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XRP will dump more, greatest shakeout has not even started.

When XRP rises, it will happen in the blink of an eye, all of you will be priced out.

Good luck.

- insider

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a dumber group of shills there is not

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an entire decade of my life, completely wasted for a PhD on a literal meme topic instead of just trading shitcoins
hold me bros

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XRP is your ticket to freedom, if you can stomach what is about to occur.

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1 xrp = 2000 USD by eoy

Price before that can be anything, you should not sell below 2k

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Not selling even if it goes to 1999

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Fuck you.

- outsider

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>XRP will dump more, greatest shakeout has not even started.
Oh god yes. Please let this happen. I kind of suspected this will occur. I have extra money waiting on the sidelines. When this thing drops Ima be on that shit like a black bull on a white wife

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Good. XRP price will start at 2000 USD, it will only keep going up. 10k is not a fantasy.


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>XRP is just a scam guys

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I believe

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how low are we going? im about to set a buy limit...

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Sold all my btc and eth to put in xrp and link

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Why must you larp?

I hold 20k xrp so if what you're saying is true then I'll be "making it" this year.

However, if you're larping and trolling, you're really tickling a spot that is sheer evil to falsefully tickle. What do you gain? Nothing. What do I lose? Everything.

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Do not know specific numbers, simply know we are.

Good choice.

Never trust anyone on the internet. Do your own research to find out if XRP is worth putting your money in or not.

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i did that. bought at 70 cents a couple years ago. been painful ever since.

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Would it be smarter to just hold my 20k stack or sell to try and accumulate more coins at a cheaper price when this supposed dump occurs?

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Wont be painful for long, Christmas will be especially nice for XRP holders.

Safest is to hold your stack.
Smartest is to hold 19k and sell 1k and buy back lower when drop happens. Do not gamble with more than you are willing to lose.

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Easiest way to trade, is to look at Tether, whales use it. When you see it go to 0.9xxx then you can be sure crypto is pumping. When you see the opposite, crypto is dumping.

Tether is at $0.995905 right now, and alts are pumping.

Good luck.

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when you say insider, what variety of inside information do you have?
after i'm finished playing this crash i was going to leap-frog into the recovery on crypto. as i said, i already have a little ripple. before i do something like pour all my earnings (if i have any left after this bullshit fed ramp) into one crypto, i'd like to know what makes you so certain.
i did plenty of research on ripple and was very impressed. problem is, they keep dumping billions in every quarter. i already got severely burned on .70 cents, and i haven't been inclined to put anymore in as i see all the other cryptos mooning and my shit pile of ripple just sits there fermenting -- range bound from 15 to 40 cents. never thinking about a real move. as much as i believed in it, and as promising as it looked, i'm faced with the reality that my coin is managed by a group that seems intent on keeping the price terminally suppressed.
again, all very frustrating. was thinking about dumping and just concentrating on ethereum. help me change my mind.
are you just relaying what someone else said, or do you have legitimate information?
also, what kind of drop are we looking at? 50%? 75%

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op is a boomer

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>when you say insider, what variety of inside information do you have?

I will not go into detail what I do for a living, but rest assured I have seen contracts between big government and Ripple, agreeing to the use of XRP to "save the economy". There will be no depression, Trump will look like a hero and get re-elected, this tells you that XRP will pump before election. How soon before? 2 months before looks likely. Trump is not the hero people think he is, he is owned by bankers.

>problem is, they keep dumping billions in every quarter.

It is not an issue. In reality there is not enough XRP for what they want to use it for, especially because of the burn rate that will occur when mass adoption happens. XRP will go from a cross border coin, to digital gold.

>seems intent on keeping the price terminally suppressed.
>all very frustrating. was thinking about dumping and just concentrating on ethereum

Exactly. Which is why most of /biz/ will never put any substantial amount of money into XRP and thus will miss out. These people have no reason to pump XRP, utility is what will drive it's value. XRP is new world order approved so is XLM.

>also, what kind of drop are we looking at? 50%? 75%

Do not know for certain, below .10 is very possible.

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Boomer vs Millennial narrative is a psyop to discredit parents and older people. Government wants to be your parent, divide and conquer still works quite well. So much so I see people on here wishing the death of people who are older and discredit anything they say automatically because of age, regardless of their information.

You believe yourself to be red pilled, Neo? You aren't. The only red pill that will free you from this world is a collection of 66 books. Read that, understand it and you will be free. Book named John is advised.

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One of the worst LARPs I’ve ever seen.

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Ah, for a moment I thought you running free some where, I feel relieved to know that you are inside.

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thank. i do feel that there may be something to what you're saying, and on a techinical/fundamental level it seems like a smart buy. but for the last several years my instincts have brought nothing but ruin and in clownworld all my rational faculties always land me 180 degrees from center. like with today's market.
i need to just start doing the opposite of whatever makes sense and is derived by careful study/thinking.
instead of ripple (or ethereum) i should probably go all in on doge coin.
i can't really think of an ulterior motive for you doing this. it's not like a handful of anons could possibly move ripple's price even if we all went all in.

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>discredit anything they say automatically because of age
you are discredited for shilling xrp and thus simultaneously achieve boomer status

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You may do as you please with your money, you are correct in that XRP would not pump because a couple of retail investors decided to take loans and buy with everything they have.

My motive for doing this is simple, I am against the new world order.

I want as many normal people to get wealthy as possible from this. I am already a UHNWI, XRP going up or down does not affect me emotionally either way.

If you do decide to sell, keep at least 500-1000 XRP. You wont regret it.

Good luck and may Jesus Christ bless you.

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I'm so sorry, our Nurse Ratched is missing her laptop, It may be some of patients borrow it without asking.
It's a flu over coconest

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Won’t go above $3 ever. Too many produced

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>theres less in circulation NOW then there was when it was OVER $3

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based christianposter. I too am investing in this to be independently wealthy and safe from the NWO.

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But they are holding 61 percent of them

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that is exactly what happen probably with each of us statistically 9 of 10 "investors" loose money

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im chomping at the bit to buy more i only have 5k, when will it drop? just got my bonus but want to be smart about it given current times.

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God bless you.

It is never bad to buy at .16

I can not tell you when it will happen, do not have that sort of information. Only know it will, sometime before it spikes to get as many people out as possible.

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>Trump is not the hero people think he is, he is owned by bankers.
Interesting, at first I thought you are BabaCugs but you dont buy into Qanon which he does....

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you can just call him Rump, thiccass white boy got some BOOTY

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my ween

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