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Hey faggots
I wanna start my own business but I don't know what to do
Have any of you successfully started and ran a business before or are you all just buying shitcoins with paychecks you could be saving instead

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is the milk she's drinking refreshing?

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> I wanna start my own business



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I have a SaaS business that allowed me to drop out of college and run it fulltime. 1500ish people pay me anywhere from $15 to $150 for a digital marketing product.

What do you want to know?

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What age did you start it at, how much education did you have when you dropped out, what certifications did you have if any, did anyone start it with you, did you need a loan to start, how long did it take you to acquire clients, how did you acquire said clients (i.e. how did you sell it), did you develop the software on your own, and how do you deal with competition
Answer as many as you feel like

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Is the milk you drink not refreshing?

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>What age did you start it at
19, and I'm still 19.
I finished my freshman year at the beginning of may.
I've been coding since I was 12. I built the entire thing in javascript, save for the landing page and user dashboard
I have no certifications whatsoever
I bootstrapped the entire project
On day one I had 300 signups thanks to affiliates, I'm now up to 1500.
I marketed it through affiliates.
I built the entire thing.
I undercut the only other tool like this on the market.

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So what's the product do? Also legitimately interested.

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He answered it in another thread, it basically scrapes data for digital marketing purposes rather than having to go through google and do it by hand - copying relevant data off websites.
He was pretty clever, he took a shortcut he had created for his own purposes and decided to start marketing it through paid affiliates. So it didn't cost him anything to develop since he created it as a tool for his own purposes and was already reaping benefits.

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Well to enterprise it I do have some costs, for example I was scraping leads for myself for free, but the number of requests the API was doing after the first week got my IP banned so I had to get an enterprise deal with the lead generation software. So my costs are about $1000 a month and that is IT

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God I wish that was me.

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Good point, I forgot about the server costs and the 'cost' of you using your own service.

In what sense?

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I want to feed milk to the girl.

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or have a girl feed me milk, either is fine.

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Fair enough.

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huh? the image doesn't do anything for you? it's kinda hot

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The milk bottle makes it too banal for me. Now if it was a champagne glass or something, then there's something a bit exotic about it, something that suggests fantasy.
I guess the milk bottle to me is too associated with gib posters and mommy fetishes to actually do something for me.
I guess I'm just sexually uninterested in the mundane - like suburban grocery goods.

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the white is suppose to remind you of your semen entering a girls lips

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I realize that... but my cock doesn't look like a milk bottle does it?
And if that is the case, then why do you wanna be the girl getting fed?

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it's 2018 bigot

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why does that do anything? the cumshot is the worst part of sex it's when you start to feel immediately bored after

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I have an exotic car rental company in Vegas. I make about $500,000 a month. I’m not even 30 yet. Life’s good.

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Did you inherit it from your father

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that's pretty awesome anon. if you're ever in tampa give me a shout and we'll talk cars

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>the virgin hesitation vs the chad Just Bee Urself™

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U got it

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