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Why are you people so brainless?
Chainlink does nothing, there isn't a single use case anywhere. you need to stop with your played pump and dump ponzi scheme.

Decentralized oracles? why the fuck would someone pay money to use something they can do for free using json.
It's also a stretch to call it decentralized when its actually centralized.

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This is such a midwit take

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what is the point of fudding link in 2020

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go to sleep sergey, tomorrow is another day

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Ignoring the fundamentals completely and looking at LINK purely from a technical analysis point of view, Chainlink (LINK) has the BEST FUCKING CHART in all of crypto currency, probably the entire world.

That is more then enough reason to own some link, completely ignoring the fundamnetal reasons for owning link

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>oh. Enlighten me then.

Show me a project that is using chainlink right now. You can't.
A billion partnerships mean absolutely FUCK ALL without real utility. chainlink is absolute dogshit.

Im calling it now. when CMC releases their LIquidity metric chainlink will go further down the ranks.

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Link does fucking nothing. Its a fucking middle man that no one fucking wants.

the point is to avoid middleman yet here comes cucklink.

You are all going to be poor as shit when this project fails.

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terrible token distribution though. Anons are literally fighting each other for a slice of something like ~30% of the token supply.

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If you think this shit is going down anytime soon your deluded.

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nigger no one asked for your opinion and no one cares. kys

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yes yes, pump and dump looks great but where is the utility.

Shut the fuck up and get out of my thread retard

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Again i ask, where is the utility.

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nigger no one asked for your opinion and no one cares. kys

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how bout you try shorting it buddy, come on I dare you.

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you scared cuckboy? that your pump and dump ponzi will collapse with truth?

i don't hold shitcoins sorry.

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Short it dumbass

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there is no point shorting a pump and dump

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The market cap is almost 10% of ETH !!!
why a coin that is supposed to be a "link" between ETH and other things... worth 10% the main coin?

Just to remind you.... tomorrow, there can easily be a 20 new coins that do the something that Chainlink does, meaning being a go between ETH and contracts.... but there's only one ETH!

Chainlink is a pump and dump and the tards in here are only into charts and shape of graph.... PURE RETARDATION!

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>Pump and dump

That's the weekly chart you retard.

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ponzi schemes look great until they pop.

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>he thinks we're gonna spoonfeed him on the eve of the first day of our new lives

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holy shit i didn't think pajeets were real but now i'm convinced

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you had 2 years to come up with a single utility use case and you still can't provide it.

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pump and dumps dont pump for a year straight, you are embarrassing yourself

If you think the best hart in all crypto for a YEAR is a scam, then you think crypto is a scam....so why are you here?

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>he doesn't know
I look forward to the suicide streams

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Linkies made gains during the bear market and didn’t do any research on why bitcoin is valuable, this will bite them all in the ass very soon kek

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There is no utility and as a matter of fact, ALL CRYPTOS are fucking useless besides earning you "real" money by buying and selling at the right time

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>i didn't think
I bet you don't think

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you stinky linkies amaze me

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You are claiming Chainlink will take on a multi trillion dollar quadrillion dollar market and that it will be 1000$ eoy and you claim it has no utility and its fucking useless.

How can you lie to people like this? you have no morals no conscious.

Post your stream when you finally wake up.

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dude at least put effort into your posts

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Do people not remember Tulips?

Get out while you can

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I want your answer, where is the utility?

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so were tulips just gotta make bank before it crashes

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>he thinks that's bullish.
LINK reached a point where is either not profitable or not sustainable to pump more.

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ay u got thos link

going to 50 then 1000

just took out more student loan gonna undergraduate fuxk college

1000 eoy

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I think the serious concern with Chainlink is people think that the tokens are equity in the company. Only around 25-30 nodes are being actively used at the moment and they are being mostly funded by the 1/3 tokens left for node incentivisation. Staking is a few years out and KYC nodes look to be the way forward until then.

I agree the product is needed and the company is fucking incredible, but this valuation won’t make sense for a long time to come and there isn’t any more hype or companies they can form partnerships with.

