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Chico meta mask eth balance

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Dang, that’s a hell of a stack. Not even slightly surprised considering how much he gets donated and his channel does well with ads and sponsors.

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Must be pretty easy to get hat much when you buy a coin, pump it on your shitty channel, then dump on all your dumb mother fucking unsuspecting idiot followers.

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well last time i take advice from him, err i wont even start! Who the fuck invests in ethereum

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>keeping all of that on metamask
I cringe

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Im pretty sure he has a hardware wallet.. not sure if i get your point

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Do you believe that’s even close to all he has?

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my bad, just saw the vod to see he has ledger connected into metamask

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This it is very unlikely that this is his only stack he likely has at least a few 1000 stacks considering how close it is to 1k.

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So did you find his wallet yet or what? Thats the big news. Buy whatever shitty coin he is accumulating then dump when he does to his followers. Easy win.

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Fuck me, that motherfucker is rich as fuck

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No he must have drastically changed his ETH balance on this account or frained it I just went through all the accounts between 800-1200 ETH.

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Retard read the picture uses a hardware wallet ledger.

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You gotta look for hny, should be easier to track than eth
Did some digging and found this that matches, but too retarded to find out how this site works
Can anybody can help?

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Retard. He coordinates pnd's.

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I'm obviously talking about the 4th address on the pic (0x74ce...), the one with the same amount of hny as chicos wallet (4.061)

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Woah. Gottem

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His weekly streams easily make him enough money for a few ETH at a time and he’s been doing this for years. Not everybody is out to get you, fag. His calls have a much better track record than most other cryptotubers.

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Balls deep in stake

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Yeah and Rarible

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whys the eth off?

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Pathetic stack of Chainlink though even I have more

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No idea but that is def the address you can see the recent transactions and the tokens match the shit he shills

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That's not it, as it hasn't had eth transactions of that big an amount.
Is the 4.061 hny just a coincidence or could he be connected to this transaction in some other way that I can't think of?

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>xdai poa test network clearly above in the wallet
Go fucking kill yourselves already you fucking newfags

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chico is gonna shill xeth in a few weeks

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pretty big coincidences that that account has deposits from the chico donate wallet...

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This isn't twitter faggot, the odds of that exact amount and the matching address are millions to one. Could just be a metamask and ledger bug.
He is balls deep in Chainlink and Stake and literally just made a video about them.
And he shilled Sora

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Well I'm a retard, it's actually right there on the screen cap. You can see the first and last digits of his wallet and 0x7ce matches.
Should have kept this to myself lol
Let's all just keep this to ourselves before he finds out and stop using this address for accumulation.

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Look the screenshot, the first part and the last part match. Maybe it was on the test net but it's his address.

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Everyone just delet this. Use the knowledge I offered you for your own financial benefit and dont spam that shit lmao

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None of these are really a big surprise, he has shilled all this stuff, though stake, link, and unibright dude is pretty deep on Link shit.

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300k is rich as fuck?

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didnt see the hny please dont kill me

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These are mints:

Looks like he is gonna launch his own YF clone

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somebody will use this info to fuck him hard. Poor chico. but all good things come to an end

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it is inside mumbai dear

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because his viewers pump the shitcoins he shills

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>poor chico
Fuck talking heads on youtube. And this is obviously only a hot play wallet, given he named it ledger1. I bet a bunch of his backdoor deal shit is on other cold accounts.
Chico is only a Corporal though.

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And? Nigga if you bought link like we told you to 3 years ago you’d have more than that

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Well you get a lot of profit pump and dumping your fans...

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What exactly do you expect? Do you think he is going to not buy something that he thinks will make him money? Is he going to tell his followers not to buy something that he thinks will make them money just because them buying it would make HIM money? It is pretty retarded to expect someone with a large following to not have an effect on the price of something that they talk about.

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KEK this is the address

because he faked the ui to deceive his retarded followers and didn't think of someone actually finding the address

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laughed a bit about his LINK stack.
Hope whoever does the raping makes him commit suicide

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It literally says ledger

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lol apparently its his birthday today? happy birthday retard!

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keep sucking the dick of a faggot that dumps on you ;)

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Never watched a single one of his videos, or any youtuber for that matter, but feel free to answer any of my questions

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oink oink piggy

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Nice find op. Time to sell those Stake bags

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Oh my sweet summer.. retard.

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How do you come to this conclusion?

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>simping for youtube crypto ecelebs


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he has to have other wallets. I can’t imagine him spending that much time and resources covering it just to be a linklet.

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This dude love Link, based

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chico's been looking into KLP btw. load up before that stoner faggot does

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thanks anon. even then that means he has less than 10k link. I’m surprised really.

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Sooo buy PNK? WTF i thought it was a meme

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That first wallet is connected to the one in the video so I will assume the rest are correct as well.

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Here I am like Yeah! 5 ETH! w00t

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None of these addresses have ever had XRT which he shilled so he likely has other wallets.

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Yeah I’d guess he has 20-50k linkies

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Here's the aggregate of those accounts

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what the fuck is YFRAY?

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keeping track of a handful is stressful enough

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Those 2000 tokens were a mint so it looks like he is in direct control of that project.

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He said he has coldcard also and more shit, he definitely has more wallets.

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also i was expecting energy web token to be in there

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Nice. But where's is EWT? He has been shilling for a while and one of the wallets has it https://etherscan.io/address/0x2078a418a66fe100c1d17a763fd264fba6ed2fdc

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How can I do this? Any tools?

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He's got no defi tokens worth a damn. No big brain tokens. Just crap. Crap! And a pajeet amount of LINK.

