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Bank of Canada is in the final steps of using Ripple systems and they are fond of adopting XRP.

Take it what you will. I must dash now.

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>no source whatsoever

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access code:

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not clicking that shit, post screenshot

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fuck its legit. do you have access to the conference? rsvp is closed

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Based insider

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what does this mean for XRP

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What time frame are we looking at for it to go public?

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Only insiders have access to the Webinar.

The only highlights are:
Bank of Canada is in the final steps.
Increased ODL demand for financial institutions.
Talks within the U.S Fed of Ripple Usage (Nothing confirmed yet)

Big news coming next month. I will update you all next meeting,
last warning, XRP Price is going to shoot soon.

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god damn there really are insiders on this shitboard

now I'm starting to swell (in my pants)

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Thanks anon, God bless you. May I ask who do you work for? Bank of Canada?

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Thanks for info bro. Keep us posted about more webinars. !

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based...thank you. we all know what's coming...
how many of you only recently realized the forces behind xrp? i've known about it since 2017 and never bought until this May. it seems meant to be...

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>thanks you made me to excited.
>I stuffed my physical wallet into my Asa Akira asshole fleshlight
>fucked it hard out of excitement
>accidentally didn't pull out in time
>now my computer won't recognize the drive when I pop it into the USB.....

What have you done to me OP how do I fix this?!?

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it's really going to happen isn't it

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It really fucking is. $2K eoy, my nigga.

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keep us updated op

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can you give any more evidence? Sorry if you are genuinely trying to help us all make it but this board has a lot of bullshit

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How will we know it’s really you when you comeback?

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he provided the passcode to a closed conference, isn't that enough?

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so much shit throwing from man children that its hard to tell the good stuff from the bullshit

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That is because OP said "Dash"
the news is actually about DASH, xrp is just a cover

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The conference should be ended by now. If this meant anything, insiders would already be filling their bags. The charts don't show anything special

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op can you share anything?

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Any news is late news anon. The reason the stable coin known as XRP was able to reach 24 cents is because of this. Remember, we'll see movement first and then the news. It's not the other way around.

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it's already mooned the last 2 days

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There was a guy who called a dip to the hour a while back. He said BTC has one more bull run, then ZOG would install XRP as the chosen coin. That's when I started stacking. I believe it was a different guy from the Mellon/UHNWI poster, but I'm not certain.

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went from 4% up to 6% in the last 30 min lol!

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Thank you

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ZOG? Can you elaborate on this? I have .2 BTC I’m waiting to dump into XRP when it starts moving north a little more

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I just bought 112k more XRP because of this thread...sigh...

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/biz still clueless...........

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Fuck me, you're new.

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Jesus good luck anon.

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Plus my 21 BTC on my trezor...

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Last Update:
Also pic of the insider webinar for the people who want more proof.

I wont tell you where I work since its a risk to my job. Next coming months are considered probably the biggest Ripple conference due to a deal that is most likely going to go through with Bank of Canada and Bank of Brazil.

XRP will be adopted by Bank of Brazil in the upcoming months.
Bank of Canada is fond of adoption but still not confirmed.
ODL will be increased for financial institutions(This is huge)

There is no ETA on public announcement but its looking around September 16th Ripple Swell conference.

I will post more info on 13th August, 26th August, 2nd September and finally 16th September of this year.

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>September 16

Holy fuck that’s 2 days before the meme date


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Alright you kikes got me I traded 10 linkies for some xrp this better make me a quick buck

>> No.20808675

this is some big news of the biggest fud

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I just bought 2,000 XRP I can’t believe you fuckers made me nervous enough to actually cave and blow 500 dollars on this trash.

I’ve seen it in a few LINK/Corda slides now that it might actually be legit but fuck do I feel retarded buying cripples.

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Thank you. August 13 is also a meme date according to twitter schizos.

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>7 %

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I just bought 7000 xrp, how much more do I need?

>> No.20809217

40k and swing trade it between stable coins. I already made an extra 350 xrp today

>> No.20809236

Pretty sure mean stellar and XLM but whatever.

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Just secured my 5000 XRP suicide stack

Thanks frens

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This thread got me too 30k derpy xerpies

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Question. What' the deal with XRP and the stance with the US government? Any news or any talk?

>> No.20809585

Help needed, i have 1 eth and cant put any more of my own money to cryptos? Should i trade the eth to xrp, i have 2k xrp atm.

