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Gold is the proof. Date possibly later than September, plans change, but this year, guaranteed.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless all of you.



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>they are already changing the september LARP


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oh boy, xrp moonboys watching the entire market explode and they are getting jealous again

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It was never September it was said to be September or later 100% eoy.

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I am not Luciferian, thus I am not privy to their exact dates. I piece information together from different sources in my circles, at great risk to my own personal well being and that of my family.

November 20, I heard recently.

In the end it does not matter, it is happening 2020.

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okay buddy

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I told OP not to use the Lord's name in vain. That man is not an insider.

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This is larp

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Have you seen that faggot link thread? ALL of it is larp. 100% larp. Looking at the connections that Ripple has is clear evidence.

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>coin not needed
What link thread? Links price action proves it’s better than ex ar pee

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The bull run always ends up with XRP pumping to the stratosphere. If you know, you know. If you think that's a lie, then don't buy XRP or sell your XRP. Period. No need to convince everyone else to be poor like you.

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Does that mean xdc is going to the moon?
And I’m jp links a shit coin

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It will stay in the stratosphere. Will never go down again.

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All of these coins are conected to ISO20022. These are the definitive endgame coins. If you are buying DeFi you are buying a bubble (90% will fail according to vitalik) and they are aiding the dying man that is SWIFT. SWIFT is over. and we're going to kill it.

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Is Putin still going to die? Also, September to November is quite a big leap

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Putin’s not goi to die that’s larp

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Yes he will.

Negligible time-frame. Look at all the moving parts, things you do not even see and will never see, all must happen at the right time. XRP going to the moon is icing on the cake, not their priority.

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Well Mr. UHNWI claimed he'd die. I'm asking him not you

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Quick questions:
Why did the date shift so far back?
What are the other things in play you mentioned?
What gold price to watch for?
How to secure our XRP?
Why trust you?

May God bless you, I hope you are not lying.

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It is about perspective, 2 months of time is not a long time for global plans. Like I said I am not a Luciferian, I am not privy to exact dates. That requires allegiance to Satan, will never bend the knee to him. If anyone found out I am sharing any of this information, I would be killed. I am protected by God, invisible to demons and fallen angels.

>What are the other things in play you mentioned?
Antichrist. This is the beginning of the end for the USA. USA will be destroyed by a devouring wind, a nuke. Just not yet, couple of years left for that. Read the bible, it is all there.

>Gold price
Pegged to 10k, probably. Do not know for certain, but thousands of dollars.

>Secure XRP:
USB, KeePass, Offline Laptop, Etched Metal.
Avoid gadgets, firmware can be hacked.

>Why trust you?

Do not trust me. Do your own research, always. Do not trust me about the bible either, always read it and pray to God, always trust Jesus Christ. He is the only one to be trusted.

God bless you.

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Ok i‘ll bite. If XRP is going to 2000$ why is every large XRP holder/insider dumping it relentlessly? Jeb, Ripple, Ripple managment, R3 etc all are dumping their ripple to the tune of millions per month. Are you suggesting they aren’t aware of the conspiracy?

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is this you?

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It’s all so tiresome

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It is simply not an issue. There is not enough XRP for what is about to happen which is why the price will go to 2000 USD overnight. Brad is aware, he is a Luciferian, Jed too. It is planned, Stellar and XRP are enemies in public, but in private they are siblings.

It has always been done this way. Look at who the presidents were, Skull and Bone members, going against each other in elections. Republican vs Democrat, yet in private they both feed off each others positions to further their ultimate agenda.

Nothing different with Ripple and Stellar.


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>>Secure XRP:
>USB, KeePass, Offline Laptop, Etched Metal.
>Avoid gadgets, firmware can be hacked.
As a complete noob to this, how would this be done?
Do I buy it from a website and then transfer it to a USB?

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What countries would you believe are a safe bet for White Christian expats who only speak English?

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This doesn’t even make sense. Why the fuck would they be selling their XRP, millions per month, billions per year, to you if its going to 2K each. The elites aren’t known for handing out free money to peasants.

This is such a bullshit LARP. You are scamming people with your Bs

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So i can't use a ledger nano X? what do you think about storing it at a bank in the future? polysign which is xRP enable is a custody platform

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What about gold and silver targets?

