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Tell me your stories of business-related stress

>work 3 months at an office job prior to this, disliked it but no physical signs of stress
>get an analyst job in my field
>all guys, seem fairly relaxed
>get bored during the day due to not enough work, get a weak stomach, sensitive skin, lose appeptite and inexplicably tired
>once I go to bed I get up 4 times during the night to vomit, nightmares
>take next day off, have diarrhea and fatigue, weak stomach and lack of appetite remain on top of headaches
>the night after I get up 5 times to shit, nightmares
>take half-day because I'm fatigued, pale and going to the toilet every 30 minutes
>boss has been nothing but considerate

I'm getting better day by day but fuck what a bad impression on my first week

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you will be ok. you stronk. we belive in ya anon

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You had one bad thought, and now you're spiralling out of control. Typical anxiety. A friend of mine one day just woke up and feared driving through this tunnel on her way to work. She just could not do it, despite having done it hundreds of times before. It's illogical and isn't caused by anything.

Just realise that. Also, try meditation if it happens again.

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Im at a job interview in 2006, and I have this tiny tiny thumb drive, like the smallest thumb drive they have ever made, about the side of a fingernail, with some copper on the side of it. It doesn't really fit into the USB you sort of slide it on top of the copper. Anyway I have my resume on there, I hand it to interviewer. She is like "this is not a USB drive - it's too small". I am like "Yeah yeah it actually is... it's the smallest one they make right now it's just the chip". I reach over to help her put the USB into her keyboard and I knock over her giant, steaming cup of coffee, all over her papers, and her desk. This is the first 30 seconds of the interview. She then, goes on to tell me the person who send me there, this was another state by the way, the person who sent me was wrong and it was a job that wasn't even the right occupation I was going into.

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sounds like anxiety

> be me
> be 27
> get sales job at a payroll company
> training was 2 days
> basically just a few pamphlets on how payroll works
> shown my phone and my desk
> told to go sell and shill everyone 5 days a week
> probably worst job of my life
> cold calling, knocking on doors, networking events
> couldn't sleep
> couldn't eat
> just wanted to go home and sit in tub for 2 hours

thank God I don't do that shit anymore. Some jobs are not worth it for any amount of money.

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