their money. Let it go already.

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thank you OP for warning us newfags

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See, this is all about you. You just have personal issues with the project which is why you lied about some aspects of it.

The community has heard your side of the story. Nothing you say now is going to make them change their mind. So let it go and if they deserve to lose their money so be it.

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look at all these cry baby bag holders!

They are all crying because they have been buying up all the coins becasue 'this is just a temporary dip'


Just wait until its not just our precious newfags and NEETs that know the truth,

There is what, 480 some odd Statics?

That leaves 410,000,000 coins that are coming raining down on them so hard it will blot out the sun.

This shekel is going to 1 sat.

2 Hours shills, get your fucking assholes puckered up and ready. Hope you weren't planning on buying a Lambo any time soon.

>> No.2311744

and IF I FAIL, which I won't - I will have helped countless newfags avoid a tragic fate.

And best yet, you can take their ill gotten gains, and go ride a REAL moonrocket instead a dried up drupal devs dream.

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In case you dumb neets are bad at math, they would need about 4100 BTC to keep the price at this level while everyone cashes the fuck out.

You will lose it all. Don't play games.

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when will you learn to read ids? and why are you so fucking angry? get called out and start screaming 'neets'

>> No.2311844

When will you learn your BS attempts to salvage your scam mean absolutely nothing to me.


Theres one static down.

80315 7431da6aae222fe9… 3.21 2017-Jun-06 15:38:10 3 · 559465.43

lets take a look at the block explorer and see just how many of these shills are actually hodling, and which are just playing dumb while they try to grab any iota of cash they can:


My guess, the ones in the slack trying act like nothing is happenning, that there is nothing to worry about are the ones putting up sells.

>> No.2311872

80260 3c4176c8bbbfcc88… 15.16 2017-Jun-06 14:32:03 3 · 628720.24
80259 74770e6cc5eedc39… 13.73 2017-Jun-06 14:30:02 1 · 0.00
80258 07f969b9555c4eea… 17.01 2017-Jun-06 14:29:19 2 · 833540.94
80257 0f0dcc5f1b5da2b7… 22.77 2017-Jun-06 14:27:36 2 · 3882.76
80256 8f607225197fe40a… 30.49 2017-Jun-06 14:25:35 1 · 0.00
80255 3ffca2147b707a9b… 40.83 2017-Jun-06 14:23:34 1 · 0.00
80254 042f762090a0730e… 54.66 2017-Jun-06 14:21:33 1 · 0.00
80253 e996b1baaa6db5b2… 46.46 2017-Jun-06 14:19:32 1 · 0.00
80252 13f80b14ee035133… 57.56 2017-Jun-06 14:18:59 2 · 50346.25
80251 9214504b72a9684f… 77.07 2017-Jun-06 14:17:16 1 · 0.00
80250 8a939a3412844a06… 103.18 2017-Jun-06 14:15:15 1 · 0.00
80249 f133dcd5e25080e9… 138.15 2017-Jun-06 14:13:14 1 · 0.00

>> No.2311889

0236 8aa8eed905d35885… 13.66 2017-Jun-06 14:05:17 1 · 0.00
80235 d0df1350ca0394c7… 18.28 2017-Jun-06 14:03:16 1 · 0.00
80234 5b333d3b1dc06911… 12.90 2017-Jun-06 14:01:15 1 · 0.00
80233 8dfea8ed53af8beb… 8.74 2017-Jun-06 14:01:08 1 · 0.00
80232 e16ac163e96aa796… 6.75 2017-Jun-06 14:01:06 1 · 0.00
80231 3000c7ecab3b3ed7… 8.36 2017-Jun-06 14:00:47 1 · 0.00
80230 2aa786137028689c… 11.20 2017-Jun-06 13:59:04 3 · 959889.96
80229 fc122eb6dd12bc08… 14.99 2017-Jun-06 13:57:03 2 · 431.99
80228 6130bf06ae779574… 20.08 2017-Jun-06 13:55:02 3 · 176853.85
80227 56858f581ac36f3f… 26.88 2017-Jun-06 13:53:01 2 · 121958.47
80226 8055afe3efbd2bff… 19.71 2017-Jun-06 13:51:00 1 · 0.00
80225 0a0622e4e063a2b2… 13.80 2017-Jun-06 13:50:48 1 · 0.00


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You're following the statics like this? Do you refresh every hour or so?

Holy shit dude, get some help. Are you unemployed? Do you live at home? What the fuck man? Is this all you do now? Just obsessed over some altcoin?

I know we joke about autists here but maybe we've met the real thing....

>> No.2311914

I'm actually kind of worried for you. For real.

>> No.2311920


Of course I'm unemployed dummy. I sold my XBY at the top, and rode the last 5/7 pumps in Biz. Went from like 17 BTC to ~125 BTC, and the pump in BTC today is only making it sweeter.

>> No.2311939

not my scam amigo :)

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Uhuh. Whatever you say there buddy. I'm sure life is all great for you, which is why you spend all your time on here. You're the man.

Just dont hurt yourself.

>> No.2312003

LOL found another cuck whos about to lose his fortunes

Who can you trust? Have we looked at Borzaloms static yet? what about CCREVS statics?


>> No.2312049

most of us are her to laugh at you and dont hold any coins

>> No.2312050


All that coin moving around and that updated static list still shows only 37 cancelled nodes still, with 481 ACTIVE left. That can't be right, they said this was tracking the nodes dynamically?

That if they broke it you would know?

That they couldnt sell the coins without people FUCKING FINDING OUT!?!?

>> No.2312072

Cool, then this aint for you. Enjoy the show, this shit is going to go down in history. Interpol is going to wanna talk to Zoltan and Dave. FBI is going to have a fucking field day.

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you can literally scan the blockchain yourself with a wallet and entry tier java/php knowledge, they can't hide shit


oh boy

>> No.2312236

oh boy. take a look at the block explorer yourselves folks. its all happening in REAL TIME.

>> No.2312246

down to Network hashrate: 324.33 MH/s

thats like what 1/3, 1/4 what it was earlier.
Guess we lost a few static nodes.

>> No.2312287

nodes aren't hashing, those are miners, they mine to receive transaction fees

>> No.2312699

So You mean that MOON will happen today to how many SATS?

And then dump this shit ?

>> No.2312787

>if you kill your enemies they win
fucking cuck

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I agree.
that's a lot of dedication just for the sake of being altruistic.
there might be something sketchy behind XBY but there's definitely something even sketchier behind all this effort and dedication from dutchfag.

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>20 posts by this ID

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Don't listen to him. XBY is no fucking scam.

>> No.2314114


> 482 statics registered at block 50000
> Some users registered statics after that because wallet did not forbid them to do so
> Devs said "ok,cool, but you won't make it in the 1st round of statics"
> Late nodes unregister their already late submissions and wait for round 2


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>The devs would have to buy and hold whats left of the 650m coins to sustain at this level.

That's the stupidest thing I've heard yet today and I'm a member of ANCAPISTAN®

>> No.2314263

Prove anything that you said and I might believe you.

>> No.2314282


ya got burnt dutchie

>> No.2314296

>paying back friends you pointed to the project after a couple days of dip

Shit that never happened for $500, Alex

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The creator of this shit post is Cameron Joseph Hohle a degenerate criminal druggie loser

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