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Xrp family, this guy is not an "insider". The password was blasted out via Twitter and a bunch of people got into the first two webinars. Nothing new. Come the third webinar about odl progress the kicked everyone out and made it locked for ripple customers only. Don't buy the hype.

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Is there a facial abuse video of her available somewhere?

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Not an insider but funny larp of a thread. I was in the webinar in the chat. I have a download of the Ripple "The Last Mile" Playbook. Wasn't not a closed as anyone with the phrase and an email could enter. DYOR and xrp$2k eod

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Code for next one is swellmena. Still accepting rsvp

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>he provided the passcode to a closed conference, isn't that enough?
imagine being this retarded

>> No.20810598

Holy fucking based anon

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100% All in Dash Now!!!

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What's the link for that one?

>> No.20810748

Oh the September Larp...false alarm boys. Shows over

>> No.20810769

No kek.

>> No.20810795

hahaha fucking based

>> No.20810828

His IQ

>> No.20810830

I went to twitter and looked at Ripples twitter. literally nothing about a webinar, checked David and Garlichouse, nothing.... holy fucking shills are here

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so lets say Canada or Brazil adopts it, how much can it go up just from one of those two countries?
I really can't see it going up much. It really does require global economy for any significant moon won't it? given how much supply there is?

>> No.20811010

never invested in anything in my life
going to put $1000 into this crypto
feeling anxious

>> No.20811157

Is the meme date 18.09.? If yes that's my birthday and I'm filling my bugs right fucking now

>> No.20811255

Yes it is legit and I too noticed the RSVP is closed.

>> No.20811277

That's huge.
Market cap doesn't work like that. Even a single dollar, theoretically, could move the market cap by millions.
It's all about valuation

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>Only insiders have access to the Webinar.
>The only highlights are:
>Bank of Canada is in the final steps.
>Increased ODL demand for financial institutions.
>Talks within the U.S Fed of Ripple Usage (Nothing confirmed yet)
>Big news coming next month. I will update you all next meeting,
>last warning, XRP Price is going to shoot soon.
It not a fud used the passcode and was correct

>> No.20811309

on demand diarrhea

>> No.20811417

Newfaggot here. What does suicide stack mean

>> No.20811554

get a big enough stack (without going all in) so that if it moons you don't regret not going in and kill yourself

>> No.20811555

ok bought 10k, where should I hold them?

>> No.20811565

I fomo'd in and bought 6,000 XRP.
Never thought i would be buying this shit but apart from XMR is probably the only hold i can feel easy sleeping on at the moment.
Fuck I'm now an XPRtard! Hope no one finds out.

>> No.20811571

If you lose that "stack" you kys

>> No.20811679

Blatantly wrong

>> No.20811773


>> No.20811850

Joel katz brother

Now i know why this genius reminded me of the bold dr brackish okun and his encounters with the ayyylmao


>> No.20811889

bless you anon

>> No.20811899

Probably shouldn't have been shouting make me rich bitch, while accidentally throwing thick creamy ropes into the opening on my wallet. Now my room mates are upset.

>> No.20811952

One thing i will say about XRP is compared to most crypto for sending payments its a joy to use.
I used it last week to send some to coinbase pro to rail off onto fiat and its pretty fucking slick.

>> No.20811959

You are going to make it

>> No.20812009

Welcome aboard

>> No.20812090

This. This happens every time a jump occurs. News breaks shortly after

>> No.20812169

Yes, I agree XRP is super fast.

>> No.20812180

Thanks XPR bro.
Feeling comfy.
Already in profit.

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>XRP hits 5$
>go to the store to buy luxury soup
>That'll be 2 XRP, sir.

>> No.20812245

The past 48 hrs have been really exciting

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Anon, is this where you live?

>> No.20812418

Even if just a few tinpot countries or a giant tinpot like Brazil started to use it, at it's total supply 100 billion isn't really that much.

>> No.20812443

I bought 66k at 23 cents

am I going to make it?

>> No.20812468

If ur ok with hundreds of millions ya ull make it

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>> No.20812591

Good entry to buy in? . Let the fomo buy now or wait a day or two for a better price?

>> No.20812607


This event took place today!

>> No.20812624

>Joel katz
It will fall to .03 during the next 5 weeks and all weak hands will be sorted out

>> No.20812688

why don't we twitt #Ripple and ask them direct?

