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>quit job a month ago for a job that was rescinded due to a failed drug test
>old coworkers constantly looking at my LinkedIn wondering why I haven’t posted my new job
>now only in the interview process for one job

How do I cope with this humiliation?

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First of all, you failed a drug test like a 60 iq nigger. You deserve to be humilated. Second, why the fuck do you care what your coworkers think? You sound like a big fucking loser.

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Get off LinkedIn

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Ayy lmao

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If you don’t have a LinkedIn no ones gonna hire you.

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you do realize a drug test isnt a test for drugs? Its a test to see how dumb you are, theres a thousand ways to get around it

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real talk

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How the fuck did I get a job then?

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You don’t need a LinkedIn to work at McDonald’s

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You got me!

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Are you serious? Using drugs without knowing how to hide this fact on a drug test? Well, it's funny ;) Just a couple of ingredients and you get rid of traces of drugs in your hair. You will need Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo,White Vinegar,Tide Detergent. The rest of this method is best explained here https://www.lpath.com/macujo-method-review-pass-hair-follicle-drug-test-guaranteed/. It seems to me that the article was made by professionals :) My friend almost lost his job due to the fact that soon he had to be examined by a narcologist, but he used this method and now continues to work in the same company

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