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LOL. I was clicking random crypto youtube videos and stumbled upon this.


This is the super secret Co-Founder of Xtrabytes, the really perfect scam coin from a couple years ago. Here's a comparison video from XBY youtube. It's the same person. LOL


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lmao. I always kinda thought that’s what that faggot would look like. Anyone got a name?

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download and backup that shit, hopefully he gets locked up kek

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Dave isn’t it? It’s definately him there’s a video where he interviews Borzalom (the deaf autist who talks like he has a mouth full of cock)

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Stop fudding this great project, you stupid faggot. I'm tired of you fudding week after week. You don't even know what xby does, can't wait for the patents to be release so that you finally fuck off, loser

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His name is Dave Bergsma.

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LOL. He is has patents pending on this scam site. The same trick, different business!!

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Patent pending marketing plan...oh no im ruined.

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nothing on YouTube is random. You were herded there.

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that's not the founder dumbass

also, I literally made like $50,000 on this coin with only a $100 investment. I could've made more too had I waited but my god was it a good idea.

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Only person who would say this isnt ccrev is ccrev.... so high ccrev. If you dont leave xby u are going to prison. Fucking leave...

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all this project needed was no dave

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Holy shit that's actually him. Someone download a mirror so he can't take it down then report his scamming ass to the authorities

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Even has ccr in the top left. First few seconds he says his name.

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Dave Berksma? Did I hear that correctly?

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Dave Bergsma AKA CCRevolution needs to be charged with fraud and be sent to prison

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what a fucking MLM scam artist. Now that his name is out there, what happens to him and XBY?

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someone please post this shit to r/cryptocurrency and the xtrabytes sub

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smiling faggot dumped hundreds of millions of xby on his bagholders and claimed he was on his 'deathbed' while doing it

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he runs away

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to prison?

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Question is does xby have a project and tech. I hope ccrev is kicked out by the community now. He really did ruin xby and there can be no doubt thw whole patent thing came from him. He fucked what might of been a good tech who knows

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Link to website please

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seeing as how borzalom has never demonstrated any proof and has no concept of the crypto culture i'd say there is no chance any of it is actually real. they made a bunch of money and that is it. so did some others as well

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There isn't any tech and never was any plan on developing tech. It was a scam from the start

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op are you one of the original board members?

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Well i dunno. The ceo and coo said the tech is real sooo.

Imo the problem is gross mismanagement and possibly mental health problems. The guy is fucking crazy. But there could still be a tech underneath all this clusterfuck.

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never was on the board. came before december pump.

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there's no tech but even on the .000001% chance there is, there's no getting it without CCR in the picture. He owns it and is attached to it no matter what. This turd is going back to 1 satoshi

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you mean the CEO/COO that have just quit, right? there is nothing. never had been. just multi level marketing scam artists

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this shit needs to be posted on other outlets (r/cc, twitter, etc). expose this fucking cocksucker for the scammer he is

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Im the last person to defend him but none of this stuff is illegal. He was a marketing guy and this is his shitty marketing plan he was selling.

If xby turns out to not exist then yes he is fucked. So far this just shows what i already know ie he is a cretin and screwed up xby with his unbalanced mental unstable bs.

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He's mislead XBY holders for 2 years now with false statements on the progress of tech, etc. All while selling along the way. He knew there was nothing while he pumped his coin tens of thousands of %. There is no tech. He should be wearing a prison jumpsuit

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No one, I mean no one can work with this cocksucker.

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kek nice work. knew it was a scam all along but I made more on this shitcoin than any other coin I’ve bought.

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So did CCR. That's why he should be in prison

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discord just discovered this thread.

that's the final nail in xby coffin.

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After I sold I used to check in with it every now and then, but I haven’t in ages. What’s the latest with the “patents”?

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now watch their discord be shut down on orders from CCR. 100% this is going to happen. There needs to be a thread on r/cryptocurrency about this - someplace where the shill brigade can't censor the facts

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kek. you think there's actually gonna be patents?