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>Showing useless charts, as reason to trade

why people do this?
How is this acceptable

let me break it for you

Factory A: makes bikes named ETH
Factory B: makes "super innovative" bike lubricant for the brand ETH (LINK)

Factory A: worth 30 Billion and is going down
Factory B: worth 2 Billion and is about to worth 3 Billion 10% of Factory A

people are scared of getting hit by cars and stopped buying A's bikes... so the shares of Factory A is sliding

Meanwhile shares of Factory B is not correlating with the market... buying Factory B, is pure speculation... or a trap

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Best of luck, anon, maybe you'll have an effect on half a billion dollars daily volume lmao.

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going to 50 means its market cap is going to be as valuable as ETH... while this coin is supposed to be a "Link" between ETH and other stuff (that after 2 years there is 0 application for it)

Going to 1000... means its market cap is going to be 3 times the BTC and 10 times ETH... the very platform that Link is dependent on

> meanwhile another coin is actually being used and "smart-contract"

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you're totally right anon, you really scrutinized this crypto that you don't hold and you just btfo'd everyone
make sure to filter out all link threads just in case you wander back in here from plebbit again

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Oh nononono

Well.. There goes Links usecase.

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dgb, antshares, pivx, xvg, nano, bnb, bitconnect all had nothing going for them some of them were literally ponzi schemes. 1000x - 10,000x your money for the people that understood fiat currency being defined by nothing makes markets clown markets. The stock market is a scam as well, but you don't think that because there's an entire financial media industry working to present it as respectable.

link is completely uninnovative garbage but it has bizzare connections with the existing financial system. It has outperformed nearly everything during a bear market.
Go to archives it has always been the same astroturfed high quality meme support with no technical discussion. It's a racket they need to present it as the answer to bitcoins problems (the problems they created).

all you are doing is virtue signaling. We are all in this to make money. As much as we would like to believe we're in it for the fundamentals or utility we're not because you are not the arbiter of fundamentals or utility. You would not invest in the the coin you think has "fundamentals" or "utility" if it had no price action. Price is the evidence not your unempirical opinions on utility. Chainlink is objectively shit but that doesn't mean you can't make money on it

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>Chainlink is objectively shit but that doesn't mean you can't make money on it
Good one anon

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Chainlink uses human own nodes and is based on human incentives to work.
Imagine if someone develops an AI dapp that lurks for data, with no incentive but gas, no human intervention, and truly decentralised.
Guess which one will be the winner long term.

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>2017 + 6 years
>still fudding link
you had 6 years, cunt

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What if sergey is some sort of crypto keynesian and he dumps when its to high and buys when its too low.

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While OP is somewhat technically off about how an oracle operates he is not wrong about chainlink. It's common knowledge that it's a pump and dump scam, been proven numerous times and the time will come when the SEC will grind them as they are essentially one of the lowest hanging fruits.

It's also known that chainlink is closely tied to 4chan mods, many of them hold heavy bags of this shit. In fact the actual humans who hold chainlink are maybe 100 people with x100 alts.

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I got burned with dgb and I can say with certainty the same pajeets that shilled dgb and other pnd scams are the same ones shilling link now

of course you wont believe but you will in time

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It seems Chainlink is run on hopium, you people are so behind the curve. Swift is literally shitting bricks, foaming at the mouth and flipping tables because of how mad they are. they are losing and have to admit defeat to ripple. they are about to hand over the keys to swift to ripple

u had 6 years to develop a single utility case cunt

he dumps 700k annually

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>he reveals himself to be a ripple bag holder and FUDs Sergey selling a few mil worth of linkies in the same post
This is just too good

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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Shouldve accumulated at .20c like me. Have fun missing the 1000$ EOY train.

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>behind the curve
are you talking about this curve?

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im pointing out that the swift partnership you were hoping on is about to turn to shit because they are being taken over by ripple.

another anon claimed link will be a talk to eth and other projects but that's being done by ripple.

the Oracles you were hoping on being the standard is actually being used by ripple, Ripple has codius which has Smart Oracles.

At every turn chainlink is useless.

