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Insider here $2000 eoy is a larp

Sorry bro’s I was dumb bored and made it all up with a couple friends. it’s not going to happen. Don’t mean to disappoint..

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Jesus Christ kill yourself

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Why because me n the boys made it all up?

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Don't take the Lord's name in vain. Simply hold and wait. It will happen.

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Of course it is. But it will increase somewhat in September and I will be reaping the rewards

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Sold months ago fuck you

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Yea you don't need to tell us bro. No one believed you bro.

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It’s not gonna man I’m sorry it’s gonna probably hang around .20 for a while till it’s not deemed a security or regulations.
Smart move bro
Nah idk man some newfags bought in hard because of it. I’ve been making a shit ton of shill threads full of bs ngl.

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Bro’s I just want the price to pump so I can sell off the 10k I bought at two dollars

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We already went over this, nobody with a brain thinks the US is going to share influence in the coming century. The US is gearing towards its own Specie currency (presumably based on silver due to proximity of supply, and investment firms sitting on piles of the metal rather than trading it), and if they want to add a crypto element to it, they'll roll their own closed system out.

Have fun with your bags timmy. If I start a coin that shows 64 places past the decimal will you pile into that one too?

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I bought in at $2 man the hype got me to FOMO, the us is gonna use the fed coin and back it with silver or gold but xrp its never going over $3 constant escrow dumps 66b still in escrow... I wish I wasn’t a retard. Shoulda bought link.

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>digital gold
laughing girls.jpg

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Yup there gonna use xrp over fedcoin sorry but xrp is just to find ripple man

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Hey how bout you kill yourself no one believed you regardless, still a better idea to neck yourself instead of creating retard level FUD

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You don't honestly think that OP is me, right?


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im going to sit down with you one day and enjoy a cigarette and when im finished im going to put it out slowly on your penis hole

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Nah I just this larper to off himself these iron clad chad hands are never letting my xrp go.

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Just hold and you will be rewarded. Delays can happen, but this year is guaranteed.

God bless you all.

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I give you permission to be my personal dick washer when it passes $200

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Not fud lmao a $2000 investment isn’t gonna become 20m in a few months.

I legit have this same picture


Please stop it’s larp man
I’ll cut my dick off if it passes $200
Oh wait that’s never gonna happen

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because i want to? i am 6 foot 6 i might fuck you in the ass and make u suck your shit off my cock after

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hey how about if it passes a buck i cut your penis off leave the nuts and send you porno for your viewing pleasure might send u a dildo so u can nut fucking fag dog stomp on ur neck and rape your mother you wop fuck

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Bro no one cares about ur height you probably one ugly mother fucker.

Xrp is not going to $2000

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dont worry about my looks you cum farter

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Why are you commenting on this thread if it’s not about xrp ?

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i had a bad day stood on glass

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Well you just prove this
Why would a real insider come to this board and tell us xrps going to $2000 when there’s retards like this guy


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This is literally FUD what your tranny porn not loading so you decided to just come on here and LARP? Guess what doesn’t matter and I’m not selling

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God bless you too anon here to us making it soon

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Wouldn’t that make it even better for them to post? Because no one will take it serious until it’s too late. What’s the saying the best trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist? Basically what happened to bitcoin when mfer kept saying it was gonna moon when it was still valued at like .30 cents. But here you go unloading your cock holster spreadin bull shit FUD. So again don’t care not selling

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Xrp is a scam you tards

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Cuz he bought high and sold low I.E. classic biz

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Whats the difference between Hyperledger, Interledger and R3?

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Kek. I can't wait for low iq tards seething when they fomo in and then get shaken out before moon mission

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I want to sleep in a cyrochamber and wake up in 2 years to go in biz and find out everyone committed sudoku because their shitcoins went to 0 after regulations and XRP is over 2k

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Literally is so cheap you could get a decent amount with just some throw away cash. Just think about how many times you’ve spent money on stupid shit? And they wanna act like they can’t risk that same amount on what could potentially gain them so much more. Like even if the 2k doesn’t happen it’s still poised to blow

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cripple fanbois are the only shillgroup in existence where larpers larp as larpers

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That day will be glorious anon senpai

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gotta feel bad for XRP post bubble buyers. oh wait, no i don't.

buy LOKI.

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Fucking xrp shills man

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what did you expect? It's already past midnight in Mumbai

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Only once will I do this, to make a point.


You will not be spoon fed information a second time. Just because people do not answer does not mean XRP is a scam. Use your God given brains, do the research, you do not have much time left.

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well thank fuck for the high and mighty keyboard warriors coming to the rescue for us wretched clueless commoners

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There is no excuse for being lazy and ignorant. Everything you need to know is at your fingertips.

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You just said you'll do this only once and here you go again, educating us poor plebs

Can you cripple faggots be consistent at least once?

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I did not say I was going to respond to you once, I said I was going to spoon feed you information once.

Your pride and arrogance will keep you blind to what is coming. You will miss out, mark my words.

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>pride and arrogance

oh mr.high and mighty, easy there, easy

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yeah this. come on man, take it down a notch. i usually don't reply to xrp threads but this was a little much. you'll be forgiven, but gotta try and clean it up

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it feels stupid to not have a small bag at least, there are banks already using it

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I can smell the curry just from your cadence. Is it possible to learn this power?

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It’s literally larp

Xrp isn’t fucking mooning it’s a fucking day dream.

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> some newfags bought in hard because of it.

No believe me no one has bought this coin, hard or otherwise, for about 2 years now. Not that you started shit, but believe me no one cared what you said. Much like your real life.

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People constantly buy this coin because of retard YouTube shills don’t try to tell me people don’t. Newfags with no fucking brain coming to this board reading 2k eoy larp is gonna buy because they have no fucking clue they just wanna get rich

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I reject lucifer, and will continue to walk with Christ, no matter the cost

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