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Only chance IF xby tech is real to get rid of ccrev. Ive said this literally from the beginning and got nothing but attacked. Community im pretty sure this is your last chance to grow some balls and stop being delusional or u will lose all your investment.

The guu is a fucking clown and no one can work with him. I honestly think he has mental health problems.

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Nope. just interested in how they are still stringing people along

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how you gonna get rid of him when he's gonna own the patents (that don't even exist). him + fake genius borz are a package deal

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Ceo and coo have worked on patents. You are confusing two things. Ccrev being a danger to himself and xby and if borz really has created a new tech.

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That was my next question, was borzalom (or whatever it was) even a real person?

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most likely not. a single drupul developer somehow has a revolutionary consensus algo he's working on by himself. muh sides

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I dont have answers. I was against patents from the start. Fucking retarded community fought me about it a million times.

I said patents centralize rather than decentralize. Silly newfags

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dear sirs, please say is not so. I have worked the soils so hard to buy XBY, and even do some bad things ;) ;) to get money to buy xfuel... not illegal things but kinky. Please don't leave me dirty feeling :(

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If community have a single fucking brain cell in their collective head they wpuld abandon patents right now and release tech IF it exists otherwise u are fucked. Ccrev has u by the balls. Silly faggots in community like chuggs...what a fucking boomer retard.

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sadly, there won't be a tech release without CCR. he's dead weight thats there for the ride no matter what. unless danny can convince borz (if he's real) to toss ccr in the trash heap where he belongs. and im sure kelton will find some way to spin it lmao. he's gonna go bankrupt by staying on this sinking ship to the end.

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Look at all you girls crying over this video. The Guys has done nothing wrong here. Sounds like any other crypto video lol.

Nothing to see here.

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Here is xby solution stop fucking selling xfuel!!!

Then move xby to the new chain and add the amounts xfuel. Then keep it 100% simple. No xfuel just simple nodes and no fucking patents!!!!

There is no way this survives any other way...its probably too late now honestly

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"i think all of this is actually very bullish"
-retard kelton

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Lol yall are too easy

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He uses two different names. That says it all.

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That community is scary. Fully jim jones level of delusion. Kelton used to be semi balanced. Some of those guys are gonna need counselling....i know i will.

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It's half fucking around at this point. I think techs legit but management is a joke

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imagine being this level of retard. tech is legit...despite no proof and clearly an idiot lead 'dev'

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/biz/ shilled the fuck out of xby at one point

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after 2 fucking years he 'thinks' there's actually tech. some people are so deluded they're beyond salvation

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Chuggs has the perfect name. He chuggs CCR's load daily.

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chuggs seriously deluded, dave probably cums in his cupped hands and chuggy slurps it on down.

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wow aggressive guys was just trying to input :(

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blows my mind how they don't even care that the anonymous founder has been revealed to be a MLM scammer whose identity was finally uncovered

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Totally agree. Crypto is built on open source.

Whether they release their revolutionary consensus algorithm or not, crypto will move on, based on open source and no patents.

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mumbai boy met the team probably took bukkake from them all

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i just love the fact someone as stupid as you still exists in xby community. i mean, what level of fucking stupid are you? dumb nigger thinks the tech is real

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some people just haven't been scammed before and are cockeyed optimists who think everyone out in the world is a saint

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From the idiot that took over two years to beg Dave's identity out of someone. It's been shits and giggles there for months

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This thread is hilarious...watching you faggots get all worked up.

I also see the cunt Willydono is still crying like the little girl he is. Here is some free advice. Go neck yourself. The world would be a better place without you and and your moaning.

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Some people aren't poor and can afford to gamble a few thousand bucks

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lmao. how much money you lose faggot? maybe some of that xfuel you sucked dick for will work out

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t. eternal bagholder waiting on patent pending on death bed

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right there. blaming willdono for this shit. right there is proof that this faggot is one of the old old fuckers who believed CCR and his fud patrol.

