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quack quack, you did hear it here first


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If Purple ID Sergey will have minor traffic accident by EOY

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big run, like getting back to 8000 sats? I'd be happy with that at this point so I can break even.

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ur scaring me.

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I'm literally going to murder you all at the yacht party. All of you have altered my brain chemistry the last 8 months. I don't even give a shit about being rich anymore. I only want Link to moon to 100+ dollars so we can have yacht party so I can kill you all.

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>4channel users
4channel users

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Maybe I will attend after all.

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hey dude no one is telling you to sit at the computer all day. I really doubt youll be able to kill anyone if you cant even make it outside. Fucking loser

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can you just come and kill me now please

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iPhone faggot

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Good one

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Based and murderpilled

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Where the fuck did my post go

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im unironically reporting you to the fbi and police as we speak.

i dont even care if youre a troll. youre getting v& stupid faggot

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Eat a bag of dicks bro.
I will slit your ass ninja style before you could shot half the yacht !

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I'm a boomer also.... there's not that much to live for anyway anymore. Look at the country... by the time I'm 50 half the country will be mutt. 20 years ago the mall actually had white people.

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keep talking shit lil boy aint no one touching my marines

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The FBI will laugh at you..... because even they know Link is a scam and won't go above 50 cents. So there's no chance at a yacht party anyway

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Also..... even if I was a real threat to a theorieticsl party that will never happen..... the FBI wouldn't care. Don't you watch then news? Remember Las Vegas? Either the FBI can't investigate themselves out of a men's restroom or they were behind or covered up the the mass shooting there. Lol at the FBI caring. Stupid asshole

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what did he post

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Nothing they are all faggot link holders

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This is why I will NEVER send aid to your village after monsoon season, pajeet. Fucking little turd. Die.

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He said he was going to kill everyone at a yacht party when we make it. Checked

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