>> No.20812698


>> No.20812732

i’m going to fuck so many brazilian ig thots when this takes off

>> No.20812803

Is this available to burgers on Robin hood now?

>> No.20812810

share some ig handles bruh

>> No.20812829

Good call, i hope i can swing enough to make it there too anon

>> No.20812832

25c any second now.

>> No.20812837

why do you think this?

>> No.20812877

Why would The Bank Of Canada just adopt or partner with some random shitcoin and not one of the larger, more stable coins? Ethereum seems like a much more likely contender to get large institutional backing and support.

>> No.20812902

It's looking really strong, the hourly macd's are just crossing over too.
Hope BTC doesn't take shit on us.

>> No.20812929

Who tf knows but clearly they’re doing it and likely the Feds are too...
They’re probably doing it at the same time but the bank of Canada one was the only one to be leaked. They were talking about the Fed adopting it in that conference though.

>> No.20812940

ETH? Are you fucking serious?
XPR is the actual jew coin and they still own most of it.

>> No.20812994

I love Brazilian brappers

Yall should check newmfxbrazil ;) ;) ;)

>> No.20813009

Because it's what was said in the shizo threads but I don't care, I have my small stack that I'll keep for at least one year

>> No.20813019


"Take it what you will" is not a correct use of the language. You sound like a retard

>> No.20813023

WHOEVER initiated this pump will dump hard on those fomoers. It's so obvious. Good luck

>> No.20813080

.25 rejected sell now and take profit.

>> No.20813094

I cant see it actually happening.

>> No.20813116

Average XRP holder

>> No.20813118

Lol ur sick

>> No.20813297


>> No.20813310

>quick buck
You still don't get it

>> No.20813372

XRP is long-term. It'll hit 1k, but not for another 10 years. XRP is for retirement.

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File: 771 KB, 828x1562, C276ACB4-78F7-44A8-91A8-DC3D5FD8276B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This as fuck
>iron hands only.
The moons not this year faggots

>> No.20813459

Stuart XRP posted the password about two hours ahead of it being live on Twitter. Signed up with my email and was able to watch the first two webinars, just like all the other moonboiz that were in the chat.

>> No.20813503

What was the webinar about?

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>Stuart XRP posted the password about two hours ahead of it being live on Twitter. Signed up with my email and was able to watch the first two webinars, just like all the other moonboiz that were in the chat.


What a good LARP though. Funny how the pre-pump happened a day before OP post of 4 hours. You all gonna get dump so hard

>> No.20813512

It will moon this year 2k guaranteed

>> No.20813556

Last week there was a whale alert about 100's of millions XRP getting transferred from a Binance wallet back to a Ripple wallet.
I wonder what all that was about, where did it go?

>> No.20813573

This I secured $500 in profit it’s not much but it’s a good pay week.

Yeah says who? Not David or brad.

>> No.20813594
File: 16 KB, 1030x193, A3DB62FC-D1D9-479B-B4D6-7267CA860AF8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did i just fucked up??? Guys gotta make it!!

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File: 55 KB, 540x699, 1594611496557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20813642

No no no nooooooooooo u fuckers told me to buy!!!

>> No.20813661

get out of your position, im ded srs. look my previous post >>20813573

>> No.20813721

Fuck fuck fuck looks like 0,25 rejected!!!!

>> No.20813798

Lmaooo watch it fall faster than it went up

>> No.20813857

I think you will be ok BTC is on a run and XRP still looks bullish.

>> No.20813929

>Random shitcoin
Dumbass or FUD

>> No.20813946

You actually believe xrp will reach a market cap of 500 trillion by EOY? Have all these shitcoin moonboys really broken your brain this much?

>> No.20813981

No no nono im gonna looose all. You promised me it will moon.

>> No.20814010
File: 24 KB, 542x453, 1591654016215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can you legit get out of your position? dude... im scared for you if you are not larping

>> No.20814089

Do you have lots of money or are you gambling with what little you have?

>> No.20814164

Just made 10k$ on amol today, i was really looking for a breakout on xrp but too bad im going to close my position at 700$ loss

>> No.20814245

Looks like it’s going back up. I just threw 5k at xrp. Basically all my savings outside of my 401k. Cash seems like a time bomb and I don’t trust stocks right now.

