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Fellow NEETs

I present to you - the man, the myth, the legend



Weird. I thought he'd be a little more autistic, a little more deaf looking.

Drupal programmer by day, crypto savant by night - he is going to single handedly change the face of cryptocurrency.

Don't believe?
registered to one [email protected]

OH looky here:

Registrant Name: Zoltan Szabo
Registrant Organization: WEB PROGRAMMERS TEAM, LLC

Thank me later NEETs, even if it turns out he's legit, this is going to be a long ride me thinks.

Good luck getting your profit out now though by the way

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Gotta say though, Rev. I'm disappointed, I thought at least you would be him. Oh well.

Thanks for the profits!

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Delete this.

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Not a fucking a chance in hell bro.

I'm gonna enjoy watching this burn to the ground from my beach hotel

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I've heard that name here before,
who is he?

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He's the XBY deaf autist crypto savant.

Supposedly no english.

Looks like that was lie.
Not deaf either.
2 for 2.

I wonder what else is a big FIB ccrevolution?

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I understand that from your OP,
but is this Szabo guy a previous scammer?

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No. But hey, if you wanna bank your 1000's% profit on a supposed drupal programmer that is a secret crypto savant - cool bro.

I don't think many others will share your sentiments, as speculation was that he was not some novice.

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looks like a cool guy

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I hope the other hundreds of folks are as upbeat and confident about this new developement as you are.

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Yes everyone its true true true!
I see that slack LIGHTING UP.

Such a great conversation you guys are having in there. So Enlightened, I wonder why you deleted the links to this post?

Wouldn't want any FUD being spread AMIRITE.

What was FUD again?
oh yeah, Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

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Friendly Reminder: there is only 12 btc between the price right now and the floor. And there are HUNDREDS of you in slack.

Wonder how this plays out?

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Naturally I'm not at home where my wallet is...

Goodbye gains. It was sweet while it lasted.

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Why are you so butthurt hahahahaha
Actually want to know

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I already told you guys!

I'm not butthurt - in fact selling the nodes was literally the best thing that could happen in my life! I've caught all the best pumps since then, since I stopped being a retarded bag holder.

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Gosh, and that nasty nasty video. You all were not very nice to me at all. Maybe I can shut up. Maybe we can really negotiate this time?

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Its like watching natural geographic.

Mother eating her young. Brother against brother. BLOOD IN THE STREETS!

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What the fuck are you talking about

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haha utter chaos! Everyone is Dutchdude now!

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Remember NEETs

Only 12 btc to the floor. 1 sat.

Youll be lucky to walk away with a BTC if you dont hurry...

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Whatever kill yourself dude XBY has done me well. Might be good to sell half for waves or strat I dunno though

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theres only 12btc in the open orders. Each order is cheaper than the next. better hurry

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giving you NEETs the opportunity here.

Next is twitter and reddit and finally yobit, till this thing has been crushed to a 1 sat nothing.

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Hey guys. Guess who got the last laugh

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Yooooo thanks so much ANON! I sold all my xby, you're doing godswork thanks a ton buddy I love you, you are so cool! Godspeed brother fuck this scam coin. What should I buy now?

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first off, dont sage my shit bro! NOT cool

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Just got banned from the slack

"Hes an anonymous developer"

"But we know his identity"


The mods on the xby slack are idiots. If he wanted to remain anonymous, he should have done a better job at hiding it.

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The one guy knows who he is but won't answer why his profile says he is in Florida not Hungary. Sketchy, no?

>> No.2308265

Probably because anyone that was stupid enough to dump their life savings into this just might murder his ass.

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They said it could be anybody but the name is the same, background info including crypto is the same. Being from Hungary is the same.

They have to be pulling some bullshit...

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Idk it was a good buy like 3 weeks ago. I bought like 100 dollars worth and now it is worth 1,100 or so. Good buy at .1 cents prob not now. Will prob just hold for a while and pull out before it goes back to rock bottom.

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Im not saying this is a scam, in fact in saying the exact opposite of that! Everything CCR said about borzalom matches up with his LinkedIn.
What im pissed at is the effort that the mods are going to to stop people talking about his identity.
If borzalom wanted it a secret, he should done a better effort to keep it that way. You cant just expect people to not talk about the person they are investing in just because you ask them to! Thats moronic!

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I don't see what the big deal is though, this actually confirms that borz has 26 years of experience as a programmer, if anything this is good for the coin

>> No.2308341

What matches up? They were going fucking nuts in there

>> No.2308342

I mean the community has been stupid as fuck for a while. Did you see the video the xby team made about some bitcoin forum user shit talking them.