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Think I'm down a couple thousand? Honestly not much from the fiat I put in. Paid $100 for my first btc so I've mostly rode that

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this idiot is 100% in XBY/XFUEL. just goes to show you that single digit IQs are possible, folks

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I love the fact that "Residual Cash Blaster" has a Patent Pending Marketing Plan.. lmao.. You poor cucks that still cling to the belief that patents are soon. You deserve to loose everything...

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Crypto has always been more of a fun past time though, less an investment

>> No.12678018

Can't put our tech on a testnet, cause it's being "patented". BTW our chain runs PoSign, a "patented" piece of tech. Who are they trying to fool? A bunch of retards apparently

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They did fool them, and the idiots seemingly don't give a fuck. Their discord gives 0 fucks that their founder is a MLM scam artist

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I got more fiat than your whole inbred family combined.

Xby can go to 0 and it's no skin of my bone. How about you?

How's your pathetic life going ?

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Lol. Go cry in your mum's basement. Oh wait....

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lol. here comes the cope faggot. you always know they are poor when they brag about how much money they have. only poor people do that brainlet.

>> No.12678073

shame you're lacking in brain cells - i'd be way more concerned about that

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carlos spreeads his anus wide prepping for the rape from daves phallus waiting for the cum to drain from daves sack into his poop tunnel.

borz stands to the left making weird grunting noises trying to get daves attention, but dave is so lost in the moment.

borz lets out some mumbled words in his deaf fused accent "d d dahhve, i i ihh dun wan paht-ant, I w wahn teh te tech tt to be free".

Dave turns in fury and expels from his mouth with furious vitrue " YOU DON'T WANT WHAT, YOU LIL HUNGARIAN MEAT SLAVE? YOU DON'T WANT MY GLORIOUS PATENTS?"

Borz fumbles some more words "I I It's teh teh tiime t to let the tech spa spaah speeak forr it self."

Dave extracts himself from carlos and heads toward the now cowering borz.

"I'll show you free tech" He exclaims as he forcefully grabs a hold of borzalom.

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It was fun stirring you sad monkeys.

Untill next time :p

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Is that so? Lol.

Stay poor then crettin

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CCR is such an egotist, he probably jacks off to a picture of himself jacking off.

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is this whole back and forth some odd shit-flinging pajeet psyop

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CCR.. aka Dave Bergsma, aka Samuel Hampton. Using 2 names def. not a red flag..

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What's your point?

It obviously bothers you so please share with us your 'cough' intelligent

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The face of schizophrenia.

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Hey guys, it's me Mr bytor,
Are we dead yet?

>> No.12678265

Don't insult the sickly. Remember, he was on his deathbed for 6 months - that's why he couldn't address the community

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Hey, fish here. Just dropped by to remind everyone that I am a portfolio manager and a seasoned trader. That is all.

>> No.12678289

We dead Mr Bytor

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ccr is a fucking cancer. i hope you read this dave bergsma, you fucking faggot. xby is a giant shitcoin that would go nowhere even if it had the best tech in the game... solely due to faggot dave

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We ded

>> No.12678486

This is INSANE!! Rolling like a HIGH SPEED EXPRESS... Business tools, leads, SEO training and MUCH MORE... Plus!!! Unlimited Earning Potential with FEWER PEOPLE than you EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. Definitely INSANE!! Patent Pending Marketing Plan - CHECK IT OUT!!!

>> No.12679060

Send all this shit to the SEC, they would love to have a chat about the XFUEL distribution. Mother fucker belongs in jail

>> No.12679116

HOLY SHIT that Redisdual Cash Blaster site of his is a full on MLM pyramid scam. Fucker even has a “Patent Pending Marketing Plan” on it holy fuck balls is there no bottom to this pile of shits scamming.

I guess XBY was the next step of the residual ass blaster scam where as an investor you slowly get fucked over time

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Why do boomers always record YouTube vids while driving?