Godspeed anon

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Thank you for returning, I didn't think you would be back until August.
I hear a lot about *phase 2* coming August-September. Does this have tod do with xrp or is it a prequel? Why are there possible delays until November?
When it moons, where should one go to be safe? I understand growing food and having running water...but if you say nukes are coming then I'd have to move countries? Should I be get rid of my cell phone? How do you rich people have your own internet without tracking, wifi and all that?
How will I even cash out (millions)? Will the banks just accept my xrp?

Sorry for so many questions, I know your time is limited and you cannot answer everything! You have provided us more than enough already! Thank you and God bless.

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>US gets nuked

Where do we head to not die?

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NO WAY! That is so great. Thanks for your work. God bless you and thank you for sharing that video in your first post. Needed to hear that message. and I need to remind myself every day. Again thank you and God bless.

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Another question. I know XRP follows the path of the antichrist and the mark of the beast. When will enough be enough and we must take the mark or leave society? Will it be obvious like the bible says?

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Forgot the video where Schwartz explains this himself. Cant find it now you gotta look it up yourself.

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1. Buy a few quality USB's.

2. Download KeePass, learn how it works, it is free.

3. If you have a laptop you do not use, store private keys on there too. But not a must.

4. Put KeePass file in the USB.

This should be a good start for you. Without knowing how KeePass works, this will seem very confusing. Once you understand it, you will understand this post.

No country will be safe for a follower of Jesus Christ. Read what Albert Pike said, it will come true as he has said:


Until that happens, I heard Europe is pretty okay until the end. USA will be one of the worst areas. In a world war, nobody is safe. Only those who keep the commandments of the LORD.

Not a scam, reality. Jed is already a a millionaire. He will keep dumping to keep up appearances. To Luciferians, being rich is just a small part of life, to serve Lucifer and getting a high position in the NWO is their ultimate goal. Money becomes boring very quickly when you have it, most of you who do not know Jesus Christ, when you see XRP be at 2000 USD, you will feel emptier than you did before. Most of you will fall into the trap of buying things you do not need, consuming it to fill the spiritual hole all humans are born with.

Ripple Founder Chris Larsen will donate his XRP to unbanked. Why? Out of the goodness of his heart? No. What happens when you donate XRP to people in distant lands with no banking? They all light up on your screen, Trojan horse.

Like I said, I believe gold with be pegged at around 10,000 USD. But could be higher. Silver will go beyond 1000 USD. 2021 is the true golden bullrun until 2022-2023.

USA will be nuked after the wrath of God, do not worry about nukes yet. If you know God you will not be here for that, I speak to people who do not believe in Jesus and who will survive.

Limit --

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If what OP says is true you won’t have to cash out. You will be able to buy a house in xrp.

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Phase 2 is part of exposing the satanists and implementing the system further. Average man must be aware of satanists so Luciferians can prosper.

I do not know the details of delays or changed dates. Many things running at the same time, things happen.

I would try to live life to the fullest, go where you want to go, help as many people as possible, lead them to Jesus Christ. It is no accident we are here in this moment.

Banks are already onboard, it should not be difficult to cash out. In Europe there are already places with 0% crypto taxes and are very crypto friendly. Will become mainstream eventually.

God bless you, I am glad you understood the message of Jesus Christ.

It will be obvious yes, the biggest indicator will be WWIII.
Here is all you need to know, 22 hours of information:


Here is condensed version:


God bless you all.

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so you're saying the world is really going to end? 2023 its over? maybe a little later than that? there will be survivors but they will mostly bare the mark of satan? can you tell me how this ties to how the Fed is about to reveal their UFO documents?

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How much XRP do you recommend so person will be set without becoming a target.

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Thank you. You have brought me closer to Christ. Everything has been becoming clear and I am gaining greater understanding of what my journey entails. It truly is a remarkable experience!
I agree but it may go to 2k before that is possible!

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I am glad you have returned, I thought you were to stay away for a while.

Why must xrp be $2,000 this year and not next?

>> No.20723100

How to live after we make it? How to be under the radar so to speak?

The initial target of xrp is 2k what is target by 2021 end?

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Bull run ends 2023, not the world.

The world has maybe 20 years left.

Prophets say the 44th will be the last president of the USA. 2037.

Cannot tell you anything about the UFO's other than they are created by human hands. Aliens do not exist, only demons and fallen angels.