It's a fucking joke. The spokesman is also a bit of a goon. He believes divine intervention allowed him to meet the creator. The gains have been nice but it is a bit of a shit show. Vid related

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This thing is a fucking scam.

You fuckers want to keep going?

WOW. Never put making a buck past a crypto trader.

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>The reason he wants to keep his identity a secret is so when they fail to deliver even a white paper they don't have to worry about people tracking them down irl.

>> No.2308409

Wow. They realize that I wont ever stop right?

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Welp, anyway folks

if you wanna throw a tip my way for all the hard work I put into this shit

Heres my XMR address:

XMR - Not a shitcoin TM.
Gonna give them the slogan and see if it sticks

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so its definitely a scam right? every fucking thing that comes up with this needs to somehow be explained away

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Do i really need to restate the obvious?

at best this went from a "SURE THING, $1 by End of the year"

To a "Drupal? really? but.....I thought he was some sort of crypto genius?"

I still think its a scam and not a hail mary - but these people are determined.

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We're the determined ones? You've posted 22 times in this thread

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Well I'll collect it
just like I'm collecting ESP
I love collecting "Scam/shit" coins


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Tell you what - we can work something out.

Because other than that - now that its confirmed that this thing is the most likely scam of ALL TIME....I am going to grind this shit to dust everyday, all day.

All on your guys money btw.

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and just to confirm. I'm actually NOT dutchdude

>> No.2308545

Can i have a rundown on what this all actually means

>> No.2308559

Yeah well some anons are alright, if people on this board get sucked into a scam i'll be pissed.

>> No.2308569


They lied about a great deal of a lot regarding the dev. I doubt hes def, probably speaks a lot better english than the video of him a decade and a half ago winning an award that I found - which was pretty damn good.

Them being able to produce something resembling a coherent white paper at this point is slim to none.

The market will likely have to correct back down to like 5-10 sats because WTF who is going to bank on a Drupal CMS developer to beat out the best minds in all of crypto.

To add insult to injury, they tried to downplay the whole thing - still are actually right to this second, as if none of it matters.

I haven't even started yet though.
I have downloaded all of the youtube videos, and have copies of all of the propaganda, as well as all of the discussions in the slack.

I'm gonna go to every credible source in crytpo and jackhammer this thing into the ground.

>> No.2308586

What don't you understand about me working full time everyday all day to bring this to its knees?

You scammed a lot of people, people I know too that I brought into the project.

I also now have everything I need on Szabo, and working on the rest for Dave.

Im sure these major crypto publications would just love to get their hands on all of this.

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Cheers fampai, im probably still going to wait a bit to sell, as even if it drops by a large amount, ill still make a decent profit. And if the whitepaper does come out then it will be all good

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This isnt going away. EVER. Try to understand that senpai.

Lambos - not real. Not for you guys anyway.

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Wait for me to get out first my man

>> No.2308892

Giving you NEETs until noon eastern time, US.

After that this shit is gettin BLASTED everywhere, son. All day, everyday.

This just became my full time job AS WELL AS my new favorite hobby.


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Appreciated if this is all true, but could you at least behave like less of a child?

You come across a some raving lunatic and nobody will take you seriously

>> No.2309132

this is 4chan senpai. we are all autists here.

thats how I knew this wasn't legit.

but i'll keep it in consideration

>> No.2309549

still time fampai, but dont delay.

Let one of these scam artsists hold this coin for the next 2-5 yrs at 1100sats, and not you.

You will be a SMART NEET and put your profits into the next moon mission blasting off today.

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just by the number of posts i can see that you're dutchfag

>> No.2309739

i mean you seriously haven't grasped the concept of thread ids yet?

>> No.2309747

and why the flying shit are you creating threads every 5 fucking minutes. you want to say something? go make a serious thread with all your evidence like that last manipulated screenshot you posted on a real board, 4 chan is just shills and fud

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those guys shuldnt have mortgaged their houses to buy this.
Get out while you can cucks

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oh wait i forgot, that's all you are - fud and cocaine

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dutch faggot please leave holy mother of god

>> No.2309885

always when i read his posts i have a voice of a mentally ill fanatic in my head haha also imagine he has foam at his mouth while he shouts at random people

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> nodes come online
> XBY surges to 2500 sats
> dutchfag kills himself

t. fromthefuture

>> No.2310196

Its just easier to thit the reply button on my last message that anyting else. I know about IDs, though I was not really aware of how post to different IDs - Learn something new everyday.

And now worries senpai, I am just giving my fellow NEETs fair warning and time to get out.