>> No.12679270

It's the only place where no one tells them to shut the fuck up.

>> No.12679273

Let’s not forget to take this time to tell MarcusRg that we hope he is wheelchair bound soon and to fuck himself.

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Be me

> Wagecuck at SEC
> Low level prelim investigator for financial crimes
> Get complaints from concerned US citizens dating back to mid 2017 about Xtrabytes
> Eventually reaches threshold for mandatory investigation
> Told to investigate
> Begin prelim report for boss
> Add it to the pile
> Questionable activity but all hidden behind anon founders
> Consider subpoena against known CEO/COO
> Low chance of success so put file away and forget
> Months later browsing /biz and what do I see
> Full name of targeted individual
> Website full of questionable activity from his past
> Got a busy day tomorrow now filling all this in
> Can finally file report to seniors
> Success

Thanks /biz

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4channel is great ain't it

>> No.12679886

Hey guys it's me Mr bytor
Are we alive yet?

>> No.12679889

Ccn called this, old team members leaving, new board, etc.

>> No.12680022

They've just removed XBY from their LinkedIn profiles

>> No.12680035

Supposed to be the start of March now for the first 3.

>> No.12680221

kek this better not be some shitty larp

>> No.12680285


Chuggs enters the room unzipping his pants and pulling out his member.

Chuggs and Dave lock eyes, Dave bends the shaking borz over as Chuggs enters his anus forcefully.

Dave strokes his cock over borz forehead before shoving it into his mouth.

Borz face full gobbling on daves schwang utters "tt tthhiis"

Dave interrupts high fiving Chuggs and exclaims "What borzy? T T This X-CITES YOU?"

Chuggs and Dave laugh cum starts erupting from every single orifice borz holds on his body.

>> No.12680356

I still have pics and address of Borzolom as well if needed

>> No.12680462

I'm interested anon

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File: 14 KB, 200x300, zoltan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's the ceo szabo zoltan aka borzlolom

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File: 208 KB, 381x720, zoltan3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12680717

Thanks anon very helpful

>> No.12680750

Mumbai boy is listening in from the other room, he ejaculates a little before building the courage to knock on the door.

Dave yells "ENTER"

Borz cum soaked body lies on the ground infront of mumbai boy. Mumbai boy can't hold it any longer a long stringy slightly green tinged sprog rocket shoots from the tip of his penile gland. Landing directly on borzaloms face.

A final quiver from borz used body almost shakes the room.

>> No.12680873

Honestly i think Borz seems a nice family guy who I think was taken in by Ccrev bullshit and so defended him way more than he should of.

I personally don't think he deserves doxing. He did the project hard work with very little money and seems like a nice family man.

>> No.12681000

Borz is here everyone ^

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File: 214 KB, 297x664, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So can confirm Dave = Samuel and he tried to change his name to hide his identity. An archived version of his website has his proper name before he changed it to Samuel to try and cover his tracks:


Lots of other fantastic nuggets of info on the archived version and links that they lead too.

>> No.12681231

So Borz has been shitposting ccrev for the last day then?

>> No.12681457

dear sirs, this make me so sad. I hope I want to dump my xby and xfuel... but after years there is no exchange. I can't believe I trusted printer salesman and vitamin salesman.

>> No.12681471

I became rich thanks to XBY, but yeah, CCR is a huge asshole who needs to go to jail for scamming and lying to so many investors

>> No.12681520

guys this is it. i have no friends and my family died and i hate my job and now my XBY is going to be worthless. will see you all in next life -blank

>> No.12681902

How many identities does Dave Bergsma have? Were he and borz on in the same? Truly a schizophrenic

>> No.12682350

This shit is one wild ride

>> No.12682483

yeah poor borz and his misleading bullshit

>> No.12682483,1 [INTERNAL] 

You can tell by the pages he was liking and following on his social media that what plagued him, was hepatitis.

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