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It's okay anon, now we all understand where this projection about hopium, zero use cases, and founders dumping tokens is coming from.

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> No point shorting a pump and dump
Oh, you think LINK is at the bottom? Or is it at the top and you're a stupid pussy?

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putting any money into this scam is a lose lose, if you gain or lose its still pumping the scam

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Never happened.

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Most importantly it's a premined shittoken.

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>A billion partnerships mean absolutely FUCK ALL without real utility.
Just stop, you're embarrassing yourself. I suppose I'd feel pretty angry if I was holding this dogshit too.

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the problem my stupid anon is. XRP actually has utility.
Now i ask again. Where is chainlink's Utility?

>> No.17569242

ETH is also a shitcoin. All that matters is Bitcoin (BSV).

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So much utility that they have to pay moneygram $12m a year to use their dogshit token and dump it on retail investors to stay profitable.
I already told you, I'm not spoonfeeding you. You obviously deserve to stay poor.

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mugi dumb and fat
yui smart and skinny say buy link

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How does it feel to post that face while knowing that you are losing to those same faces?

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>people think that the tokens are equity in the company
Exactly. They aren't and token not needed.

>> No.17569283

I don't understand how you can say this when moneygram literally posted their q4 report.

MoneyGram Online achieved 39% year-over-year transaction growth in the fourth quarter, led by strong international performance, with transaction and revenue growth of 113% and 53%, respectively.

you are posting fud that you are regurgitating.

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XRPs only utility is making the Ripple founders rich off the backs of dipshits like yourself LOL

>> No.17569295

Atleast thats a utility.

Now where is Chainlink's utility. You can't provide a single example.

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I'm not risking my networth on something created in 20 mins and requires no PoW to acquire. If I was interested in that I'd just hold fiat.

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You are literally straight up telling lies LMAO. Moneygram had a terrible quarter, and they LOWERED GUIDANCE. The only reason it wasn’t worse is because Ripple paid them an extra 11.4M for using their tech LOL. What tech companies pay failing buisnesses millions of dollars to use their “revolutionary tech”

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>i don't hold shitcoins
No, you just talk about them obsessively lmao.

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>I want your answer, where is the utility?
Ask Swift, Google, Oracle, ETH, ...

>> No.17569336


Here are multiple, running oracle data feeds used by multiple DEFI smart contracts.

>> No.17569345

Same with Chainlink. I find it funny that premined shitcoin holders are fighting with premined shittoken holders.

>> No.17569347

Ripple bought shares into moneygram


They were forced to label ripple profits as contra expense

>> No.17569351

none of them use it. simply blog posts larping about partnerships.

not a single dapp with users is using Chainlink KYC "oracles" in production.

Not one.

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>none of them use it. simply blog posts larping about partnerships.

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This 11.4M was ON TOP of buying shares, thats why it was a contra expense. It was a rebate paid by a third party entity.

Faggot, they are listed at the bottom of the webpage.

SYNTHETIX there one.

>> No.17569391

Kek why dont you name a single one? Oh wait, you can't.

There's not a single user. Just larp blog posts.

nope, synthetix doesnt use Chainlink in production.

Imagine buying a top 5 coin with 4 billion marketcap that literally no one uses in production and thinking you're some genius investor.

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S&P Isn't using ETH let alone Link.

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>Kek why dont you name a single one?
Swift, Google, Oracle, ETH, ...

That's the Swift smart bond.

>> No.17569405

the blockchain is public.... we know for a fact that none of those are using it in production. Just fake blog posts/larps.

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You faggots literally just straight up tell lies because you are so ass blasted your shitcoin is actually irrelevant. Get fucked, I don’t care if you buy chainlink or not, i prefer you dont so a lying faggot like you doesn’t make it.

>> No.17569425

>Muh use case
Who gives a shit, none of the cryptos are actually being used for anything other than making money.

>> No.17569429

You’ve been BTFO just shut the fuck up and go start another bag holder general trying to sucker in noobs to stop the bleeding of your irrelevant shitcoins.

>> No.17569435

Literally none are using Link. Even if they wanted to ETH doesn't scale.

