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> Linkies will defend this

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LINK only ever loses value till it's worthless. That is the way of LINK.

MOBI on the other hand is a consistent gainer and very strong with superior oracles. Sad for LINK cucks!

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Cryptopia volume

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Link has fucked me, I'll be real sad if it doesn't make a recovery soon. My $1500 AUD turned into $900 these past few months. I'll keep holding some link because I believe in biz but it just looks to me like other coins are going to pump sooner, like BAT or something.

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what's your IQ?

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Thanks for the gains. kek

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Who gives a fuck about that pocket money, I bought 100k with DCA from 0.30 to 0.45$. You dont hear me complaining because I have a job and can wait another 6 months.

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The absolute state of /biz/

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link failed
0xbtc will not

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>I believe in biz
Suicide watch.

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why is biz so obsessed with memecoins

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The link meme is a meme

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because /biz/ is full of people who think that there is a easy shortcut to making money so they become obsessed with things that signify it. /biz/ is really no different from people who go to Amway or Tommy Vuh lectures and get pwnd. They assume there is an easy answer. I could continue to psychoanalyze it as a sub-culture within 4chan as a whole, but I couldn't back it up with data.
What I will say is that they get obsessed with memecoins because they want to believe they can mememagic themselves into money.

Protip: it is possible, unlikely and virtually impossible for most /biz/realis, but actually possible to 'make it' without wagecucking. But you have to learn how to 'hustle'.

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Its an organized pump and dump that is failing hard. Every single person you see with " 0xbtc" in a post is a literal shill.

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>calls other peoples investments pocket money
>brags about investment being a slightly larger stack of pocket money

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Watch this guy fomo in in a month

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No, you see that's doesn't disprove what he said. As a third party I'm reading his post and thinking 0x is a p&d. Now your responce, that he'll FOMO, is exactly the kind of responce I'd expect from a shill. It doesn't communicate any new information to tell me he isn't wrong, it doesn't ask a rhetorical question that makes me realize that there is something fundamentally unshillike.

In fact all it does is make me think

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