I do not understand your question. Who would target you? Get as much XRP as you feel comfortable with. The amount does not matter.

God bless you brother. Always remember the simplicity of Jesus Christ and His message and you will never taste death.

I come back when I feel like people need to be reminded, but I do not think I will return again after this thread. Everything has been said and done. People are finally starting to connect more dots and it is working well. I pray you all listen to the message of Jesus Christ too.

>Why must xrp be $2,000 this year and not next?

Why must a steak be taken out of the fire at a certain temperature and not at another? It is simply what must happen for it to go and taste well.

Be humble and modest. Brand names are loud, bespoke, fitted clothes are subtle and whisper. Apply this to everything in your life. If you want a nice big house, do not get it in a popular area, build it in a wooded, secluded area with a gate that does not look like anything special.

2021, I would expect XRP to be 4k+

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The amount of larp lmao

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Because they are keeping the price down so that banks, elites, vips, friends and family can still accumulate. Don’t ever forget that XRP is #3. To be able to buy a top 5 coin at .20 is outrageous. The elites do things in plane sight. Think Denver Airport murals, 9/11 numerology, trump tweeting “Covfeve” a few days before the fake flu. The fake flu in itself happening and elections in November. Just buy a bag so we don’t have to say I told you so. And probably should keep your bag offline in a faraday bag, they’re 10 bucks on EBay. Don’t fuck this up.

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Alright I’ll bite.

XRP at $2k.

What is the global and US inflation rate at that point? Is XRP at 2k the same as 300 Trillion Zimbabwe Bucks?

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Anon you have so far been right about gold and silver, I trust you.

May God bless you. Thanks for everything

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Well i hope You are correct if not it dosent matter thanks for bringing me closer to god
God bless you

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I like the steak analogy, I think it is fitting. So is the COMEX going to be going bust in the next few weeks with the price of gold/silver seemingly unstoppable? I have also been reading the left behind series of books, do you have any thoughts on the works?

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Am not worried. Bought the real ripple but still have 1k XRP suicide stack

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Thanks, and God bless

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Not Mellon anon. But I don't understand why would comex go bust they are just the market place if the options and futures fail then the brokers go bust. Could you explain?

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Youve probably saved someone in this thread. Im going to pray that someone sees what you says and goes towards Jesus. God Bless you.

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>I do not understand your question. Who would target you? Get as much XRP as you feel comfortable with. The amount does not matter.
Targeted by the world elites. I imagined that they would not like the fact that a bunch of random neets getting rich and would take measures to make sure that they wont cause trouble for them.

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Basically the prices no longer reflect reality and the COMEX is not able to deliver on contracts citing force majeure, this would in my opinion destroy the trust in the derivatives market.

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Is someone gonna screen cap all this?

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Trump will not allow dollar to become equivalent to monopoly money. 2k is 2k as you know of it today.

God bless you, you are welcome.

God bless you my friend. I am glad you are closer to Him.

I am not certain what the prices will be in the short-term. But I expect 3000 USD and silver at 60 USD, maybe. Not sure though. I am not a financial expert.

The left behind series is very bad and not accurate to biblical events. Watch this documentary, it will open your eyes to the events:


Stellar will do well, but nothing like XRP.

Jesus is the saviour brother, I am just a simple servant. God bless you and your family.

A man recently sold a business he made for 600 million USD after everything was said and done, by recently I mean in the last 2 years. He is not a threat to them and you will not be a threat to them with that amount of money, it is nothing to them. You will only be targeted by preaching Jesus Christ and salvation. The same people who executed Jesus are the same people who will execute His children.

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whats this mean?

>> No.20723649

2k is so unrealistic I can only dream to see 1$ again and I will sell in a heartbeat

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I am watching it now, I kind of like the series. I read it in highschool and with recent events decided to reread it again. I couldn't claim to have an idea of how relatable the novels would be to real life. I have started to talk to friends about buying silver and cryptocurrencies(for the ones I think might be able to grasp the concept and XRP), I just do not know a good way to explaining things without sounding too crazy, I have likened xrp to a lottery ticket and people seem more receptive, do you have any suggestions?

>> No.20723868

Tell them gold just hit all time high and they should invest in it as the price will keep going up. Not really sure how else you can tell them, by family is very aware of what is going on in the world.