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Swift is shit and about to be overtaken by ripple
Eth is going to be bridged to XRP

Now i did research into this, and you are misinformed. Google isn't actually working with or using Chainlink.

The post you are talking about is this. yes its from google cloud but if you go to the link, its actually a blogpost.


it references chainlink as a potential use case for smart contracts but no where does it say they are using chainlink.

Also whenever any member writes an article on google cloud it automatically gets forwarded to twitter.

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the blockchain is public, why not post links to etherscan instead of screenshots of fake/paid blog posts?

Cause you can't, there's not a single company that uses Chainlink in production.

No, you've been BTFOed. All those screenshots are just larp blogposts.

You could easily prove that people are using Chainlink by linking to etherscan or dappradar, but you don't cause no one is using it.

You just keep posting screenshots of paid blog posts.

>> No.17569457

I'm pretty sure you're either trolling or a glow in the dark. No self aware person would accuse someone up 1000%+ on their investment of bagholding while they're down 90%+ and still bleeding.

>> No.17569458

it's ridiculous to be posting on biz being aware of link's performance, being aware of previous shit coin performance (1000x + ) and not having an amount you're not afraid to lose in link.

>> No.17569461

You are too late 2 years, Anon.

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>still trusting chainlink
>still relying on hollow investments into useless digital currency that hasn't been worth a flying damn since 2017

>> No.17569478

It's not ridiculous at all. The concept is pants on head retarded. The fact that so many people have thrown money at it just shows the market is still purely speculative and don't understand Bitcoin at all.

>> No.17569482



GO AHEAD AND CLICK ON ANY PROVIDER HERE https://feeds.chain.link/eth-usd



>> No.17569490

buy ogn btw

>> No.17569493

Yeah I’M bagholding a coin thats at its literal ATH makes sense.

>> No.17569501

Oh my bad, thought you were the ripple fag. Let them stay poor, do you really want these people to become the new financial elite?

>> No.17569503

>12x average 2017 price
>hasn't been worth a flying damn since 2017
choose 1

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Feed me more cope.

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b-but m-muh partnerships, muh a-adoption, m-muh smart oracle decentralising problem of adoption in the partnerships!

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What a fucking spastic this guy is...absolutely BTFO ahahahahahahahahhahahaha

>> No.17569563

I saw it, all good

>> No.17569571

>flow chart of an operation is actual use

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>the market is wrong

this whole game is about predication and you got it wrong

You're the kind of person that reads a zerohedge article structured like "(stock) price moves as (event) happens" and then tells others how that stock price went down because of this event

>> No.17569579

That's what happens when you select an id color so close to another.
Make better id color choices next time desu newfag.

That chart was created and posted by Google Cloud.

>> No.17569593


Get BTFO’d with your no-Link troglodytes. If you could read a few posts up you wouldn’t even make such erroneous, braindead comments.


>> No.17569617

Enjoy being a shitty token stuck on eth.

>inb4 muh blockchain agnostic

Not use.

>> No.17569618

muh oracles muh mixicles. the names they pick.. it's fucking retarded and childish. this project is nothing but hot air and all the spergs are drooling over it. nice gamble though. good luck

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>Not use.
Not cope.

>> No.17569638

>showed objective verifiable blockchain data of decentralized price data usage
>its n... not use!!


>> No.17569645

you're actually braindead >>17568591

>> No.17569650

This is literally a middle man. You can do this easily with Json.

Look i'll even prove my point.


>> No.17569653

>decentralized price data
You're a fucking moron.

>> No.17569668

The coping is off the fucking charts LOL

>> No.17569692

>This is literally a middle man.
More like a public bridge that eliminates middlemen.

>blockchain smart contracts (...) eliminate third-party intermediaries (e.g., bankers, escrow agents, and lawyers) and their fees, as smart contracts perform the intermediary functions automatically
t. Gartner

>> No.17569694

>muh weather data means its being used

>> No.17569718

My point is you’re literally a fucking retard that is just triggered cuz he missed out. Shut the fuck up and go to bed little boy hahahahahahahahaha

>> No.17569739

Cope harder linklet

>> No.17569744
File: 79 KB, 1268x618, json.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigger i made this in excel and it does what link cucks took 6 years to acehive

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>> No.17569772

>calls others NPCs
>believes in decentralized price data

>> No.17569802

>believes in decentralized price data
What's the problem?

