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Are they still alive?

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Kek they are ded

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One day I wish to have same kind of social media presence and would like to be known as "The Chainlink Bachelor"

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They are, but the guy looks like the JUST guy.

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yes they are awesome they'll make it b/c they are not in it for the money they are in it for the principle.

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me on the right

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he still has 3 ez ways to make money

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She looks pissed

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>daddy can I have a pony?
>no honey, we have to buy bread, thats 2 btc

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Imagine being such an irresponsible father.

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Hopefully he somehow enters death and the family can be free at last. Such a twisted brute.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSMmoMDeI5o Alive and well, he looks pretty comfy desu, he was already al miljoinaire, i dont know if subs are available.

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>implying he's not been trying to whore his family out for years.

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Is this the guy who sold everything to buy Bitcoin at the height of the bubble?

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Looks like pic related

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What the fuck how did he age so badly in just a year. Can't believe he actually held through the crash.

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He has a permanent JUST face on. It's only fair.

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Barely. They are living on rice and beans and the wife turned to prostitution.

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The man literally has no other expression at this point.

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muh dik

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Fucks sake. You can imagine him sat in the street clutching a change jar going "I'm i-in it for the tech."

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The faces of JUST. Looks like a WW I thousand yard stare.

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looks like he contemplating places to kill himself.

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I have lost everything in crypto, but at least its just me I'm responsible for. This fucker put his wife and kid's lives at risk like a fool. He should be thrown under the guillotine.

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murder suicide

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Three daughters... The gods already punished him.

He must've really angered them.

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The man memetags verge when whoring out his kids. It doesn't get more pathetic than this.

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How much for the tall one? I'll pay 100 XVG per hour.

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>c-clicks on s-social media will make u-up for our losses, r-right honey?!

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Yeah, they're still at it.

Poor people, they are a bit low IQ as it seems.

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No. He sold everything to buy BTC when it was $1k.

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So he's only 400% up? What a fucking loser.

* goes to cry in a corner*

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whoa is that Rich Piana

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his face when they all get blacked haha

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from here:

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I don't know who this niggers are, but the one on the bottom left knows shit is cult death.

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>great posts mate

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his daughters are really hot
thats money for the next 10 years if he plays his cards right

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>said some random acne faglord who fucks his ass with toothbrush every morning

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>itt sumit of 4chan cancerfags whos very much super salty, jealous and uncapable of meeting woman neverless raising 2 beautiful daughters while traveling around the globe and living a dream.
Hahaa go cum in your nasty sock faggots, you seem too jeally

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someone need to let him in on bitcoin sv so he can make some of that money back

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The foreshadowing is frightening

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I never noticed how sarcastic the term "well done" seems, I wonder if that's on purpose or just a coincidence

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hehe nice one

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How many BTC for the the older one?

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Gonna have to be at least 250btc with the way prices been going this year :(

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Seriously this. At the end of the day, the guy has a loving family that stuck with him. I've read that his entry point was ~2-3k so even if he hedl he might still be in the green.

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Someone shop it

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They visited my hometown kek

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He bought at 3500

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Faggot family with 3 sissyphus Boipussies cucks kids lost their entire saving HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH BASED AND BLUEPILLED

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Preparing for the Best Job available for her after they lost everything on BTC. HER FATHER WILL SELL HER PUSSY

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and imagine when the person ravaging her is Tyrone

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He literally just has a different hair style

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He killed his whole family and then himself. It was on the news. They never mentioned anything about bitcoin, just that the family was going through difficulties

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that only happens less than 10% of the time so why do you think of niggers fucking women unless you're a nigger yourself

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so the bitcoin family bought when the fad started rather than years ago.

and now that hes out of money hes just taking risky pics and vids of his kids.


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He's a beta cuck

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kids literally makes more than any of you guys with cutting trees


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>The JUST guy

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Fuck you and your #metoo attitude

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this, kek, even the 'sad fad' part, kek

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hope they don't live in France

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checked & kek'd

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Alpha abort girl
Beta raise them

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