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Would a dating website catering specifically to matching up White men and Asian women work? I want to capitalize on the phenomenon.

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just buy a ticket to tokyo, a much better investment

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yes, do it

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I was gonna watch this movie on Netflix but I don’t really like this girl’s face. Still may end up watching it if I’m bored later, the story sounded interesting

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have done this

would recommend

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>asian women
>"dude just fly to japan"

cringe, this is 4chan?

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>does 4chan consist of a bunch of autistic incels with yellow fever?
Idk anon what do you think?

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Why do we all like them so much? I literally can't even imagine dating a white girl

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good goy

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Whites girls are best but Nips are a close second

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who the fuck do you think made 4chan/nel?

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I can't imagine dating anyone desu

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they are not going to fuck you

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Only physically and mentally defective beta males fantasize about Insectoid females.

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Not true

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My gf was watching so I sat down so check it out. Out of nowhere she wraps my hands around me and didn't let go for the entirety of the movie. It's one of those movies.

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stick to your arab woman

>Only physically and mentally defective beta males fantasize about Insectoid females.
why are you telling us what you are fantasizing about? keep that to yourself faggot

biz is not your fantasy diary, but a board for
>making money
>asian women

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It is absolutely true.

Look at the anime-addicted creatures calling themselves Western males. All of them dream of the Gook breeder goblin knowing very well that they are physically and mentally inadequate breeding partners for their own women.

They seek reproductive success via the lower, inectoid race.

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Exactly this

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>That comic
Delicious cope

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What kind of baby-brained retort is that?


You little babby-brained piece of shit. I'm willing to bet REAL money that you're physically defective, and we know that you're mentally broken since you hang out here.

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Yeah, drawn by an Insectoid female, actually.

Tired of being stalked and harassed by the lowest White "males" on the reproductive ladder.

Incels like you are a biological dead end. That's why, realizing the futility of their terminal existence, they lash out against society via shooting up unarmed schools and malls.

All the US-based spree shooters are basically admirers and lovers of Gook breeder goblins.

I wish nothing but death and humiliation to incels and their Gook goblin wives.

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That is kinda racist bro

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Calm down chang, there aren't enough white guys to steal all your gook women so why are you angry?

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>What kind of baby-brained retort is that?
it means:
go back to pol or rebbit, you fucking newfag
biz has always been about making money and asian women
do you understand you stupid cunt

>mentally broken since you hang out on biz
sure, not gonna argue with you there
>physically defective
nice projection you stupid amerimutt
I mog you physically in every way faggot. Not a single physical defect on me. I also bench 350 natty. You probably look like shit

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>making money and asian women

I've been here since 2014, and not once has this been true.

Take your stupid Gook fetish, and head on back to Plebbit and Deviantart.

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I can't wait to have white children with my Korean wife.

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>I mog you physically in every way faggot.

You're probably that stupid Austrian faggot from /int/ who has a neck smaller than my wrists and who insists on insectposting.

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Don't be angry. If I date white women I can get chubby 6/10s, when I date Chinese, Japanese, Koreans etc. I can get 9/10, 10/10.

It's an obvious choice to colonise as a white man, it's in my blood.

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They're so easy bros, you can literally just pick and choose which one you want

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>Reproductive success

Betas don't reproduce. They die off.

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have sex

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>It's an obvious choice to colonise as a white man, it's in my blood.

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You should consider paying for it.

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I will DDOS your site

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>10 posts by this ID
wow you are either a bitter roastie or some r/hapas incel

just imagine how pathetic you must be to come into a thread about starting a dating website and instantly start insulting asian women and men who like them.

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seriously, can smell the cheap blended wine and cat piss from here, have sex roastie

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Everybody boo this stacey

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kill yourself loser

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No, it would not work. Asian incels will rage and cause a shitstorm and white women will hate you because they will assume you're targeting Asian woman

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I saw it. It was shit, I rate it 4/10 at most.

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Fuck you faggot, anime is like the only high production value media not made by jews.

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fuck it biz bros, I'm gonna start one once I have the capital.

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god I love this thread. Literally giving r/asianmasculinity an aneurism.

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if only you knew how bad things really are

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What Jewish bullshit is this thread? Please start holocaust part 2 already.

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hey newfag. Making money and asian girls has always been the /biz/ motto.

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They are ok to colonize, just not to breed. Cmon man, where is that faustian spirit?

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This thread is blessed

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White male, married to SEA qt here. Ask away

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shit, it actually might just work. They already have dating websites for Asians looking for Asians. Create a WMAF one to watch the butthurt.

