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I always see good news about Ripple, but xrp has been dumping for 2 years straight. Some are predicting that xrp will dump for most of 2021. Is it just a scam coin to finance Ripple? Or will this shitcoin moon? Ripple as a company has partnered with many banks, 80% of Japan's banks are partner with them. Brad Garlinghouse is always on mainstream media and financial panels in front of important audiences on the regular. What is the date of xrp?
>Inb4 $2000 by September conspiracy

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What is the FATE of xrp

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I think this will be the last drop. let’s see how big that stimulus will be. codius and PayID are game changers. I’ve got 10k just in case

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There's pic related, and the fact that Ripple is making a ton of deals with banks and companies world wide.

Even if you don't buy into the new gold standart/economic reset deal of each coin being worth 2000$-10 000$, I think it's highly likely XRP will rise to around 5$ at the very least within the next couple of years, which is still over 20x times growth, if you'd buy now at least.

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Fuck forgot the pick.

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When do you think we will have a massive global crash? After watching some xrp videos on YouTube, I have seen, what seems to be, important figures in the financial sphere all discuss of a "reset" and "fair playing field." Trump is now in control of the Federal Reserve and is using this new power to provide the masses with Fiat through these stimulus checks. I heard somewhere that the USA printed more Fiat in one year than the USA created in all of its existence recently. This will destroy the value beyond repair, right? How will xrp benefit from any of this?

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How much could xlm rise?

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Are those tweets authentic? Did they actually come from a Rothschild?

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there won’t be as much of a crash as there should be. deflation will be solved with xrp and xlm and inflation will be solved with gold and crypto standards

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The accounts are real. If they're authentic Rothschilds idk.

Idk. I'm not the one who made the collage. The point is that there's seemingly been a lot of accounts of people hinting that xrp and xlm are going to be a huge deal in a couple of years. We know for a fact that Ripple is making a lot of deals with banks across the world.


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so buy xrp in a couple of years? got it.

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It's the cheapest now since early 2017, so I'd buy a 1000 now maybe, and then buy more if it goes below 10 cents.

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checked. i have 60k xrp and i hate every single one of them

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At what price did you buy them? It's going to rise eventually so I'll think you'll see profits either way.

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44 cents down to 16 laddered down. most of them around 32 cents. fucking hate this shit coin

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I made the collage and I doubt that those accounts are held by genuine Rothschilds (hence the question marks- "Rothschilds????"). Nathaniel CJ Rothschild in particular is 84 years old so I really doubt he's on Twitter. Regardless, those accounts do make interesting commentary so I thought to include them. Afterall, what conspiracy theory is complete without mention of the Rothschilds?

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September. Hold. Believe. :)

- insider

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bro, please explain this beyond memes and suggestive posts. suppose october rolls around and nothing happens but following btc, we will assume eoy. if nothing by then, it will be spring/summer, eoy 2021. how confident are you in sept 2020? i think my xrp value went down ~10% in the last 1-2 weeks.

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and do you post this stuff elsewhere or just 4chan?

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I have 0 idea why anyone buys this coin. it is probably the worst investment in all of crypto. I have literally 20xd on uniswap scams this month. why anyone would invest in a 8bn market cap with garbage tokenomics baffles me.

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2020 - 100% confidence price will be 2k+

All data points to September. Could it be August? Yes. Could it be October? Nov? Yes. Small chance, but plans do change, delays happen.

2020 is 100% however. You will not go into 2021 with XRP being under 2000 USD.

I only post on 4chan. I do not have twitter or any other social media.

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You'd have to be a total retard incapable of thinking for themselves to buy that shit lmao

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Please elaborate on the source of your confidence. Why 100% and why not 90% or 80%?

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I am an insider. I know it is happening this year. 2021 is too late and will ruin all the events that have happened in 2020. Why do you think 2020 is like this? Accident? No. Planned for the sole purpose of bringing in the new world order financial system. Digital currencies is the ultimate control tool and will be used as a trojan horse to enslave humanity under the antichrist.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Revelation 13:16-18

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Take your meds.

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When the world is blind, the seeing man is the crazy one.

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What you're claiming about digital currency is already true with fiat.
Meds. Take em'

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What kind of insider?
Financial sector? Family lineage? Communication with aliens? You know what I'm getting at. How are you privy to this XRP knowledge?

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Family lineage. Will not disclose what I do for work or what family I am part of, but it a known name. My name and my job title allows me to be privy to this information.

Aliens do not exist, they are demons, just like the bible has said for thousands of years.