I wish you the best of luck and God be with you.

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How will the elites/luciferians/banks convince everyone to value XRP at 2k?

>> No.20723950

They have already agreed on the value. XRP is a utility token, it's value derives from what they choose to do with it.

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>When the feeling of 2k pales in comparison to the feeling of refusing the mark

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moon it

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I appreciate the response, the people I am talking to are aware of what the news say but don't really see the underlying issues which I am slowly trying to bring to light. I like to think I am at the mercy of Jesus, but sometimes I do not know how honest I am with myself; have you ever had this concern?

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I promise I will use the majority of my gains to help humanity. I've had plans of when I make it to provide housing for the homeless made out of recycled material from the ocean. Thank you for your words

>> No.20724147

Anon your thoughts on the ongoing Corona virus? Will they mandate a vaccine for everyone? Will the vaccine be safe, if not what to do?

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Pray for God to open their eyes. You have no idea how powerful prayer is, add to that consistent prayer over weeks, months, years? Believe me, praying to us seems like nothing, but in the spiritual world it is like parting the sea. Be in constant prayer. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

I pray that every single one of you gets saved, the OP has the gospel message and I will share it once more here.

To those of you who listened, congratulations.

I did not do riddles, I did not hide information from you, I told you everything you needed to know, not only about XRP but about the elite Luciferians of this world and of salvation.

>Matthew 10:27 - “What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.”

Many of you will be tempted to believe you are responsible for your immense wealth, but you are not and neither am I. All glory goes to Jesus Christ and Him alone. It is a gift from Him, make sure you do not turn it into a curse.

>James 4:6 - But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

The message of Jesus Christ has always been escape from hell, a free gift from the grace of God. Take it, as you have taken the lesser gift of XRP and you will truly be free from death.

To those of you who did not listen, it was your pride and arrogance that blinded you. Do not repeat the same mistake with salvation as you have done with XRP.

The consequences are far worse, the gut wrenching feeling you feel right now is nothing compared to an eternity in hell. Do not allow yourself to become miserable from this experience.

>Mark 8:36 - For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

>John 3:16 - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


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Nobody is still holding XRP except retsrds down 90%

buy LEND

>> No.20724211

What the FUCK are you schizos rambling about. That being said I have a bag just because /x/ is an interesting place. If you like /x/, chances are you hold some XRP shitcoins too. God bless you loons.

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>already pushing back the September larp date

Lmao like clockwork

>> No.20724329

It is funny, the day I found out my brother was announcing he is expecting I saw two doves pass me on the road, we found out they were expecting twins. On the day the babies were born I had two black cats cross me on the road. The babies were premature and both got sick but survived. I have never told anyone the second part and I have not been able to forget either instances.

>> No.20724417

it was never september it was always it could be september or plans push back lol

>> No.20724546

>a 20 cent coin going to 2000 dollars in less than six months
That is what, 10,000 fold? No asset has ever exploded like that in history. Completely absurd claim no matter what happens with the government. I hold 1400 tokens I bought for almost nothing, are you seriously telling me I can be a millionaire in a couple months?

>> No.20724596

so it also might be 2021 or 22 or 2046

plans change

>> No.20724616

no its 100% this year

>> No.20724668

it also was 100% EOY 2018, five different dates in 2019 and it was supposed to be CNY 2020 and then May 2020, latest date pushed was July 21st.

Every single one of those days was also 100%. Only to be "explained" afterwards that it actually wasn't but still was 100% correct

I'm already looking forward to the next "explanation"

>> No.20724729

I'm gonna believe you, only christians have the right to make it.

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the previous price predictions were retards reading a riddle of 589 wrong the price was never meant to be $589. This year most the shit that was said is coming true and is happening.

>> No.20724763

I may not know you personally, but thanks for the prayers.

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>> No.20724881

Please just neck yourself for the greater good. Your parents are worried about you. You're not the same when you're LARPing so hard.

>> No.20725026

Yeah I bet you dont say the same thing in your shit link threads

>> No.20725033

>Average man must be aware of satanists so Luciferians can prosper.
What the hell does this mean?

>> No.20725037

Persecution is coming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyIt8uTbfbk

>> No.20725067

I "know" of this anon, he is on the mark with alot of the research into XRP, but he also uses these threads as a platform to spread his religious nonsense. I dont get it.

