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How good of an idea is building my shitcoin portfolio around the five platonic solids?
And what could possibly be the fifth?

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youre an idiot

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Unironically based.

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FUND is the 5th

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poast logo

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>bitcoin, you mud

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Icosahedron is hyperledger, not kleros

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imagine actually putting PNK on there instead of bitcoin or xmr or something fucking delusional.

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those aren't icosahedrons though

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aesthetics. Logos. images. jpgs. Where were bitcoin or XMR ever represented as a twenty sided shape? Reprobate.
maybe so but you can't buy it yet

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The platonic solids meme for distributed ledger tech is about infrastructure for the god protocol, not whether the token is buyable or not. With that logic you could buy all other kinds of shitcoins with cubesl and octahedron logos.

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Here's the fifth.
You're welcome.

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Notice anything?

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Notice anything?

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u mad bro

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that's not a dodecahedron but another icosahedron

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Raiblocks is top tier shitcoin. Do not put in the same category as the ones in the picture already. Plus the shape isn’t anywhere near the same.

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brb making shitcoin with dodocatheadon logo

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I posted this in the last thread. Its ZCN or 0chain. Its a circle bro and its decentralized cloud storage. They are literally integrating with Oracle Q3 ironically. I saw it in the same pdf that shows Chainlink being integrated.

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I remember. I think you're unironically right to be honest. probably fits "the universe" better than any other suggestion. You've won me over, I'll buy a bag.

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Ironically I didn't even buy a bag yet. I warn you though the liquidity is shit, its not on many exchanges. That was the only reason I haven't bought yet, but I think its a moon shot I could drop some LINK profits into. I was thinking I pick up 25-30K. The tokenomics are amazing though you can stake and rent your cloud storage space you aren't using.

Also I'm convinced their marketing strategist was coming to /biz. I was watching a bunch of their public relations Q&A videos they do every few weeks to a month. The videos are called "Ask Feebs" which is the strategist's last name, anyway no shit he actually started trying to look like Sergey. Lol He had the haircut and a knock off of the Lucky brand shirt but basically the same pattern. I fucking lost it the guy is a bit of a faggot, but the project is legit otherwise, they should honestly can him.

I'll try and find the video or you can look on their twitter it was like from 2 months ago I think

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This is it, right?
Fuck it, I've been well memed tonight.
This is as good a reason to buy as esoteric symbols

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Yep you found it. Lol He looked like a work out bro with tight fitting T-shirts in all the other videos and different hair and then all the sudden boom he tries to be generic Sergey. I laughed hard. Seriously though check out the white paper you will be blown away and the CEO who is a main developer if I remember correctly is on top of his shit.

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Also that Oracle pdf for Chainlink and 0Chain was full of esoteric symbols, specifically the inverted pentagram unfortunately. Oh well we the Jews now and then ideally use that wealth to heal the planet

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jesus this dude is intolerable

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the fifth

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Been reading, very interesting project desu. I can see it taking off.

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Agreed. They are integrating with AWS and Oracle and their mainnet is Q3 with Oracle if I remember correctly. I really meant to buy before I started shilling. Lol Its been bouncing around .05-.08 a token. They just have zero legit marketing and again the 8-10K in daily sales scares me though. I like it because it doesn't feel dependent on retail like LINK but if they ever got put a large exchange it would be crazy. On Binance or something it could seriously moon. The only other decentralized cloud storage is Storj and it seems like even more shit in comparison. I just think this concept is the next natural progression once the blockchain is getting external data after LINK.

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