My next target is BTT, Twitter, and Reddit where I will be ~~much more serious~~ since not everyone can take a joke like the chans.

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>Nodes come online in 2025
>XBY surges to 2500 sats
>not enough to buy a sandwich in 2025
>dutch is President of the World after Karma come back to him 3000 FOLD for saving impressionable young NEETs

See, I can do it too! Except my version is probably closer to reality.

I mean did you even hear this new video? The Drupal developer is going to rewrite a cryptocurrency from the ground up and it won't be a BTC or Ethereum clone.

Sooooo. Is he gonna code it as a drupal extension? Jesus - this just sounds like a really LOOOOOOONG, DRAWN OUT PROJECT.

Which makes sense now! Considering you guys were gonna allow people to buy into the Static Nodes without dumping coins!

Win-win for you guys - You get the BTC to go play in probably the biggest bull run of LIFE ever, and they get to hold your bags as node holders until borzolam...er Zoltan....can try to figure out how to create a linked list in C

>> No.2310249

xby is dropping like a rock

>> No.2310271

of course it is.

Who the fuck wants a burned out PHP dev to spearhead the next BTC killer?

What are you fucking people retarded?

Please go read up on Drupal, and then head right on over to the Slack and ask how anything he can do in drupal directly relates to crytpography and blockchain developement.

I mean hell, I thought he was going to turn out to be that Zoltan Szabo with a PHD in mathematics from Princeton is why I FOMO'd in.

No PHD in math, no dice bro. Crypto is not for script kiddies, we are fucking talking about peoples life savings here.

>> No.2310329

PS Get your Orders in high folks, these scam artists have their cultists completely brainwashed, and they are going to help you exit with your 1000%'s percent profit EASYPEASY.

Head on over to their slack to see them in all of their literal fucking idiocy!

4 more hours until this shit hits every major crypto outlet, retweeter, vlogger/blogger, redditor, and btt talkter.


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luckily i only have 1300 dollars i put in this a month ago. I dont really care if i lose it

>> No.2310441

1300 today could be 6000 in a BITB tomorrow. Your loss bro, but these idiots in slack are buying up all their own shitcoin at good prices to get out and leave them holding the bag instead of you.

>> No.2310442

u really do sound a little bit psycho. like way more extreme than a crazy ex psycho

>> No.2310468

One mans psycho is another mans helpful stranger

I really dont care what I sound like - they are going to get thier just desserts and it makes me feel grand!

>> No.2310480

appreciate the info though

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I'm not even gonna tell your to kys you faggot since it's bound happen once XBY reveal its legitimacy

>> No.2310534

H-how do I short this thing?

>> No.2310764

If you own it, sell it now, buy back when its under 100 sats NEET. much better price for longer term bagholding than 1500-2000 a shekl.

you'll probably KYS before that happens fag. This isn't going to be a smooth project at all, I can tell you that with no hesitation right now.

You want to pnd it, sure but do it at 100 dats.

>> No.2310921

This shit is entertaining to say the least. So much butthurt going around. You mad bro? Maybe panic selling and inciting fud to cause others to panic sell is cool to you, but its the lowest of the low to me.

>> No.2311078

Making trying to take advantage of newfags and poor NEETs is cool to you, but I respect my fellow chanfam.

Karma will come to 1000X, your shill gang will be able to buy up remaining coins of the 650 million once the world hears the truth.



>> No.2311095

Maybe trying to take advantage of newfags and poor NEETs is cool to you, but I respect my fellow chanfam.

Karma will come to you 1000X (probably your pocketbook right now) and your shill gang will NOT be able to buy up remaining coins of the 650 million at this price point....once the world hears the truth.



>> No.2311232

Karma coin? Hell yeah bro still only 1 sat boyo

>> No.2311273

That is the destiny for this shit shekel called XBY until the drupal dev can deliver something tangible.

You will be relegated to KARMA shit tier status, only pumped by that stupid faggot placebo on YOLObit

Your tech is real? NO PROBLEM - when you actually deliver something, then you can get your rewards. Otherwise, its shit city for you