This is a war against God and humanity, elites worship Lucifer.

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You're UHNWI(think it was UHNWI?), right?

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Do you know anything on the topic of Solar Warden perchance?

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Yes that is right.

No, I have not heard of that before.

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Is Q for real?

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would you say we are getting *shaken out* right now? how long, if actual, will this great shakeout go on for? surely if xrp will be $2000 by the end of the year, there has to be some movement eventually. from some of the sources I read it will pump back to 2017 prices for a bit before the switch is flipped. we have yet to see this. in your eyes, how do you see this *switch* happening? will the big boys buy out the books? will the price be set artificially? it just seems surreal, as you know.

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You're talking to a LARP and XRP isn't going to 2000 dollars retard

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Q is a Luciferian psyop, they are not the good guys. Trump is not the good guy.

Q is an elaborate trojan horse, it lulls the population into a false sense of security as all these operations are occurring. A supposed mass awakening will occur, people will blame Obama, Hillary and many others, but true elite will never be harmed. These are merely pawns being sacrificed.

The same thing happened with Hitler, the same elite that put him in power put Trump in power. The same spirits are behind it.

What happened when Hitler was in power? He killed "jews" and when it was over, Rothschild sent a letter and they took over Israel in the middle-east. They got their own country, willingly sacrificing their own people to achieve their goals.

This is no different. Hitler was also a type of antichrist, a test run to see how well people respond to a silver tongued, possessed man. Imagine if Hitler had supernatural powers and was immortal. Global domination would occur within months.

I suppose for you it is a shake out. Attrition is very powerful, but it will not be as powerful as pumping XRP to low digits, that is where the real shakeout will happen. People will be glad to sell, finally getting rid of the coin that they held for years on end. This is me speculating based on what I know, it is the most logical way of doing things. They know about you and they do not want you to achieve financial freedom. But if someone of you do, it does not matter to them. Creating a couple of millionaires or billionaires is nothing to owning the world.

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Obviously that is possible but I cannot know for sure. When you look at the whole surrounding xrp, there is too much to ignore. This supposed LARP is only saying what many others are saying...and other things these other people have said, have tended to come true..

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Thank you for the response. I never thought about the holocaust in that type of light, either...

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You are welcome. I am leaving this thread now, God bless you. There is nothing more important than finding Jesus Christ.


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Can you give a general rundown on the events that are supposed to take place?
From what I remember, anti-christ appears, and hundreds of millions die.

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Ok my question is...
Why Xrp??

Why not just make their own ?

Fork the ledger

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Immaculate Conception

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Explain what you mean by immaculate conception please

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This is all you need to know what will happen and in what order.

XRP was created by them. Look deeper.

God bless and goodbye.

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I miss you again =( I was going to ask, since I want to help friends and family how much would be a good "gift" of xrp? I have gotten a few friends to consider getting some but most don't even know what crypto are so I was going to see what I can do with my own hands to help protect them.

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How should xrp be stored? Is coinbase okay?

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Oh it's the relative of that bloodthirsty faggot Eisenhower, cool

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It will have the same fate as bitconnect
>Muh partnes
That doesn't mean shit

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Insider here - happening postponed to 2030, sorry if this is a let down, but delays happen. Overhauling to world's financial system is no small task and it is not without unforeseen pitfalls and also facing stiff opposition from incumbents.

Listen to LARPers shilling this year at your won peril. 100% NOT HAPPENING this year, or any other year for the next decade.

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Thank you. I just went all in on XRP.

Thank you. I just sold all of my XRP.

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Riptards are literally the dumbest people on earth. XRP will go to zero.

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fucking kek

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Post some fucking proof then you gigantic larp

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What part of 'kikes' dont U xrpfags understand?
Xrp shouldnt be considered crypto

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>imagine thinking ripple is not a scam
i hope you'll lose all your money
it WILL go to 0.

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India superpower rules with an iron fist after ww3.
Red dots for all.
Antichrist forces all to show bob.
Be ready for it

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anyone here feel a bit de-risk?

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Don’t mind me I’m just de-david-risking in your girlfriend’s cunny

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> You will not go into 2021 with XRP being under 2000 USD.

Oh yes. You will.

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How much has Codina been developed recently? I haven’t seen new blog posts since 2018. I remember the article from a few months ago of it’s revival but I haven’t heard anything recent. Also, when will the lawsuit be dropped? There’s only one left.

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he's right. he just forgot to mention that a loaf of bread will cost $200k in 2021

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No, that is what the new system will prevent.