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The thing with asian women is they have really nice skin and usually the most aesthetic vaginas. I dated this chinese girl and her skin was what turned me on the most.

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Gookfus have always been an /r9k/ thing.

Now leave.

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Congratulations, you're basically the lowest class of male on the social totem pole.

The brown island Gooks are not very far removed from Negroid Pygmies.

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why are asian woman completely and irrevocably better than white women? they can't even compete

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has a roast beef sandwich ever been this BTFO in the history of being BTFO?

absolutely S E E T H I N G whitoid femcel

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>wow you are either a bitter roastie or some r/hapas incel
>Making fun of hapas while simultaneously making hapas
Why white men like this?

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>Today, I did an innocent thing. I typed “Asian Reddit” into Google search, hoping to find more interesting Asian subreddits like this one. And now... honestly, just what the fuck?

>Of the top six Google search results for “Asian Reddit,” five are literally just Asian female porn - r/asiangirlswhitecocks, r/AsianNSFW, r/AsiansGoneWild, r/realasians, and r/SexyHalfAsians. One of them is r/AsianMasculinity, a normal subreddit.

>The fact r/asiangirlswhitecocks has double the subscribers of r/asianamerican should speak volumes about this cultural neutering and moreover how toxically Western culture promotes fetishizing WMAF relationships. It’s really a shame that in America especially, Asian people seem to lack the same sense of cultural unity and common racial interest that black and white people usually seem to have.

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That's funny. In a society of mainly white people, I feel that I have climbed a few spots on said totempole, because people find my wife exotic.

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How is pointing out the obvious making fun?

>> No.16547165

asians have brown pussies and assholes, they are subhuman

>> No.16547402

Go for it. Plenty of Jews will fund you.

>> No.16547414

Oy vey there fellow WHITE MAN

>> No.16547454

But they already have many times

>> No.16547602

>Avoid filipinas they are easy but gold digger
> You are not gonna find a lot of japanese and corean but plenty of filipina indonesian, vietnamese taiwanese and chinese etc


Thanks me later

>> No.16547606

i met a lot there

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If you charge the azn women for membership then yes youre gonna get that sweet deep pocket ching chong dollar

>> No.16547735

Ive pretty much exclussively dated and fucked asian chicks for most of my dating life and honestly I prefer white girls. Well white girl. Also im not white so yeah dunno how you wanna approach my anecdotal evidence

>> No.16547780

How does it feel to not realize youre the objectified one. Not holding any worth other than being white in her eyes? If a 9/10, 10/10 asian (based off of your grading of fat white chicks at 6/10) I'm gonna assume theyre just 5/10 asians you pedestal because youre a weeb show interest in you its because they think you have more to offer than just your whiteness and when they realize you don't youre curbed.

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Such big penisu's. No Ling Ling! Wait is this one Ling Ling or that one?

>> No.16547806

Whys he have a bag of money? Hes dating an asian chick. Are they walking directly from the bank to the gucci store for tacky purses and ball caps?

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>sweet deep pocket ching chong dollar

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Top kek. You win the thread sir

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Fuck off brown boy. Even your own Filipino women don’t want you faggots. They’d rather marry old white men.

>> No.16547908

LMFAO! sauce?

>> No.16547948

Better than getting cucked and extorted by a whore? White girls love men who treat them right. Maybe if you had better ethics and manners your own women wouldn't betray your race.

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> wyte wahmen are queens, you need to man up

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that would be fucking funny letting white guys sign up for free and Asian girls have to pay to interact kek.

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Gook pussy was MADE for white cock. Accept it poltards and redditors

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Why would a regular guy date Bailey Jay???

>> No.16548074

Is that satoshi in the drawing? kek.

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I don't, I've only dated blondes long term

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>muh white women
kek asian women have whiter skin than white women

>> No.16548337

Do you have kids?

>> No.16548707

Alphas fuck white girls betas fuck Asians. End of story

>> No.16548800

>niggers are alpha

Lol ok

>> No.16548816

>simps marry white girls and have a higher rate of divorce and alphas/smart gammas marry asian women cause its a good investment.

Nuff said.

>> No.16548940

Alphas fuck and betas dont. End of story

>> No.16548985

The left are 16-19 while the right are 26-30+ years old. That's why they look so different

>> No.16549004

Only betas think and talk about alphas and betas.
you are either
>bitter white roastie
>loser trying to convince yourself that you are "alpha" because you have a 4/10 white gf

How do you know? The left will look the same until they are 40+

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Put tinder on dapp and reward the users, now that would awesome

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no they don't. maybe 1% models in photoshoots that are airbrushed and photoshoped can 40 year old women can look like that.

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