>> No.2311992

>>2311273Block Hash Difficulty Time (UTC) Tx# · Value out
80263 9e22edf770186e00… 9.12 2017-Jun-06 14:36:52 1 · 0.00
80262 21fbc02df10b55f9… 8.46 2017-Jun-06 14:34:51 1 · 0.00
80261 399a347c8dac1f38… 11.32 2017-Jun-06 14:34:04 2 · 6775.54
80260 3c4176c8bbbfcc88… 15.16 2017-Jun-06 14:32:03 3 · 628720.24
80259 74770e6cc5eedc39… 13.73 2017-Jun-06 14:30:02 1 · 0.00
80258 07f969b9555c4eea… 17.01 2017-Jun-06 14:29:19 2 · 833540.94
80257 0f0dcc5f1b5da2b7… 22.77 2017-Jun-06 14:27:36 2 · 3882.76
80256 8f607225197fe40a… 30.49 2017-Jun-06 14:25:35 1 · 0.00
80255 3ffca2147b707a9b… 40.83 2017-Jun-06 14:23:34 1 · 0.00
80254 042f762090a0730e… 54.66 2017-Jun-06 14:21:33 1 · 0.00
80253 e996b1baaa6db5b2… 46.46 2017-Jun-06 14:19:32 1 · 0.00
80252 13f80b14ee035133… 57.56 2017-Jun-06 14:18:59 2 · 50346.25

80230 2aa786137028689c… 11.20 2017-Jun-06 13:59:04 3 · 959889.96
80229 fc122eb6dd12bc08… 14.99 2017-Jun-06 13:57:03 2 · 431.99
80228 6130bf06ae779574… 20.08 2017-Jun-06 13:55:02 3 · 176853.85

80227 56858f581ac36f3f… 26.88 2017-Jun-06 13:53:01 2 · 121958.47
80226 8055afe3efbd2bff… 19.71 2017-Jun-06 13:51:00 1 · 0.00
80225 0a0622e4e063a2b2… 13.80 2017-Jun-06 13:50:48 1 · 0.00
80224 5ae5d1eeb9fc737d… 9.97 2017-Jun-06 13:50:42 1 · 0.00
80223 2d876edce6f86ccd… 9.25 2017-Jun-06 13:50:32 1 · 0.00
80222 68302db3948958a2… 12.38 2017-Jun-06 13:49:45 4 · 1065691.83
80221 d91acbd1138dd4e8… 16.57 2017-Jun-06 13:47:44 2 · 174928.09
80220 85e46e20926eab64… 11.60 2017-Jun-06 13:45:43 1 · 0.00
80219 746fb7ad0ac1c699… 10.83 2017-Jun-06 13:45:37 2 · 182597.32
80218 5b3fa113fc49df9a… 14.50 2017-Jun-06 13:44:49 3 · 1103197.11
80217 d94e4ceeab171fc3… 19.41 2017-Jun-06 13:42:48 1 · 0.00
80216 a4fdb7b2634d46c0… 14.34 2017-Jun-06 13:40:47 1 · 0.00

Why moving around so much coin today?
Oh and since we know that a bunch of cucks have broken their statics, why dont check statics list to be sure it works

>> No.2312096



All that coin moving around and that updated static list still shows only 37 cancelled nodes still, with 481 ACTIVE left. That can't be right, they said this was tracking the nodes dynamically?

That if they broke it you would know?

That they couldnt sell the coins without people FUCKING FINDING OUT!?!?

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dutchfag, you really need professional help.
this beyond cringe now.

>> No.2312147

Why? because I'm exposing this theft? lol. Okay bro. How many XBY you trying to offload?

ist that you right there:

80218 5b3fa113fc49df9a… 14.50 2017-Jun-06 13:44:49 3 · 1103197.11

1million coins. Why, thats two nodeS!!

>> No.2312161

Norman, pls go. You cannot fight this autism.

Luckily, he's on our side.

>> No.2312220

i wonder what position does the hungarian irs and law enforcement stand regarding tax evasion and illicit enrichment

it would be a shame if they get a tip

>> No.2312244

node wallets have exactly 500000, you would see movements of 499900 (100 transaction fee) if people were caching out nodes

>> No.2312247

wait, i see he's in florida now. wonder what ice has to say about him too

>> No.2312265

That's a dumb move, I know you may not see this but to the other anons holding XBY it should be noted that the reason for this downtrend and coming likely crash is not because of any of dutchfag's information, but rather the very specific head-and-shoulders formation that happened a few days ago,
Such a formation occurs when a bullish trend is about to switch to a bearish trend.

>> No.2312266

hit up every single coin dev in the world then for tax evasion boyo

>hurr everyone with over 500k coins has a node!!11!! the node registrations stopped like 3 weeks ago lol

>> No.2312277

this is true, i expect XBY to rest around 400 range for a while until confidence is restored (or lost forever)

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>> No.2313469

Would you guys mind looking at my post and maybe upvoting it :D


It's a way for people to buy bitcoins!

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Cameron slurps Citiozens butthole

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