I would not give them XRP, hold it, once it moons, gift them the coins then. They could be tempted to cash out at 3 dollars.

Never store your coins on an exchange. Private wallet, you can use YouTube to find out how.

The proof will be when it actually happens this year.

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idk how fucking retards dont get it

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> The proof will be when it actually happens this year.

No. It won't.

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>worst tokenomics ever
>on a regular cycle for 2 years now banks and institutions buying XRP bags like clockwork every month
>anon thinks he knows more than their army of lawyers, accountants and executives.

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>I would not give them XRP, hold it, once it moons, gift them the coins then. They could be tempted to cash out at 3 dollars.

Thats fair I suppose. Most of the people I would gift aren't very tech literate but ill take your advice. Oh, are the chase outages related to nesara/gesara?

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I'm not sure what the outages are related to. I have heard another black swan event will occur, huge bank blackout will happen. But those are just rumors, nothing I can say for certain. Would not surprise me though, it could show how vulnerable their old systems are and further push blockchain based systems. Everything that is happening, will happen, is to convince the world to adopt blockchain and cryptos.

It has already begun as I showed in this link: https://www.gulftoday.ae/business/2020/06/23/worlds-first-gold-backed-digital-currency-launched-in-gcc-mea

>Each USGold token (USG) is backed 1:1 with an underlying physical gold coin, the US American Eagle, which is created and distributed by the US Mint. Therefore, USG token holders can redeem their tokens physically for gold coins, should they choose to forego the digital asset in their wallet. Token holders can also sell the USG on the open market through various digital asset exchanges or through Blockfills in exchange for US Dollars. USG can also be converted into several other digital assets, including BTC, ETH, USDT and more.

All countries will do this eventually. Trump will save the economy and prevent inflation of the dollar by doing exactly what these people are doing.

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There's rumors that the revaluation is currently being carried out. Bank outages may be sooner than anyone think.

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thanks for coming back this morning.

my dad reaches out now to stack more xrp lmfao

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HAHAHA "satoshi nakamoTO" = arthur briTO"

I had to laugh so hard at this. worse than saying it's CSW.

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Yes, it would not surprise me if it started happening next month.

Use the profits for good, and most importantly, make sure Jesus Christ knows who you are on judgement day.

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all according to plan. you didn't forget that the us dropped the reserve requirement for banks to 0, did you?

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So any advice on land in the US? Incase I would want to bug out or just relocate?

>> No.19987885

Stay away from large cities, find a nice chunk of land with water running through it. Build a stone house, have animals that produce foods for you. Ducks, chickens, cows and so forth. You do not need to have them right outside your house, you can have it somewhere else on your land but close by. Hire a farmer to take care of the animals for you if you are not a farmer yourself.

>> No.19987913

Why is the stone house specified so much? What will happen in the cities?

>> No.19987932


How about now?


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EMP and Tactical Nukes will eventually be launched on the USA. Major cities will be the targets.

World War 3 will also occur, rarely do they send military to some farm to take it over. They focus on larger cities and towns.

I do not mean to scare anyone of course, with Jesus Christ I have no fear of anything on this earth, but this will happen. Being prepared is a good thing. This is why I tell you to buy XRP, so you can do this.

This seems to me like they are preparing the masses for an even bigger event than just some glitch. Like I have said, all they are doing is making sure the people accept blockchain, so they introduce glitches, flaws, vulnerabilities, attacks on their current systems. Expect something bigger to occur in the near future.

>> No.19988065

Thank you again. I imagine Canada is a smaller target but will be involved nonetheless. I will make sure to prepare greatly. Biblical times, we live in...

>> No.19988113

What about fallout?

>> No.19988118

Most nations of the world will be involved and you are welcome. God bless you. I will leave this thread and I do not think I will return for some time to 4chan. Goodbye friends and good luck to you.

>> No.19988222


I analyzed your writing, you're European not from US.

>> No.19988238


Bwahahahahaha now everyone should know this guy's full of shit.

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>making sure the people accept blockchain
rolling for next covid stimulus on blockchain

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Does this christfag larper have a name or a nickname or something? How about we give him one?

>> No.19988579


Well considering you are him and are samefagging with no less than 5 ID's on this thread why don't you tell us what you'd like to be called.

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Thank you fren for the warnings. Be safe, I hope to be able to meet you someday.

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I’m just a europoor who holds a couple k of xrp and I inwardly want that larper to be right because I already hate that shitcoin.

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it’s literally inevitable

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Which places in the world is most safe? I seem to remember you saying if you're poor you're pretty much going to die. Is Norway safe?

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