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he only has 9k LINK, wtf, i thought he was an ico buyer

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Looks like your typical Saturday night /biz/ catalog. I wonder if his shitcords have something to do with it the spaming. Anybody link me an invite to chicos discord, I might do the raping, if what I think is true

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Now we need a graph with first purchase to first shill video kek

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STAKE isnt crap.

It looks like he likes enterprise solutions projects more though, youre right

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With everything going on in defi right now and with thousands of people trying to give him inside information and doing 40+hours of research each week, Stake is the best he can do. It's crap dude. And his position sizing is retard tier too.

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I did see EWT in his wallets but didn't show up on Rotki.


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if your portfolio looks anything like this just kys, the ultimate dumpsterkid shitcoin spread

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At that point why even have all those shitcoins? Just a couple solid projects to 5x and retire.

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There are too many retards in this thread to count. He is playing the same game as you and doing it better. You know this is only a fraction of his holdings, you are in no place to talk shit, faggots

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>Searching to get into his discord
>First time opening up his channel
How can anybody take this nigger serious, this is sad, I run meme channels with more views and subs. This guy is to pity, especially with this limb dicked LINK stack. Anybody taking him serious should go into himself, and unsub

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Ohhh snappp this was me who made these comments and found chica chicos wallets.. he dumps on his followers just like smalldikboi

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You can't dickride Chico out of Mumbai, Paneer.

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I made 1000 ETH on AMPL alone. What do you guys trade with, pocket lint?

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Ohhh snappp this was me who made these comments and found chica chicos wallets.. he dumps on his followers just like smalldikboi who would thought it end up here on gay chan

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I can't imagine covering this shit if you have made it. He is a normie in the grand scheme of link, coming to the party late. He only appears not to be because of the hat tips to biz

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Who the fuck keeps that much in ethereum? We're probably not even seeing his real stack, only a tiny portion.
350k USD is shit. With AMPL and YFL anyone should have had AT LEAST 30M and at most 60M (200M if you planned on crashing everyone with no survivors)

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He is connected to xdai it is a metamask bug, this wallet and all the other ones are in this thread if you weren't such a lazy fuck you would scroll up

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First time I heard of this faggot was his Sergey = Satoshi video. In the comments someone said that /biz/ posted all the info from his video months ago and he said "no this info just came out". Little faggot

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>Who the fuck keeps that much in ethereum?
Why the fuck not? Its a safe bet and is undervalued with lots of room to grow

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He obviously has more link, I mean you even agree that it's just a hot wallet. No way he has all of it in one, I'm pretty sure he's been talking about link since 2018, would have 10k minimum

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I was in both and still am in low six figures... AMA

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Only a small portion of my portfolio was invested and I didn't sell the top and kept holding.

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that's only his ETH

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>no hex
what a loser lmao

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>Who the fuck keeps that much in ethereum
>With AMPL and YFL anyone should have had AT LEAST 30M and at most 60M

dumbest post in this thread, poorfag with $1000 to his name fantasizing about millions

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Chiko buyin this on private sale 2k holders

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Dang hes gonna make it

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That is not ETH it is literally xdai = 1000 usd worth. Holy shit you newfags are retarded

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Lol you absolute newfags

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He mentioned it before

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Lol hes probably posting in this thread right now if hes on biz all of the time. i came across his videos a couple of weeks ago and could tell he was slightly autistic enough for here, also looked like his iq was pretty high and that he also smokes alot of weed

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Total supply is 14000 billion tokens right now, so the market cap is around 47 millions already, according to my calculations. What do you guys think? How high could it go? There's very little information about it

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[page 1 ]
🧡💛💚💙 hello friends

im a crypto day trader + investor. i frequently watch chico crypto, ivan on tech + elliotrades

chico is definitely an Energy Web Token believer , however it might be on a Binance account because that had liquidity and early listing i think

for others:

he has a good strategy. my portfolio is also similar to Chico in terms of the coins. i have like 90-100 alt coins.

in 2018/2019: my portfolio was 100% Bitcoin allocation ( i knew nothing of alts )

and now in 2020: my portfolio is 25% Bitcoin, 50% Ethereum, 25% Altcoins (90-100 projects)

there was a gentleman in here saying that its "dumb shit" to be in Ethereum. my friend, you need to look @ the weekly chart of Ethereum (as posted)

the eth/btc ratio is very small

therefore, if you make the reasonable assumption that eth/btc goes back to its all time high (0.15), that means for every 1 BTC invested into Ethereum, you will get 5 BTC back at that point

note that this is a .. once in a lifetime trade. we will not get this in the next cycle, im sure of it. because the world will have more eyes when Bitcoin is @ $100k (2 trillion market cap)

>> No.22833550,2 [INTERNAL] 

(Page 2)

when too many smart money comes in, they prevent things from dumping -85% and mis-pricing for too long ... because theres just too much information and edge out there

now for the goodies; here are my favourite tokens that are still cheap to buy:

1. xDai Stake (STAKE)
2. TrustSwap (SWAP)
3. BREE (cbdao)

and some honorable mentions

4. Maker (MKR)
5. RocketPool (RPL)
6. UniSwap (UNI)

Finally... a friendly tip for investing:

the #1 goal is to flip your investment for more ETH or more BTC. and thats it.

My goal is to flip an investment for 10x more ETH than I started with..

Then hold the ETH until the eth/btc ratio hits 0.15 (thats 5x)

Effectively you make 50x on your BTC return!!! Thats insane right? Well you only need to hit 1 thing and it will work


Bitcoin + Ethereum will lead the way ..

oh yeah, and moonboy targets for Bitcoin. Anywhere between $180k to $320k for the next bull run...

Dont forget to make sure you are carrying heaps of Bitcoin after its reaching $40k-50k!! It always leads the end of the run..

good luck friends you can find me in Telegram BREE traders , ask for s0mmi :)


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what app did you use?

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