>> No.20725170

Magic is real and so is God

>> No.20725283

Yes God is real but God is bigger than the Bible
Yikes if you repeat the same nonsense that he says like an NPC robot

>> No.20725290

Thank you for coming here and spreading the words of Jesus. I left this thread because I started to watch the documentary yous sent. Thank you for sending it!

>> No.20725369

Can one of you schizos reply to me so I can at least fantasize about being a millionaire?

>> No.20725515

MY understanding is that XRP will stabilize at a mostly fixed price because it will have to by design. These xrp tokens will be used as tools, they will have a utility to replace work force in the banks and each bank will have to have a certain amount of these tokens to handle their average amount of transactions that they used to have. The Xrp ledgers will be used through Ripple and Polysign to secure these transactions. Ripple will be used as a independent contractor if you will. Polysign will essentially replace SWIFT and offer expanded services that will bring together different forms of liquidation for assets. See Ops pic but also use your imagination. The XRP ledger will have a fixed price so that it doesnt change much as these assets are being exchanged (which will happen in seconds). But the reason the price of XRP will go up because of the massive need for these ledgers in all the worlds banking systems. They will have to keep these ledgers for when they use them. So what happens when they become needed? because XRP will eventually have a fixed amount, then the price of these ledgers will go up because of scarcity. I could be totally retarded, but so far that is what ive gathered. Im more than happy to talka bout whether or not what I just said was completely retarded.

>> No.20725631

>when you see XRP be at 2000 USD, you will feel emptier than you did before
Yeah right

>> No.20725729

I kind of think I will too desu
All this money and the world is collapsing

>> No.20725734

Can you share what your portfolio looks like?

>> No.20725743

well realistically we know its not going to 2,000

>> No.20725873

Isn't this whole thread about $2k xrp?

Money in itself is not a curse. It's you who determine good or evil.
With that kind of money I'd get some gifts for my parents/brother, buy a house, start a family and invest the rest. Maybe donate some.
I'd wear the exact same clothes, eat the same food and live the same lifestyle.
Doesn't sound depressing to me.

>> No.20725923

Now see I've heard of similar ideas before but with other tokens. What makes XRP so unique in particular? Why not something else?

>> No.20725991

Nice snake oil

>> No.20726012

The difference is that Ripple has massive connections that no other blockchain based company has, you can see it on their website, it’s clear as day and thinking that they won’t use XRP is very cacabrained

>> No.20726014

All the connections to government officials. As well as the execs at ripple and polysign having tremendous respect in the industry and are generally regarded as professionals. At polysign you have

Tim Keaney
Vice Chairman
Retired Vice Chairman of BNY Mellon, Head of Asset Processing & Global Markets.

And David Schwartz who was a former member of the NSA and some have said (I have not proof) that he was apart of the first team that worked on Bitcoin.

Also, You have the interesting case of Judy Shelton who has liked "XRP the standard" and essetianlly is calling for the return to the gold stadard with cryptocurrency function, she said "A back to the future" with the gold standard. She was just nominated by the federal reserve committee to go before congress to be approved to the federal reserve. she was recommended by Trump.

>> No.20726029

Oh thank you baba cuck

Already signed and agreed



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Also one of the former members of Ripple is now working for the federal reserve shes the tiny Asian in the middle right

>> No.20726138

What's your XRP stack look like?

>> No.20726189

Just a modest 10k. If it really will explode like I hope/think it will then I wont need much more than that to pay off my business start up bills and live a happy life.

>> No.20726192

The evidence of shwartz is in the bitcoin logs from back in 2010

>> No.20726291
File: 758 KB, 890x667, xrpticketjuly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its time to moon. who has their golden ticket?

>> No.20726326
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sui stack is 25k xrp. it was 650 link when i swapped the otehr day

>> No.20726335

Not yet, there’s much to go through, expect a speculative run before adoption though
I’ll be frog posting here mean while to point out the happenings. Next meme date is August, the lawsuit will be thrown out the window

>> No.20726335,1 [INTERNAL] 

what's next help us help us

>> No.20726335,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.20726335,3 [INTERNAL] 

Oh! And there's one more thing I forgot to say! FUCK YOU XRP NIGGER HOLDERS HAHAHA!

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