>> No.17569834

All data has a source. There is no such fucking thing as decentralized price data.

>> No.17569843

>actually thinks link is technically reasonable
you the real npc

>> No.17569853

>All data has a source.
And all of Chainlink's price feeds use multiple price sources per feed.

Not that it matters; Chainlink is meant to be a decentralized oracle, not a decentralized source.

>> No.17569854

>take free json from 2-3 difference sources
>average them out
hur dur decentralized price data chaincuck works!

>> No.17569857

You are so fucking stupid I cannot even argue with you but I’ll try. So what do you call when 100 people all give their own prices and the average is taken? Who is the sole source of that number?

>> No.17569867

If you can’t see the potential of that you are the retard.

>> No.17569875

Chainlink is pants on head retarded because of this >>17569854. Still wouldn't call it it decentralized data. In fact if I were making a smart contract off price data I'd only want one source anyway. Say I wanted Bittrex price data. I'd wait for them to publish it to the chain and get it from them directly. Chainlink is fucking dumb.

>> No.17569883

That's an average, numbnuts.

>> No.17569886

>Chainlink is pants on head retarded because of this >>17569854.

>In fact if I were making a smart contract off price data I'd only want one source anyway.
With Chainlink you can do that.

>I'd wait for them to publish it to the chain
So in other words: you'd trust Bittrex' centralized oracle.

>> No.17569893

i can see potential of oracles and smart contracts but not in chainlink.

>> No.17569902

You are so fucking stupid it is appalling.

>> No.17569910

t. not ETH, Swift, Google, Oracle, ...

>> No.17569913

Good. I hope you're being serious.

>> No.17569919

Fair enough.

>> No.17569931

>With Chainlink you can do that
Chainlink can't do shit and I don't need them to do it.

>So in other words: you'd trust Bittrex' centralized oracle.
If I'm using Bittrex for my smart contract. What am I suppose to do, use Coinbase for my Bittrex market data?

If I want data resiliency or otherwise want something besides a direct source then I can take from multiple sources as the publish to the chain or pay multiple providers to acquire it for me and pay them in Bitcoin. Chainlink is dumb.

>> No.17569938

chainlink incentivises rigging data.
>find smart contract using your feeds
>form cartel with other oracles to bet against smart contract then rig standard deviation in your favor

>> No.17569942

>an average isn't an average it's a decentralized data point!


>> No.17569969

Thats literally what it fucking is

>describes the usecase of chainlink to a tee
>chainlink is dumb

You are actually, severly, mentally handicapped, how do you get through your days?

>> No.17569971

>Chainlink can't do shit and I don't need them to do it.
lmao, it's never a good idea to mix personal butthurt with investing.

>If I'm using Bittrex for my smart contract. What am I suppose to do, use Coinbase for my Bittrex market data?
You're supposed to have a trustless bridge to the blockchain.
You do not want a single entity doing this.

And you probably do not want someone who actually knows what's being sent to a smart contract. Increases the risk of tampering and manipulation. Kind of like telling a courier he's transporting an expensive watch increases the risk of "loss".

>> No.17569980

1) there are many ways to obfuscate the contract and/or contracting parties from others (e.g. mixicles, TEE, ...)

2) the white paper specifically describes assessing data integrity before averaging, meaning your little scenario is dead in the water

>> No.17569992

>an average isn't an average it's a decentralized data point!

>> No.17570002
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>pump and dumps dont pump for a year straight
They do when they are well coordinated and not just executed by some losers on telegram

this could be a corporate-level p&d. Seriously, why is this coin pumping so much? What is out there other than market manipulation to support this price at this point in development?