>> No.20814272

You're gonna need some strong hands to pull that off, xrp will just continue to dump while btc pumps. Hope you don't kill yourself before 2022.

>> No.20814349

Im ok dude I made 100k$ So far on ampl its not’like its hard earned money. I was willing to take some risks to reach the mil.

>> No.20814359

Does anyone know how much volume it's doing on robinhood?
I just checked their site and it seems they just round it up to the nearest cent.
It's listed at 25c now.

>> No.20814407

24.82c at the moment.

>> No.20814534
File: 2.21 MB, 600x600, 1595741438416.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>market cap

>> No.20814726

Not only is your premise beyond fucking retarded, but apparently you live under a rock too.
We've got Judy Shelton pushing for XRP by name and US banks will soon hold crypto as well

>> No.20814754
File: 40 KB, 480x507, 1595252801878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We've got Judy Shelton pushing for XRP by name and US banks will soon hold crypto as well
With Jews, you win.

>> No.20814797

You realize that banks trade in quadrillions every single day?

>> No.20815227

Glas i got out of that trade looks like it’s sinking should have shorted the top instead haha

>> No.20815370

I don't believe a word of any of this it's just a manipulated shitcoin. XRP staff are just going to dump on you. I'm sure there's at least one staff member here trying to pump it and dump some of his bags. They do it all the time

>> No.20815435

Just a mere correction. 30c by Friday night

>> No.20815515

they are using Ripple and not XRP!

>> No.20815559

It's going to be descending wedges all the way up.

>> No.20815954

Just bought a small stack. let's see where it goes.

>> No.20816031

this looks like the trend

>> No.20816184

false. do more research in to how the ripple program will work with XRP. customer will be driven to use XRP by the business design

>> No.20816193

Happens every year with swell conference. 2 day pre pump, 2 day post pump. The ones I was able to watch were about Brazil trying to run solely on ripple products. Also talked about bank of Canada being further ahead in faster payments than the US. That's it.

>> No.20816231

2 day post dump***

>> No.20817091

Whooo i just went out to get some beers and got stopped out at 24c
Its back at where i bought in now but looks like BTC is going to dump

>> No.20817262

XRP is a long term hold for sure, however in less than three years we expect to see it stabilize at roughly $2200.

By 2030? You wouldn't believe me if i told you.

>> No.20817541

Then tell

>> No.20817569

That Dump though. Glad someone advised me to close my position. I could have been liquidated.

>> No.20817635

Its pumping back up now. Be funny if it goes over 25c. Though i doubt that it will...

>> No.20817684
File: 723 KB, 1024x1024, 1561663985896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I bought 1k and was hoping a dip and get another 1. But as a link marine it seemed sacrilegious to get something that has performed so poorly comparatively. Fuck these threads are persistent and that gives me hope that its more than fud.

>> No.20817694

What nonsense, $2 would be a miracle

>> No.20817718

What is this meme date about?

>> No.20817805

XRP will be the world's international currency $100B supply is no where near enough supply to satisfy the demand.
So 2K seems perfectly reasonable.
Not to mention (((They))) hold more than 70% of the supply already.

>> No.20817863
File: 337 KB, 650x842, 1560795612732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought i would only hold LINK....got silver, got xrp... now look at me. Damn you /biz/, you sucked me in.

>> No.20817989

but silver gave a huge profit... If you sold before it crashed

>> No.20818005

Xrp his close to $4 last bull run retard

>> No.20818054

Gold/silver/miners/XRP here.

>> No.20818894

You asked for it. It wont be priced in federal reserve notes(dollars). However in todays money, $15000 is what the models show, give or take ~$1000.

>> No.20818941

>>20817694 Wow this wont age well.

>>20817805 Literally this

>> No.20819106

Well I just bought 3000 of these things, wish I did this a month ago though.

>> No.20819285

By what date and when's the last date to purchase it in the 20 cent range? Want to buy more xrp but short on cash currently

>> No.20819345

If you can’t afford it out of pocket now don’t bother buying it.
You’ll regret it when it crashes, and your already broke.

>> No.20819722

Late summer/early fall. Its hard to say for sure, the right leak could set off a mad rush of FOMO.

>> No.20819828

There was another thread where they warned XRP would drop to 0.05 before it moons, any truth to that?

>> No.20820247

Nope, the XRP moon mission has already begun.

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