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Hello! I´m writing to you all hoping that after this post I´ll get a sense of direction in my endeavour.

But before that, I´ll introduce myself: my name is Gil, 29 from Portugal. I´m a communication designer in the Air Force and I´m currently helping a couple of developer friends of mine with the marketing of their first RPG Indie Game. And that´s why I´m seeking for your knowledge.

Although my academic studies encompass the field of Marketing, digital and social marketing for me are still a very raw subject. I´ve been reaserching 24/7 for several days, in hope of finding something that will help me and my friends, maybe I´m not using the right keywords or the answers I´ve been searching for are there in front of my nose, and I too stupid to recognise them ahah. The thing is I don´t have structure to begin with so I figured to ask all of you in this forum for a little input on the subject, so that way I can do a good job for my friends and help them in any way I can.

One of my friends suggested this kind of structure: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1KESl0OiENkVS1SREpBRkRWZUE

Sincerely, I don´t think this the way to go. So I humbly ask for your help:

Where to start; How to plan a solid Social Media Marketing Plan; Where to get a structured plan to study it and learn from it; ETC….

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Hi, marketing games for me is hard work. Im a gamedev myself and the only game i released only had 16 downloads on google play. I shilled my game everywhere and no one gave a single fuck. Since i fucked up so hard i have a few tips: android market is hard as fuck. Every day people will flood the market with new games and from what i learned reading if your game dont ahow up on the google play store cover your game will nev r succeed no matter what you do. Yusing facebook is a mistake. Twitter is a good way to shill your game. If you are releasing a desktop game steamgreenlight is a good way to create hype. When making your greenlight canpaing steam will show your game thumbnail for a long time and since the influx of players is huge you will get enough visibility there. So what i can say is: use tweeter and steam. If you have money try ads but i dont know how mich of ads convert in real players ao you shoud explore that. Pay a visit to vg/agdg and ask for help there.

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Oh i just remembered you cant only advertise, games like this needs to create a sense of comunity, so you guys need forums.

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Fuck Facebook man it won't do any good. Go for bloggers and youtubers they generate hype for you. If it's android go to forums
He is right make some decent visuals and approved on steam

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how much were you selling your game for?
and what style of game was it?

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I had an idea which I think would work well
this isn't something I've tried out yet, but I don't see why it wouldn't work

contact a few medium - large sized YouTubers

offer them equity in total profit of your game in return for exposure

for example, lets just say you contact 3 youtubers with loyal fanbases, and offer them 10% each
if your game (99c) sells 100k copies, they each make $7k (cus google play and apple store take 30% so 70k left over)

thats a big incentive to promote your game in a positive light

you could target a lot of youtubers, and try to make it a youtube gaming trend (like agario, slitherio, etc)

this would probably be more effective if your game was free, and made money from ad revenue

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It was a 3d runner free to play and active optional ads, by that i mean: the palyer can only watch ads if he preases a button, in return i reward him coins.

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Thats a nice idea

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yeah I feel like the best way to get good promotion with any product
is not to give flat amounts of money, because they know they can do the bare minimum

if you can show them your product is good
give them an incentive to:

>recommend your product to all their friends
>create additional buzz on social media without you even asking

apparently it takes people an average of 5 exposures to a product before they really consider buying it
so you can't be the only one benefiting from your product's success, make as many people beneficiaries as possible
this applies to pretty much everything, and it doesn't have to be money

lets just say you're creating a social media app

you could strike up a deal with social media personality X

in return for them getting their fans to follow them on your app
you could promise to promote them more than other content creators over the years,
so they become famous WITH the app.

(they have more opportunity for brand sponsorship if they're popular on multiple platforms)

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Before I can offer any advice:
>Who will be playing your game?
>Where are they? (what websites do they go to, what bloggers do they follow, which content farms do they read?)
>What differentiates your game from others in the same genre? (I don't care what it is, as long as it's distinct or noticeable)
>Why are they playing your game? In fact what draws them to this genre?

This is a good idea -- because they benefit from your success, but you need to line up the right personalities, and by "right personalities" I really mean people who have the right audience for your game

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I can help you with this by pointing out one very interesting and informative article on how to start social media marketing. Here https://www.theexeterdaily.co.uk/news/business/how-start-social-media-marketing-small-businesses you will find the answers to your questions. Personally, I have not come across a clearer and more accessible social media marketing plan. This online resource has a lot of really good advice on this topic.

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