>> No.17570008

lol how do you obfuscate the node operators knowledge of what data he is providing

how fucking retarded are you linkies, proof of stake does not work
eth couldn't even handle crypto kitties let alone link tokens flying around for the entire derivatives market

>> No.17570019

>lol how do you obfuscate the node operators knowledge of what data he is providing
I just told you.

>Seriously, why is this coin pumping so much? What is out there other than market manipulation to support this price at this point in development?
Research it.

>> No.17570028

Chainlink isn't required, retard.

>trustless bridge to the blockchain
Stop there, doesn't exist and even if it did it doesn't protect data integrity. Secondly firms will be publishing data to the blockchain themselves and you can pay them in Bitcoin for the pleasure of using their data. They are incentivized to provide accurate data. Thirdly you can go around primary sources and either get data yourself or hire someone else to fetch it for you. All parties paid in Bitcoin. Fourthly, if you believe smart contracts are going to automate every process and not just mundane shit that has low risk you're completely deluded and probably all in a premined shittoken that serves no purpose.

>> No.17570036

You're an idiot.

>> No.17570037

Lmao you dont understand the shit they built last month . Link is going to scale eth ontop of link money skelly btfto btw 2017 holder here in rich niggerrrr

>> No.17570043

>Stop there, doesn't exist
t. not ETH, Swift, Google, Oracle, ...

>Secondly firms will be publishing data to the blockchain themselves
Making them centralized oracles.
i.e. centralized points of failure who actually know what data they're providing, opening the doors wide open to manipulation.

>> No.17570059

>Research it
what do you think i'm doing asking you to explain to me what you know? Fucking idiot, just give me your reasons to shill this fucking coin

I mean i don't care if it's a p&d, i'll still make money.I just want to know your reasons

>> No.17570068

>just give me your reasons to shill this fucking coin

>> No.17570085

Yeah so it doesn't exist and relying on a firm to publish its own data accurately when it's paid to do so is far more economically sound than premined shittokens and I've already explained twice how to get data beyond primary sources.

>> No.17570093

I love how people are still bothering to respond to these desperate left behind copers and their 2017 obsolete complete misunderstanding of Chainlink.
Watching these nolinker faggots seethe is half the pleasure of making it.

>> No.17570096

>I just bought because /biz/ told me this was a good thing

see that wasn't too hard , thanks for sharing

>> No.17570121

>Yeah so it doesn't exist
t. not ETH, Swift, Google, Oracle, ...

>relying on a firm to publish its own data accurately when it's paid to do so is far more economically sound
Relying on a centralized point of failure is inherently inferior to decentralization.

A centralized oracle run by the data source itself will not have the uptime of decentralized oracles.
Plus, the oracle will by default know what data is being transferred, opening the door to manipulation.
In case of an oracle malfunction, shit's fucked too with a centralized oracle.
Not to mention the lack of common oracle framework in case of multiple different sources for the same contract.

Oh no, I actually know plenty.

>> No.17570136

>I've already explained twice how to get data beyond primary sources.
It's incredible you still don't get it.

>> No.17570154

It's been fun linktards. I'm out.

>> No.17570158

Bye! See you at $50 when you can dump some more hysterical fud on us that has been BTFO since 2017.

>> No.17570175

>Oh no, I actually know plenty
You think you do but unless you are actively participating in the development of any of these projects, you really have no fucking clue as to what's gonna happen in a month or a year. That's why I wanted to know what your perspective was on this project

anyways thanks for sharing how smart you are, must be your way of coping with w/e personal issues you have

>> No.17570187

>I've already explained twice how to get data beyond primary sources.
Yes, by running your own oracle or hiring someone else's oracle.

What you're describing is "oracles".
And there's one standard for that, as acknowledged by ETH, Oraclize, iexec, ...

>> No.17570193

Imagine begging to be spoonfed THIS hard.

>> No.17570212

Now I’m finally convinced it was a scam. Fuck link! I sold everything.

>> No.17570218

ok we get it, you so smart, we so dumb. Thanks

>> No.17570238

>spoonfeed me!!!

>> No.17570255

Link requires an ETH node to operate, how will link scale eth on top of link

>> No.17570267

Obviously we both get off pretending we know more than each other

should we have sex

>> No.17570269

Off-chain computations.


