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>crypto is a scam
fucking normies have no idea how disruptive crypto market is.

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It is a threat yes. A threat to the comedy industry. So many actors, clowns, jugglers, equilibrists, comedy writers, directors, etc might lose their jobs if bitcoin keeps this up.
Who is going go watch a movie or go the circus when you have people losing everything on internet funny money or even Fluffypony And His 800k Watch performing for free. We are a few clicks away from the biggest distribution of comedy godl in human history.

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The Sectors of Crypto
1. Digital Cash - Monero, maybe something else in the future
2. Finance - OmiseGo for Payments and Exchange; don't know any for the other categories
3. Smart Contracts and DApps platform + interoperability - ARK (fuck off with EOS and other shit platforms), maybe ETH in the future if it unfucks itself (doubt)
4. Supply Chain - Ambrosus (maybe); I don't trust the chinks and their platforms

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>I don't trust the chinks
You don't have to. Blockchain is a trustless system.

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I don't trust the chinks delivering on their promises and not scamming people or just being incompetent.

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>Why you based your decision at their race and nationality instead of their credibility?.

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Idk what you mean by that.

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>what is china hustle

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>a movie

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>your point?

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are you new here?
The chinks from WTC scammed people on a 50$ giveaway. Some retard from their team was supposed to post from a different account and pretend that he won, but he fucked up and posted from the official account.

>chinks scam and lie for 50$
>they can be trusted to be totally honest and ethical when it comes to everything else
pick one

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>amerimutt scam and lie for 50$
>they can be trusted to be totally honest and ethical when it comes to everything else
pick one

>europoor scam and lie for 50$
>they can be trusted to be totally honest and ethical when it comes to everything else
pick one

>*insert nationalities here* scam and lie for 50$
>they can be trusted to be totally honest and ethical when it comes to everything else
pick one

see how pathetic your argument is — hasty generalization fallacy. Of course you brainlet won't understand what the word means. Here's the description: Drawing a conclusion based on a small sample size, rather than looking at statistics that are much more in line with the typical or average situation.

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There are 3 main fucking platforms in the supply chain niche: AMB, WTC and VEN.

WTC literally scammed people for 50$ when they were valued at 1 fucking billion. In the trash it goes. One down, two to go.
Between AMB and VEN, I'll go with AMB since they are not chinks.

Now fuck off already with your SJW bullshit. Go buy into chink scams and eat shit.

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also here's a good investment for you while we're at it: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/women/

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>watching literally kike propaganda during the trading war year

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Whites and asians are wired differently. One has evolved towards perspectives of freedom, and one has had their mind devolved into a subservient ant.

This is observed in the fact that whites have more empathy, and would not eat a dog, which has evolved with man and grown a kinship towards him.

The fact is the white man holds himself to a higher morale code, and still feels that the planet is in his control, and that he has a responsibility to be a good and morale person.

The chinaman does not feel anything like this. Growing up in a literal ant hill, his neighbors are not his friends. They are his opponents, more of them means less food for him. That's why the cheating out of china is so insane as well, they must do anything to climb above the ant hill because there is just so many of them.

As demonstrated in the documentary I recommended earlier, The China Hustle, it also demonstrates that the state also shares this ideal and does not care about anything other than itself. For example the Europeans who were conned in that documentary, detailed how impossible and useless it would be for them to try to attempt to get the state to intervene, and punish the fraudulent chinese companies who scammed them.

It is a country based around quick profit, at the expense of literally anything. Of course Europeans are greedy too, but Europeans are also the only races you find volunteering in animal shelters, and, as cancer as it may be... shilling for measures to prevent "global warming".

I'm sure you think race is just a meme though.

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I will go with ark since it isnt even supply focussed but simply gives a free private advanced blockchain with smart contracts to any business looking to do supply chain management.



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>lol k

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I actually thought about that, but ARK is not branded as a supply chain platform (even though it could easily be). Already picked ARK as my platform of choice for dApps and Smart contracts. Didn't want to look like a shiller picking it for supply chains as well.

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>white man holds himself to a higher morale code
ok. blah blah blah. whatver. hope it satisfy your ego.

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>So many actors, clowns, jugglers, equilibrists, comedy writers, directors, etc might lose their jobs if bitcoin keeps this up.

Yeah because Bizonacci alone will put them out of business

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shitty arguments from a faggot who bails when it gets tough. typical china.

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There's no argument to begin with.

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of course there is, sneaky chinks are known around the world to be deceptive, and when they fuck up. they disappear. this is the business world not crypto, btw. this is much easier to achieve in crypto. can you understand the apprehension?

you claim it's all unfounded and paranoid, i brought up sociological fact that demonstrates why this psychology in the races is so different, to perhaps give you a grasp into why the world is the way it is, and you refuse to accept reality.

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>this unless it’s something else.
How enlightening, just bought 100k of maybe something else.

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nah, you're just pulling out non-sense from your ass. It's your opinion.

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true red pill is that vast majority of human have an inner jew, the few cultured peoples will fund their delight and the masses will leech

as has always been - the danger lies in maturation of the blockchain, i.e. 10 - 20 years. everything ALWAYS conglomerates and that autist who browsing /biz/ right now goes power mad and funds some crazy fancy all because he bought more coins before evrybody else

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>you: I want absolute certainty and I want to be spoonfed because I'm a drooling imbecile

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>Only looked for NEM
>not there
>Op is a faggot

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