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Trump will gold back the US dollar this year.
XRP will be the new digital gold. 2000 USD in 2020
Do not believe dates, simply buy and HODL.

"How much to make it?"

Subjective question. Price of XRP will start at 2000 USD and only go up from there, because of burn rate. Eventually it will burn so fast, it will need to be replaced as a cross borders payment system, this is where lumens come in. They will only be worth around 40 USD, so there is no point in buying lumens % wise.

"XRP is owned by the banks"

Yes, it is. It is the NWO digital gold currency, used to usurp real gold and silver made by God. I do not like it, neither do you but this is what will happen, the end times are here, if you didn't notice yet.

Buy XRP, keep it off exchanges, don't write anything down on paper, engrave it on metal instead. You can do this at home for 2 dollars. Do not buy nano ledgers or stuff like it, any EMP will render it useless, unless you buy EMP safe storage.

Good luck anons.

- insider

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i'm curious, are you xrp npc's serious?

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Take your meds schizo

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You should never believe anything on 4chan blindly, simply do your own research and if not, then in the end you will find out the truth anyway, will be too late but at least you will know it. I tell you this not for my own gain, but for yours. Do what you want with the information presented to you.

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even being the national currency XRP would still be an extremely gay scam

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Imagine being such an XRP npc that you don't realize fantom is doing the exact same thing except with real connections (Xar network working directly with multiple central banks) and real technology. Also, CBDC's are supposed to go live in april so

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Kys OP
Xrp is trash and it will never be adopted
Remember shitskin, 8+ years and zero adoption

Chainlink already has 130MM+ on its network and 100+ users, sorry the kikes picked a different project. You were never meant to make it.

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should i convert my litecoin to XRP?

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I am already a UHNWI, simply telling you how to prosper in whats about to happen so you do not need to go around begging for bread.

Only you can answer that question, I wouldn't wait long though, XRP wont be at .14 forever.

I am no trump supporter, he is NWO. Q is NWO.

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Jokes on you shitskin xrp is worthless trash and will do nothing you said. Also I have 30k link as of this morning after buying back in, a 1+ year supply of food and water, medical and miscellaneous supplies, guns and ammo and my own personal slam pig. I don't need anything faggot and by the end of 2021 I'll also be a UHNWI.

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Based i want $100k gold certificates.

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Good luck to you. I hope you make it, but it wont be with Link. Codius + XRP = Link x1000

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>caring about Qlarp
ok Qoomer

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>Trump will gold back the US dollar this year.

i swear to god you maga cultists get more delusional every fucking day

it should not be possible to be this retarded

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based op
good karma for trying to alert the masses. they're too fucking stupid to heed your warnings

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/pol/ is the gayest board on this site
And this is the gayest thread on this board

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Fantom is better.

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this faggot thinks a useless erc20 made for muh orcshmacles is money OR currency. it's a scam to buy a fat russian cunt big macs and it's over now retard

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How long we have to buy op?

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Couldn't say exactly, not privy to exact dates. But it is happening this year, could be this month, next month, 5 months from now. It will take a couple hours for XRP to shoot up to 2000 USD+ and everyone will be priced out. If I were you I'd get anything in XRP just to have some.

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Nice autocorrect there

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You're a liar.
I'm not buying your bags.

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I own a little xrp already but i hope you’re not purposely misleading anyone considering the amount of people already losing their jobs

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Like I've said before, do not trust anyone, especially not on 4chan. Do your own research into this, at least a couple hours, then make your decision. If you still are uncertain, have at least 2000 XRP and you'll be alright.

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Why you don’t like xrp?

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