>> No.17570284
File: 50 KB, 1080x651, 4gw2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so what the fucks the point of using eth

>> No.17570293

An excellent question. Nobody knows if off-chain computations mean that Link eats Eth's lunch entirely. If it does it would be an absolute coup, a flippening that would put Link in the top three cryptos.

>> No.17570301
File: 73 KB, 609x717, vitalik loopring 160k TPS chainlink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how will link scale eth on top of link
Well for one thing, see pic.

>> No.17570303

yeah. i don't see an ERC20 token flipping eth.

>> No.17570309

That's where everything is ultimately anchored.
Without an actual underlying blockchain, the off-chain computations don't mean anything.

>> No.17570317

ETH blew up on the promise of mainstream smart contracts; see the EEA.
Chainlink is the key to making this a reality. Without decentralized oracles, ETH is a token dispenser.

>> No.17570334

Eth is just a rushed project to be first after stealing from ripple.
Chainlink was the solution to eth because eth is shit.

You should really look into Codius, your mind will be blown at how much more promising and advanced it is.

>> No.17570350

We live in a weird fuckin world dude. Everything is in flux, and if you're not open to weird shit happening, you might get rekt.

>> No.17570379
File: 208 KB, 943x1280, ERG6zv6WkAApNBt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ERC20 tokens rely on Eth, if eth goes away every erc20 token goes with it.

>> No.17570387

It would take maybe a few minutes to take a snapshot of the erc token wallets and then airdrop a different token on a different chain.

>> No.17570400

You don't understand what i mean, if Eth goes away, there is no chain.

>> No.17570418

Eth wouldn't go away, much in the same way that computers didn't go away even though the relative value between software and hardware has been slanted heavily towards software for decades.

>> No.17570425

You don't understand.

If ETH goes away, Link can very easily migrate to a different chain by simply minting and airdropping new tokens from there.

>> No.17570433

eth isn't a computer, it's a browser like netscape which was replaced by better browsers.


>> No.17570445

Counterpoint: chainlink is a website which doesn't need netscape to function.

>> No.17570455

>If ETH goes away, Link can very easily migrate to a different chain by simply minting and airdropping new tokens from there.
And that's just talking about the tokens.

As for the actual smart contract backend, Chainlink was always meant to work on different blockchains/smart contract platforms.

>> No.17570613
File: 165 KB, 500x496, 1464867150558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

XRP baglet absolutely arseblasted he picked the wrong horse

>> No.17570643

say that again in a few months

>> No.17570706
File: 8 KB, 209x200, brilliant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking forward to it.

>> No.17570891

who cares nerd number go up buy low sell high

>> No.17571101

All these midwits

This shit was autistically debated to death in ‘17 and any fud possible was wargamed and dispelled

You had two years...

Maybe you’ll post this thread again at 10

>> No.17571541

I am up 245k usd. Why would you care this much about a shitcoin you don't even have? Absolute cope. Oh wait you're trying to save me right you're looking out for my interests when wanting me to sell hahaha

>> No.17572401

Honestly who is paying these faggots to FUD? He is clearly ESL. I legit thought about making a bot that bought XRP at .24 and sold at .28 over and over because its never leaving that range ever again. Its been doing that shit for like 18 months. We can't all make it thank you for your sacrifice

>> No.17572445
File: 65 KB, 642x530, joey krug will pull millions chainlink compound.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's very often the same guy, it's always the same talking points.
It's probably an actual competitor like Joey Krug or something.

>> No.17572894

all FUD
chads got in 0.14 and are memeing till this day

>> No.17573136

Your mom looks great until she pops- she only charges 3 $Link

>> No.17573676

that's not how you greentext, you newfag faggot LARP fudder.

>> No.17574863
File: 728 KB, 514x394, 1583323855866.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he actually put a single cent into SHTINK


>> No.17574935
File: 229 KB, 818x2048, Joey Krug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even Joey bent the knee.

>> No.17575032

haha holy shit.

Does he even realize though?

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