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Some huge game changing announcements are coming from the IOTA team this week.

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holding this piece of shit since years, worst decision of my life

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we need trips to settle this

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don't blame one project for a bear market that was caused by 2 unscalable pieces of shit called Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Daily reminder IOTA threads are always made by the same person, with its only purpose to shit on IOTA.

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I don't know who you're talking about but I haven't been here for weeks. maybe even months

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Then why did you make a thread when you have zero information? Proof me wrong you are not the usual faggot by saying what they will announce this week. If you cant, you are the same nigger as always.

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I have no idea who or what you're talking about. I just now know something is coming from IOTA so I posted about it here. I also now know you're a complete moron for assuming I'm some other guy that posts here. This is biz you fucktard.

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>some huge game changing announcements are coming this week
>its actually just something
IF announces almost daily shit by now. You are the one claiming they anounce "game changing" stuff. Say what it is, or you are a larp faggot at the least.

Actually, you are the moron.

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I have a small bag so my toaster can pay my toilet.

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